Lord Boyd - Beyonce EP

Been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I’m really busy working on my own music & can only do this when the time permits. Had to put this up right away. Not going to do much, if any description of stuff that I post from here on out. Just to save time & get more music up (besides, you should trust I wouldn’t turn you on to any garbage). Thank you for coming to Traxploitation to enjoy the music we/I love so much to share with you. Now get that future music before it becomes the past!

Papi - The Best of Papi (Instrumental): Late 2011

Had Dj Nobody (Low End Theory, LA) come thru our weekly Stop Biting (Lo-Fi, SEA) last night. Straight BANGERS nonstop for his entire set… As you would expect. Before Nobody though, we had dot with a live/dj set. She played a good handful of originals + a few joints by others. One of the songs that really caught my ear was “Cherry to My Dome” by this guy Papi. Found his album on Bandcamp today & decided I should share. Lucky for us, it’s a free download! Really good music IMHO. Check it out for yourselves. And if you haven’t already, check out dot & Nobody too!