(What does Goombella think about her fellow partners? Let’s find out, shall we?)

  • Madame Flurrie (No tattle available)
  • At first Goombella thought Flurrie was a bit too extravagant and she was not a fan of the wind sprite’s forward manner around Mario (although Bella kissed Mario at their first meeting too…. So that’s just the kettle calling the pot black :p ). However, the two warmed up to each other and Bella eagerly learned about Flurrie’s tales and exploits about her life on stage.
  •  Although the two don’t actively correspond much, Bella does try to see Flurrie’s troupe every time they’re in town (Doopliss pranks not withstanding). Flurrie does write and send trinkets from her travels to her partners on occasion, and she likes to send costume pieces to Bella, Gonzales and Vivian just for the sake of playing dress up. Although Bella might not necessarily wear dramatic things, she will admit that Flurrie has a good eye for style (Bella’s masquerade dress was a gift from Flurrie).
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Visit the Bodie Hills Ghost Town in California

Bodie is the largest unrestored ghost town in the country, according to an interpretive guide and historian at the Bodie Foundation. The town of Bodie is not the only thing that feels haunted. The high desert landscape has a haunting beauty that has inspired conservation partners, adventure seekers, and movie-makers from around the country. See the story on the CBS Sunday Morning news ( 

The remoteness of the Bodie Bowl provides excellent opportunities for enjoyment of the historic ghost town and its scenic backdrop, and helps make it a major recreational attraction. 

The Bodie Bowl Area of Critical Environmental Concern is managed by the BLM and located in the Bodie Hills, near Bridgeport, Calif. The Bodie Bowl provides habitat for numerous wildlife species, forage for livestock grazing, and includes the ghost town of Bodie (a State Historic Park). Learn about the BLM’s ACECs:

Photo of the Bodie Hills area by Bob Wick, BLM