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Okay so on my blog I love to talk about my greatest “trans-pirations” (cheesy and dumb I know) Previous was Jazz Jennings and today the gorgeous Youtuber and star of AMAZING movie I can’t stop raving about on my blog “Boy Meets Girl”. So Now you get to meet the beautiful and Amazing Michelle Hendley.

Michelle Hendley exudes the kind of effortless screen presence that makes you assume she’s been at this for ages. In Eric Schaeffer’s Boy Meets Girl—a winning romantic comedy, with the transgender 23-year-old from Missouri playing a trans coffee shop worker/designer—she’s sexy, funny, and sensitive. And it’s her first film!

Two years ago, Michelle was spotted on YouTube by Schaeffer (My Life Is In Turnaround, If Lucy Fell), who promptly reached out and brought her to L.A. for a big time audition. After the writer/director talked to Michelle’s parents to convince them he’s legit, she was up and away for a whole new career.

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Here’s a part of another interview:

The Advocate: I watched Boy Meets Girl this week and I have to say, “Wow that was incredibly real.”

Michelle Hendley: I’m so glad the film rang true for you! It was of the utmost importance to the Boy Meets Girl crew to create a story that felt authentic to the trans experience.

Previous to your acting career, you had a YouTube channel where you shared your transition details. Do you feel that helped you prepare to be in front of a camera as an actress?

Yes! It seems silly to think that a bunch of YouTube videos would help prepare me for my film debut, but it definitely cut my nerves in front of the camera a bit.

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“‘Hey, this is a trans body. It’s real and it’s feminine and it’s not attacking anyone’s masculinity. Here’s who I am.’”

Here is her Youtube channel, she was discovered through it and in the movie she has a youtube too. here’s a sample video:

Okay you can see why I’m so inspired by her, and if you’re not following me you might not have heard me RAVING about Boy meets girl, you can see what I’ve wrote about it here.

In the meantime, Stay sexy, freaks<3



A small hiccup echoed from he depths of her throat and his breathed a small sigh, she was the one thing he wanted to do right in his life.  She was the one who made him strive to be a better person, and she was the one that he loved.  There would be time for discussion later, he knew, but for now he just wanted to soak in the peace that transpired between the two.

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cordia + fake dating (I'm such trash, I will take anything with Cora and Lydia)

mmm yeah, let’s pretend this timeline makes sense… 

hope you dig it!

Lydia’s barely stepped one foot on campus when Kira comes barreling up next to her, eyes bright and expression way too delighted for it being a Monday morning.

“So?” she prompts with a wide smile.

Lydia shakes her head slowly, more than a little confused—which was absolutely not a feeling she enjoyed. There’s a thing called a loop, and Lydia prides herself on always being in it. “So… what?”

“You and Cora,” Kira says. “It’s all everyone’s talking about!” 

Lydia rolls her lips inward and tilts her head, pretty sure nothing of note transpired between her and Cora from Friday until now. Sure, they had more than their fair share of friction in the beginning, but threats of pulling tongues out of heads were all in the past.

It doesn’t take long to pull the story from Kira, which, as it turns out, is a simple rumor that she and Cora are official. Dating. Lip-locked and in love. Not the worst thing that’s ever been saddled on Lydia’s shoulders (being on top is so hard, really), but it’s also very, very untrue. She spends her first period of the day tracing the spider web of gossip, where it eventually untangles at the source. 

She slams Cora’s locker shut just as Cora’s pulling out her copy of 1984.

“Hi, Cora. I hear we’re gal pals now,” she says, and smirks when she sees the tips of Cora’s ears turn a very guilty pink.

Lydia presses on when Cora doesn’t cough up an apology, or an explanation. “What, are you ashamed of me? I heard we had a really eye-opening, experimental weekend.” 

She’s getting loud now, but Cora grabs her by the elbow and tugs her to a secluded corner before the rest of the student body can get a real show.

“Stop,” Cora snaps. “Look—I might’ve said something to someone. About me dating you. To get them to leave me alone.”

“And you didn’t think to tell me?” 

“I didn’t think it would blow up this much.”

“Sweetheart, I’ve been single for a year. Me getting locked down is noteworthy.”

Cora scoffs. “Have you always thought the world revolves around you?”

“When it stops, I’ll let you know.”

Cora steps in closer, and Lydia’s primed for whatever retort’s coming her way, but someone wolf whistles and Cora’s eyes widen like she’s just realized what, to the outside eye, this little intimidation tactic looks like; like they’re actually girlfriends getting cozy in B hall.

She moves to step back, but Lydia links their hands together and smiles sweetly at the cat-caller. “Never do that again,” she says, all fake sweetness that threatens more than placates. “Run along now.” 

“Look,” she says to Cora, “this can be a mutually beneficial give and take. Daddy took the T-bird away when I missed curfew last week, so. You chauffer me around—“

Cora’s eyebrows shoot up.

“—within reason, and we can work this fake girlfriend angle. Get you some notoriety around here.”

“I don’t want notoriety.”

Lydia half-shrugs. “Then, what do you want?”

Cora stares at her for a long time, looking strangely vulnerable and sullen, but the bell chimes before she gets around to answering the question. Lydia makes her walk her to class, and she presses a chaste kiss against Cora’s cheek before she walks through the door, thinking of timelines and believability. A month is a reasonable time to settle into a convincible façade, right?

She looks over her shoulder before she finds her seat, lips tingling with the phantom heat of Cora’s skin, but Cora’s already gone.

Some Like it Hot || Evelance

Two weeks, two long weeks and he and Evey had barely spoken about what had transpired that week. It was bothering Vance, that much was apparent. It wasn’t that they were unfriendly or cold, but it was as if the incident had never happened. Vance was starting to wonder if he was losing his mind. maybe it had all been a fever dream or a fantasy that seemed so real he believed it to be that way. There were times he could’ve sworn Evey looked at him differently, as if she wanted him, but as soon as he’d catch her eye, she’d look away. 

It was no use, he couldn’t simply ask her about it, he didn’t have the nerve. So instead, Vance threw himself into his work, even bringing it home on the weekend setting up shop in his garage to fix the vehicles 24/7. 

It was a hot day, sweltering and he was stuck under the chassis of a Ford, covered in old smudges, he’d been sweating so much he’d even tossed his shirt to the side. It wasn’t like you could be indecent in your own yard in the middle of the woods. He heard heels on the gravel next to the car and nearly hit his head when he heard Evey call his name. Sliding out from under the car, he squinted, looking up at her. “Hey.” 

What happens in a certain place can stain your feelings for that location, just as ink can stain a white sheet. You can wash it, and wash it, and still never forget what transpired, a word which here means "happened and made everyone sad"

Lemony Snicket

Horseradish (Bitter truths you can’t avoid)

fist published in the UK Egmont 2007

an actual thing that actually happened
  • caller:is this the request line?
  • DJ:Let me answer that question in song
  • DJ:*strums acoustic guitar and hums a bar*
  • DJ:Fighting evil by moonlight
  • DJ:Winning love by daylight
  • DJ:Never running from a real fight
  • DJ:She is the one named Sailor Moon
  • DJ:Sailor Venus!
  • DJ:Sailor Mercury!
  • DJ:Sailor Mars!
  • DJ:Sailor Jupiter!
  • DJ:With secret powers all so new to her
  • DJ:She is the one named Sailor Moon
  • DJ:She is the one
  • DJ:Sailor Moon! moon moon moon moon
  • caller:
  • DJ:
  • caller:
  • DJ:
  • caller:uhhhhh
  • DJ:yes, this is the request line.
  • caller:uhhhhhh okay can i-
  • DJ:okay bye
  • caller:wai- *mic clicks off*
  • DJ:there we go

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Were you ever feeling overlooked? When things are changing and you see results, its a great feeling isn’t it?
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How to Gradually Stop Talking About Your Problems Too Much

(Accidentally deleted the original post, and then saw it as an opportunity to adjust the post.)

Here’s the scene…

You wake up in the morning and some icky stuff from the day before floats into your thoughts.

It doesn’t feel super bad, but it’s still bothering you a little.

The interesting part is that as it is bothering you, it is also starting a momentum of similar energy that might grow bigger later in the day.

The type of momentum depends on how you choose to focus.

You realize that even though yesterday happened already, and even though you have new opportunities in a new day right now, you’re still a bit annoyed about what transpired yesterday and the days before that as well.

In the midst of feeling annoyed, you decide that you need to clean your office. Because that’s been bothering you too.

However, the energy of that desire feels more like it is inspired by the fear and anxiety of it not getting cleaned previously in the week.

And that not so good feeling energy is more so dominant than the feelings of enjoying and appreciating a clean office.

And so you go about your day, like you usuaully do, and several distractions “just so happen” to happen.

It is life, distractions happen. There are ups downs. And there are things that you like and don’t like.

But on this day, you just happen to dominantly focus on what you don’t want with not so good-feeling energy.

And so it grows bigger.

You end up talking with tons of people who are complaining about their lives…and who keep saying things like:

“I can’t do this because of that. I cant do that because of this…”

“The price of milk is ridiculous!”

“The fruits and vegetables cost too much!”

“My spouse is trippin.”

“The economy sucks.”

“My boss is ew.”

Not realizing, as they say all of this, that are sending out intentions for LOA to match.

And that no matter how real and justified these comments might be, things won’t change until you begin to change how you look at them first.

The whole time you keep visualising yourself slapping them in the face like Bernie Mac did in that movie “Head of State.”

Because you are already feeling annoyed, and it’s like they are adding fuel to the fire.

But you don’t slap them, because that’s not a nice thing to do. And you can’t blame them because that’s what you’re resonating with and that’s what you too are sending out.

Your mind is still so heavily focused on how much you dislike certain things that you didn’t want to happen, that you are not fully here in the moment.

Your are not recognizing in those moments, that even though there is much to complain about - there’s also much to be grateful for.

There’s nothing “wrong” with that. It’s just an experience in life that attracts similar kinds of experiences with more frequency.

The trippy part is that those things happened already.

You can’t go back and change them.

BUT You cano adjust your perspectives on things and learn from results.

You CAN choose better-feeling thoughts.

Later you end up at the store, and for some reason it’s like the holidays in there.

Or maybe it’s more like the Zombie Apocalypse…

Just kidding.

But the lines do stretch deep into the aisles though.

Luckily you see a shorter one and get in it, only to find that the people in front of you have half the store in their carts…

And you think, “What the crap is going on here?”

Remember you do have the option of choosing to focus in another way if you wanted to.

You get home, finally, and after you put things away…

You accidentally fall asleep.

By the time you wake up, it’s 11:30 pm.

You have to be up early, so organizing your office is out of the question.

Naturally, because of not so good feeling momentum, the first thing you do is find anything you can point at to blame for you not being able to get your office organized.

You are not here in the moment again.

When you try to make changes, fears sometimes rush in like diarrhea.

So when you decide that you want to clean your office. But the momentum wouldn’t allow it to flow like you wanted…

Sometimes you think there’s no way it’s your fault that it didn’t get done. There’s no way it could have anything to do with your vibes.

You think It has to be someone or something else. It has to be!

It’s the complaining people at the store’s fault. It’s the long lines fault, it’s this, it’s that…

The excuses, justifications, and fears come out like diarrhea.

So you start talking about all of your problems again, in a bad-feeling way though.

And so the loop continues.

You then feel all the negative energy of these problems, and now your pissed off.

Meanwhile law of attraction is, without doubt and prejudice, responding to and matching your vibes.

Which perpetuates more of what you’re complaining about.

And, well…

How do you stop, and why?

You can stop by gradually realizing that momentum exists in life. Sometimes it will be good-feeling momentum, and sometimes it will be not so good-feeling momentum.

The important thing is that you gradually begin to slow down the negative momentums when theh start.

And ride out and accept them when it’s tougher to slow them down.

Then remember that you have a choice in how you look at things.

Recognize that there are more ways to look at what’s bothering than just complaining about it.

You can gradually stop by recognizing that complaining DOES have a positive purposes withinn it, and that one of those purposes is to help you change perspective.

You can also recognize that within a complaint is also the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

And that talking about the problems too much, and finding too many excuses and justifications, is just another way of NOT taking responsibility for your vibes.

You can stop talking about your problems too much, in that bad-feeling way, by seeing them as indicatiors of where your vibes are in those moments.

Which then gives you the opportunity to make a better-feeling choice that can build momentum that tips the scales.

Imagine that instead of seeing problems as annoying - unwanted - insurmountable things, you saw them as opportunities to adjust how you are focusing and to discover or bring into existence awesome feeling solutions and experiences…

Imagine that by changing your focus, you could literally change what you are attracting into your life.

So again, why would you want to gradually stop talking about your problems from that negative energy space too much?

Well, does complaining about it feel good or solve the problem?

Does complaining about them too much keep looping the same problems?

Are you still predominantly responding to them by complaining about them and thinking bad-feeling thoughts?

Is that working?

Are you seeing the opportunities within them?

Or are you more so using them as reasons to explain why you keep telling the same old negative feeling story?

(Not that that’s bad or make you wrong or anything like that, but if you’d like some things to change you’ll have to adjust your perspective at some point.)

Are you gradually realizing that you can tell better-feeling stories and start attracting more of what you want as result of that?

Are you noticing that as you shift your energy, solutions and answers appear?

Are you noticing that as you feel better, better feeling experiences are attracted to you?

Now this post was not saying that it’s a terrible thing for you to talk about your problems, or that anyone is wrong if they do so…because we all do.

This was just a post sharing how you could change things if you wanted to, and how you could attract the solutions or the opposites of those things that you might be complaining about.

So, thank you for reading, and…

Peace be with you.

the best explanation i’ve read so far on why last night’s scene with sansa is a disaster

Not many of the responses to last night’s episode have considered the ramifications of D&D’s choices regarding Sansa’s character arc. And I don’t mean just with regards to the last scene; I mean the whole season.

1. Sansa and Ramsay consummating their marriage was inevitable, unless it happened a lot later in the season, and Sansa and Theon escaped before anything transpired. Therefore, D&D consciously chose this ending when they decided to write Sansa into the Northern storyline. Furthermore, in a recent interview they claim to have done so because they wanted to feature more of Sophie Turner’s excellent acting. Eesh. Instead of marital rape, they could have written that Sansa seduces Ramsay, in the same way Littlefinger instructed her to do to Harry/Ramsay in the book/show. She could have ordered Theon to leave, testing her power and somewhat diffusing the situation. They could have shown Sansa to be silent and resolved during the scene, rather than fearful and crying. Let me be clear, my complaint here isn’t about how Sansa acted, because Sansa is a fictional character; it’s about how D&D chose to write her reaction to the event.

2. Sansa’s character arc is likely being sacrificed for Theon’s development. It’s clear many people empathized more strongly with Theon in the scene than with Sansa. Likely, Theon will be the one to rescue Sansa, jumping from the walls of Winterfell to escape their mutual captors. This means Sansa’s abuse was introduced into the story so that Theon could have a vehicle for improvement and redemption. Yes, it’s true that Theon plays rescuer in the books, and yes, it’s true that the rape scene is much more traumatic for both parties involved. However, Sansa’s character development is not affected by the book’s plot in Winterfell. A similar thing happened in their adaptation of the Faith Militant, where the writers felt it necessary to attack Loras for his sexuality in order to characterize the faith as moral hardliners. This could have been accomplished without sacrificing Loras.

3.Sansa lacks agency in the show’s storyline. In the show, Sansa has been abandoned by Littlefinger, handed over to the enemy and, since Joffrey and the Mountain are “dead,” probably the most sadistic person in Westeros. While she had the gumption to tell Myranda off, that could backfire on her as well. Ramsay clearly holds power over her and Theon/Reek. We don’t know how the rest of the season will play out, but it is likely she will continue to be the victim, the damsel in distress, a vehicle for Theon’s redemption or Brienne’s oathkeeping-complex. In the most recent TWOW preview chapter, we know that Sansa is happy for the first time since she left Winterfell. She has a new father figure who praises her, cares for her, teaches her. She has a friend, Myranda, with which to indulge in silly teen-aged girl talk and schemes. She is being positioned to marry the heir to the Vale, a marriage that would not have been far beneath her pre-war. Harry isn’t the epitome of chivalry, but GRRM shows that Sansa can gain the upper hand in a conversation, and even push him to apologize for his arrogance, which appears to be his largest character flaw. But most importantly, Littlefinger’s plan is for her to marry Harry, reveal her identiy as Sansa Stark, and take back the North under her own claim and volition. She doesn’t need to marry the Boltons to reclaim Winterfell, because the Boltons are usurpers, traitors. With her brothers gone, Sansa is the rightful heir to the North.

So, this is about way more than rape. Sure, Sansa can emerge from this event stronger. GRRM has defended his inclusion of sexual violence as a reality of the world they inhabit. However, GRRM does not use sexual abuse as the only source of trauma and growth for female characters. And, GRRM appears to be writing a different path for Sansa, one with more agency and less trauma. I guess we could always be surprised, but if Sansa flirting with Harry is considered “controversial,” then I’m betting not.



Inside, the man stirred a little. He coughed, feeling his throat close up from the dust and dirt he had been tossed into before shakily returning to his feet. The cameras seemed defunct by now, since the mission had been accomplished- hence, both men were now safe. Jejoo slowly opened her eyes too, the cat letting out a small, weak mew as she rolled over and back to her feet. The man carefully parted his trousers, watching the anklet blink to signal that it was still functioning and heaved a relieved sigh. After all, the company worked underground and destroying the anklet did not benefit them at all to attract unwanted attention. Jejoo staggered over to her owner’s feet, insistent on greeting him despite the suffering she had undergone.

He knelt down, planting his face into her sooty fur. “You are fine,” he repeated over and over, uncaring of what had just transpired, “That is all that matters to me.” As he finally removed his face from Jejoo’s coat (his face was caked in soot, but truly, he had been in much worst shape), he noticed a figure move outside and got wary once more. Jejoo managed her signature hiss before collapsing onto the ground, panting heavily as the man gathered her in one arm and retrieving his pipe in the other. As he took the pipe, he noticed his phone half-buried in the debris and dug it up. Without checking, he knew what had happened but stated nothing.

As he looked up, he noticed the figure collapse like a stone as if they had been shot, but no gunshot had rang out. He recalled the final game once more, and Jejoo let out another mew to anchor him back to reality. The figure obviously needed help- whether if they were friend or foe.

Slowly limping outside, he was mildly taken aback to see none other than his other self crouching on the ground with his hands over his head. The man knew instantly what was happening and set his cat down. Jejoo immediately went to the other man, gently nudging the man as affectionately as a tired cat could around the legs. “Do not worry,” stated the man, trying to reassure his other self, “We are fine. Safe, albeit slightly dirty. They only factory resetted my phone, since with the anklet on, they cannot injure me without risking the wrath of the police. Let us go home…together.” He squatted down in front of his other self, trying to make himself small and less intimidating- his ankle let out a sharp pain in protest, but it went ignored.

Hesitantly, the man extended a shaky and dirt-crusted hand.

His mind raced, images of his time there running through his mind. Images so strong, he could swear the past years had been a dream - a dream of things he shouldn’t want, of emotions he couldn’t let himself have. They would know. They always knew. They would bring him in and reeducate him, as they had done after the test game. He didn’t look forward to it, but he knew it was necessary. Perhaps this time, they would be successful. He would submit. He would become their perfect creation. He would…

He felt the nudging against his legs, and gradually came back to himself, the words being spoken to him slowly coming into focus. He lowered his arms, enough to peer over his hands, and, seeing it was his other self, he let himself fall into a sitting position, his breaths starting to slow - he hadn’t realized until then how rapidly his breathing had been. It took him several moments to process what had been said, and then he stared in confusion for a moment before he remembered what “home” meant - not the nearby guardhouse, but the home he’d been sharing with Sung Joon, the one he’d moved into after getting away from them.

He nodded weakly, accepting his other self’s hand without really recognizing the significance to the gesture. Pulled back into a standing position - somewhat awkwardly, due to the other man’s injury, but they managed - he shoved his hands in his pockets and looked downwards, mumbling, “The car is waiting for us,” before heading in that direction, not rushing, but not waiting for his other self.