Did you have a "traumatic experience" (but really not that big of a deal) as a child that still effects you as an adult?

We talked about irrational fears, (phobias) but now, lets discuss rational fears or anxiety causing events…

My traumatic experience (f/26):


 In 7th grade, I actually had a great singing voice (I know, things change!) & I had a solo in my Christmas Chorus Concert (circa 1999). After practicing & practicing—I was pretty sure I perfected it—until, of course, the microphone was handed to me & I forgot ALL the words! NOTHING came out of my mouth! You could call it “stage fright,” but I had been in countless dance recitals since the age of 2. The evening concert went a little better than the “matinee” performance— I wrote the words on my hand. In HS, I always helped out at events & such— one of my teachers knew of my “stage fright” & would “surprise” me with a reading or speech at school assemblies minutes before they started. I was fine—I had the words in front of me. As an adult, I still find it difficult to speak in front of people. I often turn bright red when speaking in front of a group. EVEN in front of my friends! 

The CEO (m/27): “Learning girls poop.” **He really now only believes his mom poops—but no other females. We should keep this “secret” from him as long as possible!

The Red Devil (f/26):


“The first thing that comes to mind is when my mom used to try to “help” me with math when I was younger and she would actually just yell at me cause I couldn’t get it. To this day, math is a source of anxiety for me.” **She majored in English in college—OBVIOUSLY. 

The Criminal Investigator (m/26): Claims to have never been through a traumatic experience that still effects him. **You would have to know him to really NOT believe him lol

The Fiery Redhead (f/26): “In Atlantic City, when I was a kid, I got ‘stuck’ in an elevator. Everyone else I was with got off but there were so many people on it that I couldn’t get out because I was afraid of the doors closing on me. So I thought I’d be left for good and started crying. I have a slight fear of crowded elevators now.” **Have you been to the new Yankee Stadium? We went to a game together & she is LUCKY I don’t do crowds because our seats were in the 400s & we walked ALL the way down because of the crowded elevators. Lol That’s what Besties do for each other**

Train Friend (m/28): “In my parent’s house, there was a ‘ladder’ to the attic—the kind you have to pull down with a string. I climbed up once when I was a kid and ‘got stuck.’ I was only on the 3rd or 4th step but it looked so high— I froze. My dad had to pick me up off the ladder. I still refuse to go up to the attic. I make my younger brother help with anything that is up there. Funny thing is—I’m fine with regular ladders.”

The World Traveler (f/26):


“I saw jaws. Now, I never trust water that is as calm as glass.” **I felt similarly after I saw ‘Deep Blue Sea.’ I didn’t go to the beach for 6yrs! Hard to do, when you live on an Island!! 

The Physicist (m/26): “Before someone and I races to the monkey bars, he said ‘last one there is a headweight.’ I lost and asked ‘what’s a headweight?’ He said ‘About 2lbs.’ I still feel like he was making fun of me.” **I actually googled “headweight” & “head weight” there are contraptions to strengthen your neck muscles— but thats about it. Ha!

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with fears from childhood that still linger. The real question is…How do we get over them?!