My big fluffy boy! He really chokes badly on his leash so we use his harness. Ironically, he doesn’t pull on his harness compared to when he’s only on leash. He’s easier to be walked on this and he’s more comfortable with it. We just have to keep the leash short. Hopefully he’ll be walking with a doggie backpack next month. Taken after his daily 20 minute treadmill work out and mango smoothie as a “good boy” treat.

Lately, he learned how to climb the stairs with minimum assistance and he climbs up to the car doors with minimum assistance as well.

He’s no longer carsick. YAY! 

Doesn’t pee inside the car.

Potty training is going well. I take him outside for this. I usually wait 5 to 10 minutes or until he starts barking and turns around to poop. Usually happens before breakfast and after dinner. Still working on the peeing part since he pees MOST of the time inside his cage and I have to clean the under lining several times a day to get rid of the awful smell.

His obsession on picking anything from the ground is corrected and success rate is 70% (for now). When he picks a leaf, he’ll drop it eventually.

He still bites on his leash but not as notorious and obsessive compared to a couple of months earlier.