setsu-p said:

Everybody Loves Mecha! Or at least more people should. I know you're a fan. Just what is it about them, for you?

Sorry for the late answer. [Bows head in shame] Ugh, just…ugh.

When I was a wee one, I watched a lot of cartoons with giant robots: Transformers, Voltron (both versions), and Robotech. Even watched a few episodes of Tranzor Z, the English adaptation for Mazinger Z. This was before I found out that those weren’t robot soldiers or ships in Voltron and Robotech was a amalgam of three unrelated shows. Innocent times, those were. My interest didn’t stop there. While I lived in Japan, on Saturdays I watched the Brave series starting with the second series, Brave of the Sun Fighbird, and the Eldoran trilogy. One of my favorite video game series is MegaMan. Sure, I’ve only finished MegaMan 4, but I still like the series. If you’re wondering, yes, Gurren Lagann is on my favorite animated series list along with the Giant Robo OVA.

I guess I got into mecha because of the cool factor. Giant robots fighting monsters or each other? Damn, that’s fun to watch. Not fun if you’re the people below trying not to get crushed, though. The use of calling out your attacks was also fun. I will always remember “Form Blazing Sword!” Heck, the finishing moves were awesome. Plus, the variety in body shapes. Even with the realization that giant mecha able to function like they would in fiction would be difficult to construct due to such factors as the square-cube law, I still like watching giant robots in action. These days, I like small robots fighting thanks to Angelic Layer. Gundam Build Fighters is on my to-watch list—yes, there are a good number of mecha shows on it—and I started watching LBX: Little Battlers Experience, the English dub for Danball Senki. Heck, if I had good non-LEGO construction skills and access to advanced tech, I’d go for building small fighting mecha.

I have no idea if I answered your question, but thanks, and again, sorry for the long wait for this one.

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