Laci Green used this word once when she was 18, deleted the offending video after it was brought to her attention and issued a sincere apology that actually contained the word “sorry”. She was burned at the stake and run off the internet.

Tyler Oakley uses this word multiple times, leaves all of them intact, and later issues a statement saying “Just because you’ve accidentally said things that were transphobic in the past doesn’t mean you can’t learn and help educate yourself and others right now and for the future.” He’s heralded as an advocate of queer culture and a positive role model for all LGBTQ youth.

Just something to think about.

A genderqueer tumblr blogger is at the supermarket, having used up her daily allotment of social interaction on making the dangerous trek through crowds of people. The cashier has just begun scanning their items, and says “Did you find everything alright, miss?”

The genderqueer is triggered, their Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (self-diagnosed of course, but the medical system is run by white cis people so don’t say self-diagnoses isn’t valid) bringing up other horrible times in their lives when complete strangers didn’t read their mind and find out what pronoun they preferred today. They note their own forehead veins did not throb Anime-style, making a mental note to make a post about how ableist Anime artists are too people who don’t have veins close to the surface.

"YOU TRIGGERED ME! DIE CIS SCUM!" They say, and stab the cashier with a knife. Blood is everywhere, and he succumbs to the stabbing wound in his chest.

The other shoppers and cashiers look on in horror, as the genderqueer turns to them, empowered. Something dark and terrible begins to flicker in the genderqueer’s eyes.

"Cis people, if you aren’t scum, you have nothing to fear." And the blogger smiles as the screams begin.

"But what are cis people?" One of the scum says as she is murdered.

The genderqueer says “It’s not my job to educate you.”

so i was scrolling through my facebook and this stephanie girl at the bottom of the picture was posting it trying to get attention about this dick in her town being super transphobic. apparently he has ordered her to take it down because of the hate it is causing his family but fuck him im posting this spread this shit dont let people fucking talk shit about us like this im so fucking mad. 

i dont fucking understand. people are born with extra fingers, extra arms, no legs, even two heads sometimes and other people will accept that as a fact and that something went wrong during development in the womb. so why is it so fucking hard to believe that something went wrong during development and someone might have been born with the wrong genitals. people are fucking ridiculous like sit the fuck down with that transphobic bullshit

Jerry Springer starts out 2015 with some transphobic bullshit. This should not and CANNOT be acceptable anymore. Let’s make a change. Let’s be the people to start this conversation.

To answer this question that Jerry posed regarding a transwoman on the show, call 1-888-537-7910, and tell him how transphobic it is. We need to make change.  

"Fix society." - Leela Alcorn

jennifer lawrence is a biphobic, transphobic, racist, ableist piece of shit who makes fat jokes and just made a rape joke

but you all are so fast to defend her because what? she talks about liking food, and tripped while getting an Oscar?

i swear to god if i hear one more person call her “down-to-earth” i’m gonna fucking scream. down-to-earth means you’re sensible, practical, and aware, not “oh, you’re just like us because you never make any effort to act appropriately in public and purposefully refuse to have a filter!!”

this girl is fucking rude trash that feigns ignorance and says harmful shit to seem “quirky” and “edgy.” she’s been in the spotlight long enough now and has faced criticism, so the “ignorance” defense means fucking zilch.