Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists, also known as “Radfems” or “rotting pieces of garbage”. They hate trans people and trans women in particular.

you can generally id them cause they’ll use phrases like “gender critical” (a phrase they use to avoid having to say they hate trans people) and “appropriating womanhood” or say things like “women can’t have cis privilege”. They hate it when their precious sacred cis womanhood is intruded upon, such as dmab people using she/her pronouns, like I joked about in the last post.

Also they love to harass trans people and then complain that tumblr isnt safe for radfems. they’re hilarious

When trans women are openly accepted in queer women’s spaces, it is generally ins spite of our transness rather than because of it. In other words, we are expected to hide our trans histories, perspectives and bodies in order to blend in with the cis majority.
—  Julia Serano, Excluded

Black trans lives are often left out of the conversation on police violence. In 2008, Duanna Johnson was likely murdered by police officers in Memphis after they beat her during her imprisonment a few months prior. A video of the attack was published online and led to some minor punishments for the officers (such as being assigned to desk work). While some have called for federal investigation, no one has been charged for her murder. Not to mention Johnson was likely being held on false charges in the first place.

It’s important to note that this graphic reads “Black Trans Lives Matter”.  The purpose of this, like the hashtag #blacklivesmatter, is to highlight the way that black trans people in particular are subject to a disproportionate amount of violence. This is an issue of black trans lives, not all trans lives, or all lives.

When trans women are mocked and made into jokes in the media, I get very upset, and I am often told “Kay, you can’t go through life getting offended every time someone makes a joke.” And I sputter and object but they don’t hear me. So I want to be clear for once, about why the jokes make me angry.

I learned to hate myself for being transgender before I knew I was transgender. I laughed at the jokes in stand up comedy routines, and prime time sitcoms, and animated comedy shows, and in the movies, and in books, and in games, laughing at trans women for existing, about “men in dresses”, about people who “got their dicks chopped off”, and I learned to think that was worthy of ridicule.

And then a day came when I felt a pang of envy at what my female classmates were wearing and I repressed it, and felt guilty, and a day where I felt incomplete because I had no breasts and I repressed it and I felt disgusting
And a day when I realized the only images of romance that made me feel anything showed two women together and I repressed it and I felt like a monster
And a day when I realized I felt sick when I looked at myself in the mirror after every shower before work and couldn’t bear to look at my own face, and I hated myself.
And then there came a day when I hated myself so much, and I thought I could never understand why, and so I just wanted it all to end. And it was just a miracle that I swerved my car back into my lane in time.

And all of it started with a joke that I heard on TV, and then kept hearing from all the voices from the ether, over and over and over, worming an idea into my mind before I was old enough to realize I was absorbing it, the idea that a man in a dress is funny, and that changing your body parts makes you a freak, and that women who have penises instead of vaginas are liars and hurt men. And they’re still making these jokes. And somewhere out there right now, just like all those years ago, there is a little girl in a t-shirt and cargo shorts with buzzed off hair watching the TV, hearing that joke and absorbing it without knowing it, who will someday have to pry herself apart to tear it out of her head, just like I did.

That is, if she doesn’t kill herself first.

  • Cis boy:*wears makeup*
  • Tumblr:Yeah you break those gender stereotypes!! Men can wear make up and still be masculine!!!! You're so amazing and inspiring!
  • Trans boy:*wears makeup*
  • Tumblr:Um sorry but you can't be a guy unless you wear basketball shorts every day and play at least 2.5 sports.
  • Cis girl:*wears masculine clothing and no makeup*
  • Tumblr:Girl power!! Feminism!!!! Amazing!! Fight the power!!!
  • Trans girl:*wears masculine clothing and no makeup*
  • Tumblr:I'm sorry but you are not a girl unless your favorite color is pink and you wear a dress at least 5 days a week.

While participating in “no shave November” remember that there’s trans women and non binary folks who literally have to shave regularly, most of the time everyday, or their lives are at risk. So putting down folks for not participating/making it some sort of ~feminist~ must-do is harmful. It’s 100% possible to have autonomy and not be a transmisogynst while doing it.


Hey, guys, quick warning for everyone.

Anyone who’s trans or intersex or genderqueer in any way might want to avoid watching the news or reading the papers today.

If you’ve heard of the swimmer Michael Phelps, his girlfriend has been outed as trans. Well, from what I’ve read, she’s actually intersex and assigned male, but most of the media is getting it wrong. And almost all of the coverage is extremely transphobic and transmisogynistic. I can’t find a link that’s trigger free, but if I do, I’ll edit this post and link it.

So be careful, it’s awful and I want all of you guys to stay safe.

(And awful timing, I know, but it’s also Transgender Day of Remembrance today, so have a good day!)

There’s an interesting phenomenon that I’ve witnessed over the past few years. The names of trans women of color will be in the mouths of the queer community after they’ve been murdered, but support for us while we are still alive is sporadic at best. Trans women are pushed out of queer spaces by cis people, dfab genderqueers, and trans men, just to name a few. Women’s spaces are frequently hostile to us because we aren’t “real women” but trans men almost always get a free pass. And I’ve seen more than one cis queer say that trans women are “appropriating” the gay rights movement, totally ignorant of the fact that we started the damn thing. I have seen more than one cis queer say that we have nothing in common with them, that our issues are completely unrelated. We have a hard time finding dates, finding support, finding community. And when we dare to call people out for their transmisogyny, we are labeled crazy, hysterical, divisive. I have been called Austin “queer scene’s” number one enemy. All for daring to share my thoughts on the world around me.


Trans Day of Remembrance is filled to the brim with the names of murdered Black and brown trans women, but is a single evening of remembering enough? And what does it mean that TDoR doesn’t explicitly talk about race and is often dominated by white people? Here in Austin there’s this tradition of calling the names of the dead and then having an audience member sit in a chair that represents where the dead trans woman would sit. The seats are always filled with white people and non-trans women. What do our deaths mean when we our bodies, our lives, the physical space we take up, is appropriated by white folks? How can I mourn for my sisters when the space set up for that mourning is so thoroughly colonized? And how can I even see hope of living a full life when I don’t see myself reflected in what is supposed to be my community?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to honor those women who came before us, those women murdered by colonial patriarchy. But it seems like more often than not, the queer community at large is content with just remembering. We only hear about trans women after their deaths. And even our deaths are not our own. A week doesn’t go by without a white queer citing the deaths of trans women of color as the evidence of how oppressed they are. These stats are often used in service of their own assimilation; meanwhile, they’re happy to leave us out in the cold. We don’t even have dignity in death, nor the ability to decide what it will mean for us.


Support for trans women dwindles when we are still alive. Nowhere is this clearer than in fundraisers run by and for trans women. There have been some success stories, but they always seem to be few and far between. More often than not, a trans woman’s fundraiser will get a few signal boosts, maybe a couple of dollars and then languish. Meanwhile, trans men’s fundraisers for transition related care often get fully funded. This funding disparity is also clear institutionally, where organizations that focus on the concerns and issues of trans women of color get a miniscule amount of all the money from LGBTQ foundations. This is especially true in the South, where LGBT organizations only get 3-4% of domestic LGBT funding. Again, cis, white, rich institutions are quick to use our murders in their statistics then turn around and spend their money on organizations that look like them: cis, white, and rich. Organizations that push for assimilation.


Obviously financial support isn’t the be all end all action to support trans women of color, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. And the fact that it’s a struggle for trans women to acquire financial assistance is symptomatic of our society’s priorities. It points to who is valuable and who is disposable. At the bottom of this article is a list of fundraisers and organizations for trans women that I would strongly encourage you to support. If you’re not a trans woman and you’re reading this, think long and hard about the ways that you’re supporting trans women in your community. Do you see trans women in public community spaces? How are your actions pushing them out? Don’t think that just giving money nullifies your collusion in transmisogyny. Financial support is important but it is not the only step. As we honor the memory of those girls who have been murdered, ask how you’re helping the living.

Fundraisers to Cover Living Expenses


Backing Biko
Support Cherno Biko in advocating for folks like us!

Love Aaryn
Help Aaryn reach her dreams!

Support CeCe
Support CeCe’s work!

Lift Up Lourdes
Support a trans leader!

Save Fake Cis Girl from Financial Apocalypse
Help a trans woman of color keep her lights on!

Support Monica Roberts
Help Monica stave off homelessness!

Operation Zipzap
Help a trans woman go to electrolysis school!

Support Michelle
Help Michelle get money to go to school!

Miss Major Monthly Giving Circle
Help support a TWOC elder and living legend!

Fundraisers to Cover Transition Related Care


TRANLATIN@ needs HELP for Surgery
Help a Pervuian trans women get access to gender affirming surgery!

Support Vanessa on her medical need
Help Vanessa get chest reconstruction surgery!

Proud Trans Latina seeking help with GRS
Help Naiymah get access to gender affirming surgery!

Sophia’s Breast Fund
Help Sophia access breast augmentation surgery!

Help a Homegirl out!
Help a trans latina get access to transition related care.

Ida’s Surgery Fund
Help writer and activist Ida access surgery!

Fundraisers for Organizations that Serve Trans Women


Support the TWOC Collective
The TWOC Collective in NYC needs your support!

Alexis Documentary
Help a documentary about a trans woman activist get off the ground!

Donate to support TWOC filmmakers!

Trans Tech
Support an organization giving trans women the tools to support themselves!

Help a social network by and for marginalized folks get started!

El/La Para Trans Latinas
Help fund an organization working to advocate for trans latinas!

Trans Latina Coalition
Support an organization doing national movement work!

Support Casa Ruby
Help a community center stay afloat!

If you are aware of any other similar fundraisers, please share them in the comments.

Trans women are women. When referring to a trans woman, more often than not she will go by she/her/hers/herself. Trans women are not “boys who wanna be girls.”

Trans men are men. When referring to a trans man, more often than not he will go by he/him/his/himself. Trans men are not “girls who wanna be boys.”

Please do better and use the pronouns trans people ask of you.

Ever notice that the folks on that respectability politics/tone policing shit always say shit like “acting that way isn’t going to convince anyone to support your cause”.

"Our cause" is asserting that oppressed people deserve the same dignity, safety, and respect that is afforded to those that oppress them.

If you need to be convinced that that needs to be supported: you’re a slimy, disgusting nightmare of a person and you should feel fucking awful.

racist feminists are still feminists

ableist feminists are still feminists

transmisogynistic feminists are still feminists

homophobic feminists are still feminists

you can’t deal with problems in your movement by claiming that they’re not really a part of your movement

this kind of annoying, superior “no true Scotsman” feminism accomplishes nothing