Text reads: COMMUNITY, we have lost one of our own. Aubrey Mariko Shine has moved on from this world. I did not feel comfortable disclosing much information out of respect for Aubrey, but people need to know! I cannot and will not sit back quiet and let her death or her powerful existence go unrecognized. Aubrey was a young trans woman of color who was constantly fighting for her right to exist in a world that was not built for her to thrive! She was one of the 3 Youth organizing the East Bays Youth Empowerment Summit in April. Before taking her life she cited the most recent killings of trans women of color and asked if she was next. Her suicide IS connected to the state sanctioned violente against TWOC. It is connected to the lack of family support. It is connected to a foster care system that REFUSES to address the needs of trans Youth of color in the system. Aubrey was supposed to be at our planning meeting tomorrow and now she cant be. I will miss you so much friend. I will miss your unapologetic determination to be yourself. I will miss your funky hair, your awkward laugh, your sheer defiance of gender expectations. Thank you for all that you taught me. I’m sorry that we could not give you the world you deserved fast enough. You touched our hearts and spirits in profound ways. We will continue to fight for you and our communities. I promise. ‪#‎RIPAubreyMarikoShine‬ 

From Trans March’s facebook post

A Charlotte non-discrimination ordinance that would have provided protections based on “marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression” was defeated 6-5 today, even after “council members… removed the section of the ordinance that would have allowed transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with”, a provision which “drew the most vigorous opposition from dozens of speakers.”

Arguments opposed to the controversial provision made some arguments like:

  • “Will Muslim-owned bakeries be forced to bake cakes for sex change celebrations?”
  • "The Lord’s eyes are upon you”
  • "Consider the trauma a 5-year-old girl’s going to have when she’s exposed to a man’s genitalia", and
  • "If I identify as nocturnal, can I enter closed city parks at night to accommodate my lifestyle?"

Those in support, on the other hand, made arguments like “I am here to make sure that my [transgender] child, who I love more than life itself, will be protected.”

It’s nice knowing that stupid analogies and baseless fears have won out over parents trying to protect their children’s lives.

shiraglassman asked:

You can speak out in the committee meeting tomorrow or even show up and just say "waive in opposition" which means you're waiving your right to speak but want to be heard. See my recent post about where and when.

"12:30 pm sharp in the state capitol; the website says Sumner Hall/The House Building room 404"

THANK YOU. Tallahassee folks, if you can make it to this, please do.

A handy primer for actors:

You, yes you, are allowed to turn down roles!!!

If someone asks you, a cis man, to play a trans woman, you can say no! Maybe they will just cast another cis man, but you will still have said no! If someone asks you, an abled person, to play a disabled person, you can say no! If someone asks you, motherfuckin’ Benedict Cumberbatch, to play an Indian man named Khan, you can FUCKING SAY NO.

Walk the fuck away.

“‘I shall never ever wear trousers,’ says the Serbian army’s first transgender officer Helena.

One might be reflecting positively on the Serbian Army and Serbia’s Ministry of Defence, since she is taking legal action against both of them on the grounds that they did nothing to stop her being the subject of insults and harassment.

Helena’s identity card is misleading. Under Serbian law she is still legally considered to be a man. Before coming out she reached the rank of major in Army Quartermaster Corps before, as she claims, being forced to take early retirement.

When she came out the military decreed that she could have a ‘negative impact on the reputation of the Serbian Army’ – which triggered her legal action. Last month, she filed a discrimination lawsuit against Bratislav Gašić, the Serbian minister of defence, as well as the Ministry of Defence itself and the Serbian Army.

'That period was the most terrible of my whole life. Many media reported on me. It was the first time I had to deal with it and I was completely lost. My closest female friends tried to calm me down and one of them was even able to get me temporary housing so that I could avoid intrusive journalists who were threatening to reveal my identity. Some journalists were purposely lying in their reports, thereby intentionally misleading the public, claiming that the only reason I had filed the lawsuit was because I had been retired against my will, not because I was the subject of discrimination.'

Finally, it was agreed that Helena would receive 60% of her basic pay over the lifetime of her retirement.

'This allowed me to live my life to the fullest as a woman, finally in peace with myself around the clock, all day and all night. It was, and still is, an immeasurable joy. I didn’t want to hide my desire to be a woman any more. I just didn’t.'” (via Newsweek)

We can look out for Ourselves

I made a post the other day about the awful act of trans erasure constituted by casting Eddie Redmayne to play real life trans woman, Lili Elbe. I haven’t spoken much about it since, but I have not stopped thinking about it.

Firstly, there’s the fact that Redmayne has addressed the controversy and excused himself by saying the role would require a trans actor to go off hormones and that that would be dangerous. Imagine the most sarcastic tone possible as I loudly thank my dear friend Eddie for looking out for my safety and making that decision for me and every other trans woman. 

I just want to know what he imagines going off hormones looks like, does he think we just sprout hair and spring back the boobs, No. And if it sounds like I’m making the argument for him you misunderstand the problem. There are trans women at every point of the transition process including trans women who decide not to medically transition at all. Perhaps the chances of one at the right step being an amazing actress are very low, here are two counterarguments:

-I truly believe that without a trans woman at the helm, this movie should just not be made. Red Durkin on Twitter went on an amazing rant about how if trans women are not ready for the role, that’s because we haven’t been given the opportunity to build up to it. We’re always cast as only extras or jokes, or, once in a Halley comet sighting as a somewhat major role in a Netflix series. Change that, in your writing and your casting; build up to it, then make the movie about us with us.

-Costume, makeup, and at most CGI. It will always be easier to make a trans woman look like a trans woman than to make a man look like one. Plenty of cis men and cis women have been made to look like trans women at any step of the process, if you’re looking for authenticity, you’re going about it the complete wrong way.

I have friends who say this movie is going to be panned, and I so hope this is true, I hope they fail so bad the studio goes out of business. I hope if you watch the film, you do it in such a way that doesn’t benefit them, through piracy and so forth. Boycotting is the most passive form of protest but it is one. 

In a number of years, maybe there’ll be a new book on Elbe, one that doesn’t paint her solely as a tragedy for her wife to suffer. Then maybe we can have an adaptation that’s not exploitative or erasive, and there’ll be a trans woman in the lead, both on stage and behind it, then I will watch it, then it will be good.

Melonie Elizabeth Rose committed suicide on February 11th and there is only one article about her suicide and it’s aftermath anywhere online (http://www.dominickevans.com/2015/02/her-name-was-melonie-another-trans-woc-has-committed-suicide/). It’s no one person’s fault for not knowing about her suicide, but it speaks volumes to the transmisogyny and transmisogynoir in our culture and communities that the death of Melonie and countless other trans women of colour go mostly unnoticed. It’s not a question of “How many twoc have to die before people start caring?” because so many have died and there is no movement. People memorize lists of names with no context behind the lives that were lived and cut short. These are not senseless tragedies—they are deliberate and it’s terrifying. 

Janet Mock, talking about the murders of six out trans women of colour this year, made a good point: 

The names of our sisters shouldn’t only make headlines when we walk a red carpet or lay in a casket. Our visibility shouldn’t be subject to such extreme circumstances. […] It’s part of the reason why I am weary of amplifying these women’s deaths because it often feels like these women’s names are only spoken by the majority of us when they can no longer respond. But I must speak their names and when I do, I am aware that my sisters do not need to be reminded of their vulnerability and the threat of violence that looms over their lives.

Black trans woman, Ty Underwood, murdered in Texas

I haven’t seen many posts about her, but the few I have seen never say her name.

She wen’t by Ty, her friends and family called her Ty.  And she was murdered January 27th, 2015 in north Texas.

She has a name.

And police have no idea who her killer is.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Tyler Police Department at (903) 531-1000 or Tyler-Smith County Crime Stoppers at (903) 597-2833.

[x] -article respects pronouns-


Eylül Cansin is a transgender woman from Turkey, age 24, who committed suicide yesterday, Jan. 5th. She left a suicide note in the form of a video where she tells about all the things she couldn’t do because of who she is and how people treated her.

I’ve seen so many beautiful drawings of Leelah, I think we should make it a tradition to drawn every trans girl who commits suicide, both to remember them and show that we care and and to show just how many victims there are of transphobia and and trans misogyny.
I’ll be drawing every trans female suicide victim i hear of from now on.

I don’t actually watch Steven Universe.

But I do think it’s kind of dodgy that very shortly after the Stevonnie episode, in which Steven and Connie - a boy and a girl - fuse into one experience who is coded as feminine, that Cartoon Network will no longer air repeat episodes.


This man:

Conservative Senator Donald Plett

Just essentially killed a bill that would protect trans people in Canada from hate crimes. Oh, yeah Harper appointed him.

What a transphobic piece of shit.

Please contact him and let him know what you think of him:

613-992-0180 or 1-800-267-7362

Fax: 613-992-0186

Email: don.plett@sen.parl.gc.ca

Twitter: https://twitter.com/donplett

remember my idea about a bodyguard service for trans women who are afraid to go outside because of what might happen to them?

it wasn’t just a pipe dream. i’m doing this. it’s a free service. this is not a business. no money will be made because this is something that is of crucial importance.

while that sounds like a nonsequitir, i just felt like that should be stated before asking for volunteers. so reblog this post as much as possible. message me on this blog if you wish to volunteer. this will be a worldwide network of people who are willing to literally defend trans women at all costs.

if i get more than just a couple of volunteers, i will be creating a separate tumblr which all volunteers will be able to moderate, and it will be primarily geared towards introduction posts and information about all the volunteers in the service.

what will be required for volunteers includes:

  • preferred name
  • age
  • preferred pronouns
  • gender
  • i ask for age and gender because anyone can volunteer, but i personally know many trans women who would feel uncomfortable having a male bodyguard, or a bodyguard who is significantly older than them. this allows for clients to choose a bodyguard who is right for them.
  • location, for obvious reasons. i do not ask for anything more specific than city or region. for larger cities or regions, specific parts of town is a must—for example, if you are in Atlanta like me, trans women in Riverdale would have a hard time acquiring the services of a volunteer in Stone Mountain. addresses will not be asked for and the divulging of information such as that is left up to the volunteer and client.
  • i will be doing background checks to the best of my ability (which is pretty damn good, so don’t try to get past me). predators are the entire motivation for creating this service, and i will not tolerate them for a second. if you are found to be suspect of predatory behavior towards clients, i will make sure that you are effectively cut off from interacting with any of my clients and my volunteers will all be informed about you, particularly those in your area.
  • be clear with me about your abilities to provide this service. make sure that you are capable of providing the service you are volunteering for. if, for any reason, you doubt that you will be able to provide effective protection services, contact me and i will do my best to help you.
  • for volunteers who may not be able to provide bodyguarding services but would like me to help train them, i will not immediately put you up as a volunteer but you will be on a waiting list. if this network becomes large enough, i will assign a volunteer under me to help train hopefuls, and there will be a checklist for approval.
  • this is a serious cause. you should know what is entailed in bodyguard work. this is a line of work that can quickly become dangerous, especially considering the oppressive climate of violence towards trans women. if you cannot effectively suppress a potentially violent situation without worsening the problem, that is a risk and as a result i will have to keep you on the standby list. bodyguarding requires a certain level of confidence, strength, and finesse with harmful or violent aggressors and threats.

signal boost this post as much as possible. my ask box is always open for volunteers and those with any further questions about this service.

An advertisement for Transparent by the sidewalk, the television show about a trans woman. The Parliament buildings are visible in the reflection of the plastic covering shielding the advertisement.

The very parliament that just voted to bar trans people from washrooms, locker rooms, shelters, force us in the wrong correctional facility.

So we’re good enough to have cis people want to dress up as us on television, and cis people watch that thinking they’re all progressive, and write stories about us, but God forbid we are allowed to exist as anything more than as consumable objects for the entertainment of cis people.