Appreciating the Small Joys with @lovewalkeatsee

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“When I look at a landscape, I don’t see a landscape. I see a snippet within it,” says Australia native Lara Miller (@lovewalkeatsee). Lara has a degenerative eye condition that causes tunnel vision, which means she sees the world through a tight circle. But through her unique view, she notices things others might miss. Lara and her husband, David (@chiefmillso), are currently traveling through Europe and Southeast Asia. When the couple watches a sun rise, they look in different directions and later share their alternate viewpoints. “I turn my back and look at the colors playing across the building and the sky and the long shadows — the golden glow off everything,” she says.

Lara describes her photography as emotionally-motivated: “If it makes me feel something — whether it’s awe of the land, vitality from fresh food, inspired by small producers, the optimism of urban greenery or all gooey with cuddly animals — then I will post.”

Lara says it is unknown if and when she will lose her vision entirely. “In many ways, I kind of feel like the awareness of a precious thing deteriorating, my vision, has actually made me far more aware of little details, appreciating the small joys every day,” she says. “I mean, my husband will ring me up on the way home from work and say, ‘Look outside the window at the moon, it’s rising.’”