I really don’t care if you hate her or not, it’s your preference. But don’t bash this character just because you don’t like her. Please remember those people who hate and bashed Juvia, we don’t like those kind of people.

Mary is actually a lovable character, if she didn’t flashed a smile on Gray last chapter, we won’t really care about her, right? I think some of you guys are overreacting over her. She just appeared, after like 400 chapters, where Gruvia had many moments and developments, why hate on this girl now? 

If you really can’t stand her, just ignore her, please. I’ve had enough of this kind of hate in Nalu fandom back then, where some of them hate on Lisanna. Focus on the story and don’t mind her. Also, trust Mashima. He ain’t gonna let us down.

We’re getting a lot of hate right now, Gruvians, let’s stick together. And pray for Fairy Tail’s Gray Fullbuster too, I can’t see him anywhere in the latest chapter. That’s what we have to do right now. Have a nice day!


One man. One series. One Piece.
One man is all it takes to change the history of manga. One series is all it takes to become a world-wide phenomenon. One Piece is all it takes to change your life.
Happy 40th birthday to the man who has brought both laughter and tears to millions of people all around the world.

Happy Birthday Eiichiro Oda! [Jan. 1]


I made dumb things into necklaces that I’ll have at cons this year.

Or if you won’t be at any of the same cons as me, you can also get stuff from Redbubble [Rogue] [Mage] [Warrior]

(Sorry for the terrible watermark, I promise it’s not on any of the products)

(Also sorry everyone clamoring for dual wield rogue design. I also prefer the dual wield, but already did a stabby thing for warrior. Someday, mayhap.)