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I don't see the issue with the otherkin post? I understand that people can do what they want, but those who decide to identify with a different species are literally not transgender. It's called transgender, not transpecies. I don't think people should make fun of otherkin, but at the same time, otherkin shouldn't call themselves transgendered and it can be debated whether or not they're harming the trans community (I think they do)

ok 1) otherkin never claimed to be trans JUST bc theyre otherkin. there are cis otherkin and trans otherkin

2) ‘transgendered’

3) from this ask i gather that u know nothing about trans people or otherkin people

4) did i fuckin ask lmfao

I am genuinely sorry to venpup and all otherkin out there. It’s true that what I think may be different, but you should never let that stop you in life, and I’m really sorry for saying the things I did. transpecies I guess, is not honestly much different than transgender, and I just, don’t see it. But, just because I don’t, doesn’t mean you don’t have to either.

Reading posts suggesting that some otherkin consider it a gender…

Makes me need to find out what gender means…

Because the definition I had doesn’t classify, say, a fox-spirit as gender. ._.

It classifies Male, Female, Both, Non, and fluid. But not Fox-spirit.

And you know, I have nothing against other species… uh… Transpecies? Er… Well, I’ve hated the whole labeling thing anyway, so whatever. Point is, whatever a being is, they’re alive, they have feelings. As long as they’re not stepping on others feelings, then whatever floats their boat, you know?

But I’m going to likely bump heads with a lot of others if they feel I need to adhere to their beliefs that being “transpecies” is a gender… because it’s quite a different thing, I think.