Sometimes I think my abuser was right and I was just being over dramatic and maybe I was the abusive one. I can hardly remember anything from the abuse and it makes me doubt that it ever happened. I wish I remembered enough to where I could prove to myself that yes, he was the abusive one but I can’t….
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It’s Tobias Time! Just think- while most of us are heading back into the school year excited to make new friends or see old ones, Tobias was probably preparing himself to be the new kid with no friends, likely get picked on and have no support to help him, and by next year be sent to live with another relative so he could repeat the process all over again

I moved out when she slapped me so hard my mouth bled. That was a couple of months ago and I still can’t seem to escape all of the memories that came with that house. I thought, somehow, moving out would make everything so much easier. I’m trying so hard to be strong. I just want someone to talk to. I just need someone to understand that I’m not making things up. But, really, I just need a hug right now. I’m gonna be okay. Soon.
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my type of girl is “girl” and my type of boy is “stand 20 feet away and fill out a form about your political views, give me references, tell me where you want to be in five years, please buy moisturizer and do something different with your hair and we’ll consider your application and get back to you in 20 business days”