we are not Whitman Wilde

the wrong atmospherics of transmission
move in uninvestigated chaotic archives
red and pink turbulent storms swarm across
deep space frequencies in imaginative
currents of pulsars
that are translated into phases
each represented in diverse
conflicting modes of expression
in obsessive grooves of consciousness
cut up components of recycled narratives
audibly fixating on vibrations
that sound across the universe
in diffused spirals of manic fluctuations
converting archaic symbols into equivalents
of dust surfaces that oxidise in intermittent epochs
and deposit a rediscovered earth
an expansive transferable construction
of accidental providence
that allows for expression in artificially generated realities
hallucinated images that float
across the consciousness of the cosmos
producing visions that punctuate rational thought
become preoccupied with the conception
of  interplanetary transpeciation
counting the chronological diversity
of those that occupy the black, blank
vacuum of space

lanthir asked:

I'm FINALLY getting around to reading Transpecial. Just finished chapter 18, and I'm really loving it so far! I can hardly put it down! I'm reminded a bit of Heinlein, and a bit of my dad's stories. (Both of these are good comparisons.). Suza is so great! I'm very excited to find out what happens next.

The Heinlein comparison is somewhat intentional. The Transpecial world started with a (still unpublished) short story that was written for an Heinlein homage anthology.

I’m glad you’re enjoying it! If you want to support me - tell your friends how much fun it is ;).