guess who has to see the all white heterosexual conservative catholic side of his family tonight who misgender him constantly?? this guy.

*bonus* my cousins other side of the family is going to be there and i’m going to be a fifth wheel. i’m so friggin excited to spend time with ppl who are slightly racist, homophobic and transphobic :’) merry xmas!! 

sry i’m so bitter i’m just so anxious and stressed out about this.
tomorrow should be better.



I received a death threat on Ok Cupid by user “Jimmybacon”. He messaged me & told me I look a man. After responding that I thought it was ridiculous he messaged me if he wasn’t attracted to me, he responded back threatening to mug & kill me. Ladies, be careful. Especially my transladies, this guy is clearly transphobic as fuck.

Report him, Report him, Report him.


Laci Green used this word once when she was 18, deleted the offending video after it was brought to her attention and issued a sincere apology that actually contained the word “sorry”. She was burned at the stake and run off the internet.

Tyler Oakley uses this word multiple times, leaves all of them intact, and later issues a statement saying “Just because you’ve accidentally said things that were transphobic in the past doesn’t mean you can’t learn and help educate yourself and others right now and for the future.” He’s heralded as an advocate of queer culture and a positive role model for all LGBTQ youth.

Just something to think about.

A genderqueer tumblr blogger is at the supermarket, having used up her daily allotment of social interaction on making the dangerous trek through crowds of people. The cashier has just begun scanning their items, and says “Did you find everything alright, miss?”

The genderqueer is triggered, their Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (self-diagnosed of course, but the medical system is run by white cis people so don’t say self-diagnoses isn’t valid) bringing up other horrible times in their lives when complete strangers didn’t read their mind and find out what pronoun they preferred today. They note their own forehead veins did not throb Anime-style, making a mental note to make a post about how ableist Anime artists are too people who don’t have veins close to the surface.

"YOU TRIGGERED ME! DIE CIS SCUM!" They say, and stab the cashier with a knife. Blood is everywhere, and he succumbs to the stabbing wound in his chest.

The other shoppers and cashiers look on in horror, as the genderqueer turns to them, empowered. Something dark and terrible begins to flicker in the genderqueer’s eyes.

"Cis people, if you aren’t scum, you have nothing to fear." And the blogger smiles as the screams begin.

"But what are cis people?" One of the scum says as she is murdered.

The genderqueer says “It’s not my job to educate you.”

so i was scrolling through my facebook and this stephanie girl at the bottom of the picture was posting it trying to get attention about this dick in her town being super transphobic. apparently he has ordered her to take it down because of the hate it is causing his family but fuck him im posting this spread this shit dont let people fucking talk shit about us like this im so fucking mad. 

A transgender woman of color named Monica Jones was convicted last week for walking down the street. The charge? “Manifestation of prostitution.” But Jones isn’t a sex worker. She just happens to live in Phoenix, Arizona, where a new tactic to reduce sex work provides new opportunities for police to profile vulnerable populations.

While Jones’ conviction is fully legal in Phoenix, it’s become a rallying cry for trans rights issues, since it so clearly illustrated biases ingrained in the law. Here’s a break down of all the elements that led to Jones’ arrest:

“Manifestation Of Prostitution”

One of the first problems is the incredibly vague way that Phoenix’s law against prostitutionactually defines what constitutes an arrest-worthy offense. In addition to literally offering or soliciting prostitution, the law also enumerates a number of actions that can constitute an “intent” to break the law:

Is in a public place, a place open to public view or in a motor vehicle on a public roadway and manifests an intent to commit or solicit an act of prostitution. Among the circumstances that may be considered in determining whether such an intent is manifested are: that the person repeatedly beckons to, stops or attempts to stop or engage passersby in conversation or repeatedly, stops or attempts to stop, motor vehicle operators by hailing, waiving of arms or any other bodily gesture; that the person inquires whether a potential patron, procurer or prostitute is a police officer or searches for articles that would identify a police officer; or that the person requests the touching or exposure of genitals or female breast.

According to the law, it doesn’t matter if prostitution solicitation actually takes place; simply conveying one of these other actions constitutes a violation of the law. For example, a group of cheerleaders holding a carwash could be arrested under this law for trying to advertise their fundraiser by waving at passing cars.

Additionally, the law dictates that a first offense results in a mandatory minimum of 15 days in jail, up to a maximum of six months, as well as the possibility of a fine up to $2,500. The mandatory minimums increase significantly with each prior charge a person carries. These vague “manifestations” of prostitution thus create opportunity to entrap and punish individuals with prostitution charges even if they are not actually engaging in sex work.

Monica Jones’ Arrest and Conviction

Monica Jones is a student at ASU’s School of Social Work, a sex worker rights advocate with SWOP, and a trans woman of color. When Phoenix police were conducting a Project ROSE sweep in May of 2013, Jones spoke at a community event against the program. The following evening, she was offered a ride home from a bar, only to be not-arrested by the undercover cop, who placed her in handcuffs and drove her to Bethany Bible Church. Jones, however, was not eligible for Project ROSE because of a prior prostitution conviction, despite no longer being a sex worker. Jones was charged with “manifestation of prostitution” and last week, she was convicted and sentenced to 30 days in a men’s prison.

The prosecution’s only witness was the arresting officer, who repeatedly referred to Jones with the male pronouns “he” and “him.” He alleged that she “exposed her breast,” though advocates for Jones suggest her only crime was asking if he was a police officer (knowing full well that Project ROSE sweeps were underway that weekend). The judge deliberated for less than one minute before handing down a guilty verdict. According to the ACLU, which helped represent Jones, the judge’s assumption that the officer’s testimony was credible while hers was hearsay is “erroneous and improper.”

During the time between her arrest and her trial, Jones says she was stopped by police on four more occasions while walking around her neighborhood and threatened with additional “manifestation of prostitution” charges. She explained to the ACLU how “walking while trans” has become a crime in and of itself:

JONES: “Walking while trans” is a saying we use in the trans community to refer to the excessive harassment and targeting that we as trans people experience on a daily basis. “Walking while trans” is a way to talk about the overlapping biases against trans people — trans women specifically — and against sex workers. It’s a known experience in our community of being routinely and regularly harassed and facing the threat of violence or arrest because we are trans and therefore often assumed to be sex workers.

I have been harassed by police four times since my initial arrest last May. The police have stopped me for no real reason when I have been walking to the grocery store, to the local bar, or visiting with a friend on the sidewalk. The police have even threatened me with ‘manifestation with intent to prostitute’ charge, while I was just walking to my local bar!

Police harassment of transgender people is not unusual even absent sex work profiling. According to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, 29 percent of trans people have experienced police harassment or disrespect. Rates were much higher for people of color. Additionally, 46 percent of trans people report they are generally uncomfortable even seeking police assistance.

Jones has already filed an appeal and is continuing her fight.

jennifer lawrence is a biphobic, transphobic, racist, ableist piece of shit who makes fat jokes and just made a rape joke

but you all are so fast to defend her because what? she talks about liking food, and tripped while getting an Oscar?

i swear to god if i hear one more person call her “down-to-earth” i’m gonna fucking scream. down-to-earth means you’re sensible, practical, and aware, not “oh, you’re just like us because you never make any effort to act appropriately in public and purposefully refuse to have a filter!!”

this girl is fucking rude trash that feigns ignorance and says harmful shit to seem “quirky” and “edgy.” she’s been in the spotlight long enough now and has faced criticism, so the “ignorance” defense means fucking zilch.