"I shouldn't need a penis to get paid"

tw: transmisogyny, transphobia

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  • these are only basic points:
  • it is not the penis that grants you power it is being a man
  • some trans men have access to this power (male privilege), despite not having a “penis” of the type that is described in this context
  • ((that’s not to imply that trans men do not face specific discrimination and difficulty in employment for being trans or things like race, class, disability))
  • trans women, who may have a “penis” in this rhetoric, face widespread and significant discrimination and barriers to employment. their penis, if they have one, grants them no special power to get paid more. the opposite is true: the specter of scary “women with penises” is at the center of transmisogyny!
  • reducing the issue to catchy memes about genitals is cissexist and transphobic, period
  • claiming women get paid less than men while ignoring the factor that race plays into this is bad social activism
  • white women come in over men of color on this scale. example:
  • a white man makes $1.24 for every $1 a white woman makes
  • a white man makes $1.52 for every $1 a latino man makes
  • so a white woman makes $1.28 for every $1 a latino man makes

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel, an independent federal investigative and prosecutorial agency, has determined that the Department of the Army discriminated against a trans veteran for years. 

Tamara Lusardi says that while she was transitioning, she was barred from using women’s restrooms, and her supervisor called her "sir," "he," and "it" and used her former name. She was only allowed to use a single-stall restroom in case she made others "uncomfortable," and she was barred from discussing her transition. 

A disabled veteran, Lusardi currently works as a civilian software quality assurance specialist in the Alabama-based U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center. She told TLC that she was “incredibly grateful” that the OSC found her restricted access to the women’s restroom was an “intru[sion] on [her] privacy, was inappropriate, and subjected [her] to significant discomfort and humiliation,” noting that the mistreatment served as a constant reminder that she was “deprived of equal status, respect, and dignity in the workplace.”

In order to declare this treatment unlawful, the OSC concluded it was “sufficiently frequent, pervasive, and humiliating” to the point of “constitut[ing] discriminatory harassment,” according to TLC’s explanation of the landmark decision. These parameters are set forth by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that define what constitutes “sex discrimination.” For decades, Title VII complaints from transgender plaintiffs were dismissed, until recent decisions in Glenn v. Brumby (2011) and Macy v. Holder (2012), which unequivocally found that anti-trans bias equates to unlawful discrimination on the basis of sex.

This is a big, important step, but we’re still leaps and bounds away from where we need to be. 


I will never be able to get over the fact that I could be a lot of things: a writer, a children’s illustrator, an animator and a blogger and regardless of never posting explicit photos or making ti seem as though I am open sexually to anyone other than my boyfriend that BECAUSE i’m trans men will never stop fetishizing me. I posted his before but I found people talking about my channel on “shemaleporn” reddit. And I don’t GET IT. The vast majority of my fan base is cis. Most of them female. I’m always talking about feminism and how men’s entitlement to women’s bodies is fucking disgusting.. but I’m on some bizarre shemale porn blog where they aren’t even sharing photos of me. Just talking about how i’m trans.

Meanwhile there are a LOT of people who subscribe to me and have no idea that I’m trans until they’re clicking through my videos. My channel is kinda set up like that in many ways. But these chasers are so fucking dedicated that I can never escape objectification that makes me extremely uncomfortable. The fact that a chaser actually messaged me about the state of my genitalia is so disgusting to me and it kinda ruined my day tbh.


Seriously, what about my youtube channel even sorta communicates “shemale sex work”?. What do I do that makes it seem like i’m openly availible to these sorts of messages? I get so upset by this because it feels so inescapable.

Of course i”m always going to be objectified because I’m a woman and that objectification is always going to be hypersexualized because I’m black. THAT is what I deal with actually in real life. i never deal with being objectified as a trans woman in real life because i’m not visibly trans. This shit really upsets me. Why would someone ask about my genitalia. That shit triggers me so much. It’s like I can try really hard to make everything not about me being trans but MEN still bring it back to that and I’ll NEVER understand it. It makes no sense. I’m not going to do porn, i’m not going to show you any part of my body. I’m not going to be posting on backpage and i’m not here for you objectifying me sexually so why are you even trying. Nothing I do communicates that. nothing. Absolutely nothing.

There are some men that i’m sure are reading this and are like “wow she should feel flattered’ no fuck you. This is NOT flattering. I HAVE  man and I really frankly do not care to be looked at by other men. But even if I were single it would make me feel really uncomfortable. There’s a difference between “you’re pretty” and “are you cut or uncut”. that is literally some gay shit that I heard when I was like 15 on gay.com and didn’t know any I was trans. It’s some sick mandingo stereotype that DOESN’T EVEN APPLY TO ME. Ugh people get me so upset.

I’m gonna sit down and read something. I hate people.

"AFAB Privilege"

"Lesbians who don’t like penis are transphobic"

"You can choose to be trans/LGB+"

*Keeps hush about abusers and rapists because they’re trans women*

*defends rapists and abusers because they’re trans women*

*Attacks a young woman on a post calling for her support a very short time after being raped*

*intentionally triggers trans men*

You know what? You guys are worse than MRAs. 

anonymous said:

My sister-in-law is probably one of the sweetest, kindest people I know and it takes a lot to make her lose her cool. She is a WoC, and today I witnessed a white dude trying to correct her about the racism and sexism that WoC deal with. She just lost it. And fully put that guy on blast. I actually applauded. It's one thing to try and discuss an issue that may not directly affect you, but talking down to and over someone who actually is affected by that issue is seriously shitty.

Yes, I hate when people do that. When cis people try to explain what it’s ‘like’ to be trans I’m like… what… no…. stop….

anonymous said:

"Cissy" (or "sissy" as it were) is not a slur, honestly i dont care about """effeminate men's feelings"""

That is to say “sissy” might be rude but when youre comparing a gay man to a woman youre saying being a woman is a bad thing. If anything, its misogyny backfiring on men.

Um no, it’s a slur against gay men and trans women, mostly of color, and I guess their feelings are “please stop assaulting and murdering me in the street” in this matter. But you’re right, we shouldn’t care about their feelings :/ Why should we give a rat’s ass about anti-Black homophobia and transmisogyny?

Scoot along.

drippyisbest said:


no i dont care about them enough they continually erase non-white, brown, black, non-male, non-binary, female, and neuroatypical transmedicalists, even when presented with literal lists of them, and misgender and show that they want to misgender them while theyre at it

why send them any prayers no one has the energy for that

shit like this makes no fucking sense like






prettiest models


ever seen but yall are so hung up on the fact that shes trans that yall bitter asses are gonna stay making fun of her like shes out there doing shit with her life and she looking good as hell while youre sitting at home making fun of her over the internet like do you not understand how your entire existence is irrelevant likkkkke?

When trans women are mocked and made into jokes in the media, I get very upset, and I am often told “Kay, you can’t go through life getting offended every time someone makes a joke.” And I sputter and object but they don’t hear me. So I want to be clear for once, about why the jokes make me angry.

I learned to hate myself for being transgender before I knew I was transgender. I laughed at the jokes in stand up comedy routines, and prime time sitcoms, and animated comedy shows, and in the movies, and in books, and in games, laughing at trans women for existing, about “men in dresses”, about people who “got their dicks chopped off”, and I learned to think that was worthy of ridicule.

And then a day came when I felt a pang of envy at what my female classmates were wearing and I repressed it, and felt guilty, and a day where I felt incomplete because I had no breasts and I repressed it and I felt disgusting
And a day when I realized the only images of romance that made me feel anything showed two women together and I repressed it and I felt like a monster
And a day when I realized I felt sick when I looked at myself in the mirror after every shower before work and couldn’t bear to look at my own face, and I hated myself.
And then there came a day when I hated myself so much, and I thought I could never understand why, and so I just wanted it all to end. And it was just a miracle that I swerved my car back into my lane in time.

And all of it started with a joke that I heard on TV, and then kept hearing from all the voices from the ether, over and over and over, worming an idea into my mind before I was old enough to realize I was absorbing it, the idea that a man in a dress is funny, and that changing your body parts makes you a freak, and that women who have penises instead of vaginas are liars and hurt men. And they’re still making these jokes. And somewhere out there right now, just like all those years ago, there is a little girl in a t-shirt and cargo shorts with buzzed off hair watching the TV, hearing that joke and absorbing it without knowing it, who will someday have to pry herself apart to tear it out of her head, just like I did.

That is, if she doesn’t kill herself first.

One year anniversary of the murder of Islan Nettles: How long will we wait for justice?
August 17, 2014

Sunday marks one year since 21-year-old Islan Nettles was brutally killed on a street near her home in Harlem. Nettles, an African-American transgender woman, was a design intern at a fashion company. She was beaten to death in the early hours of Aug. 17, in the shadow of the NYPD Housing Bureau’s Service Area 6 .

Yet she — and transgender people around New York City and the world — are still waiting for justice from the NYPD and Manhattan District Attorney. Activity in the investigation, if there has been any, remains shrouded behind a disturbing veil of secrecy.

Nettles had been walking with a group of transgender friends when they came upon a group of young men who subjected them to catcalls and harassment of a type familiar to many women in New York City.

But the catcalling took a violent turn when the men apparently realized that she and her friends were transgender.

Nettles was beaten badly enough that she needed to be hospitalized. At the hospital, she lapsed into a coma. Four days later, she was brain dead. Life support was turned off. She was gone.

While she was in the hospital, the police arrested her alleged assailant. Witnesses reported that he had pushed Nettles to the ground, climbed on top of her and beat her repeatedly while screaming anti-gay and anti-transgender slurs.

Despite this, he was charged only with misdemeanor assault. Of course, Nettles hadn’t yet died at the time of his arrest, and he therefore couldn’t be charged with anything related to her death. But it was still difficult to shake the feeling that the authorities did not take this attack very seriously.

After Nettles died, charges were dropped against this assailant. The expectation was that new charges would be brought against him stemming from her death.

Those never came.

Instead, it appeared that the investigation lost steam. Explanations floated around. The one most commonly heard was that a second man had stepped forward claiming responsibility for killing Islan, but that he was too drunk to remember it clearly.

The various accounts only compound the sense that prosecuting the man who killed Nettles in what is by all appearances a hate crime simply isn’t a priority for the police and district attorney.

In November, the Manhattan DA’s office stated that it was still “aggressively investigating” Nettles’ death.

But the investigation hardly feels aggressive. It’s been a year and there has been little visible effort spent on finding justice.

For the transgender community — scarred by a long and difficult history of violence and an often uneasy relationship with law enforcement — the vacuum of information makes reasonable community members question whether or not resources are truly being directed towards this investigation.

After a year of claims about their commitment to justice, it’s time for officials to become more transparent about their investigation.

Transgender people, and transgender women of color in particular, face harassment and violence on a regular basis. All too often, crimes committed against them go unpunished.

But their lives matter. Islan Nettles’ life mattered. It mattered to her friends, to her family and to her community.

Every day, I work with many transgender women of color like Nettles who astound me with their strength and resilience in the face of widespread discrimination and violence and seeming indifference from authorities.

Transgender people are gaining more visibility, acceptance and legal protection every day. But violence remains a daily part of life. We must demand accountability from law enforcement and an end to anti-transgender violence and discrimination.


Islan Nettles is yet another trans sister whose life will not be forgotten. Demand justice now!

Rally to Honor the Legacy of Islan Nettles
Sunday, August 17th, 2014 3:30 p.m.

Across from the police precinct, 147th street and Frederick Douglas BLVD

so, update: the thing everyone is coming at laverne for is for having read a letter from synthia, a trans woman convicted on a bunk rape charge

synthia was a member of the latin kings, and was sent to clean an apartment to help get rid of a body

she went there in a rush, and was still wearing a skirt while getting rid of the body

someone witneessed it happening, and saw synthia in a skirt, and decided to add on to her story, that synthia wasnt just cleaning the apartment, but had also raped and killed the girl

accusations of rape, and especially of pedophilia/being unsafe to be around children r EXTRMELY common accusations at trans women of color simply for existing

the witness changed their story a few times

synthias now in jail for a lot longer than she would be on just the original charge

and laverne is now being targeted for having read a letter from synthia

this is a very, very easy way for twefs to attack trans women of color, because they KNOW that most ppl wont bother to fact check, most ppl wont bother to read up on it, most ppl who nominally support trans women will hear that and go “oh no, well, just goes to show u cant trust celebrities”

ppl like to make out like laverne landing a role on a tv show means that trans women of color r somehow no longer oppressed as a class, but the fact is that laverne was getting shit for her role from the start, and ppl will take any excuse they can to point to her, and to point at synthia, gladly lap up bogus accusations and go “SEE! TRANS WOMEN OF COLOR R DANGEROUS PPL!”

dont fall for this shit

do research

fact check

spread the truth

dont let a smear campaign against trans women of color go unchecked

Value transgender women:

not just famous ones

or those who are conventionally pretty

or women who are successful

value ALL transgender women

shy women, short women, tall women, girls who no one knows, girls with low self-esteems, activists, gamers, disabled, neuroatypical women, young girls who haven’t yet started physically transitioning or even women who don’t plan or can’t afford to, women who you don’t get along with or those who you call friends or a stranger you just met







  • SYNTHIA-CHINA BLAST DID NOT RAPE EBONY NICOLE WILLIAMS. There was never any evidence to support the allegation that she did, and she was acquitted after witnesses discredited the claim.

  • SYNTHIA-CHINA BLAST DID NOT MURDER EBONY NICOLE WILLIAMS. She had no role in the murder whatsoever - she was called upon to clean up the scene, and could have faced serious repercussions had she not done it.
  • SYNTHIA-CHINA BLAST IS A LIFELONG SURVIVOR OF INCARCERATION. She was first incarcerated when she was 16 years old, and has endured 22 years of sexual abuse, solitary confinement, constant harassment by law enforcement, and deprivation of needed care. By submitting her statement to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project for Laverne to read, she put herself at tremendous personal risk for the sake of speaking out against the violences committed against her and other trans women of color in & out of prison.

Given these facts, what TWEFs are doing here should be obvious. Laverne Cox, and the woman she is giving voice to, are trans women of color taking a stand against the mass incarceration and institutional abuse of trans women of color. TWEFs, due to their dogged loyalty to transmisogyny and white supremacy, are deeply invested in the mass incarceration and institutional abuse of trans women of color. To the end of derailing resistance, they are callously leveraging (a) the death of a young girl, & (b) the discourse that trans women of color are physically and sexually violent, against both Laverne and Synthia. It’s shameful, evil, transparent shit.

Signal boost the shit out of this post, make your own posts to help spread the word, and do your part to actively rebuff & discredit the violent claims being made against these two women. DON’T BE COMPLICIT IN THIS CAMPAIGN AGAINST LAVERNE & SYNTHIA!!! 

[Link to video in question]

What Transgender People Really Think About Sarah Silverman’s Fake Sex Change

The National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) has a new campaign called the Equal Payback Project, which, under the guise of “crowdfunding the wage gap,” seeks to raise awareness about the very real disparity between how much women get paid compared to men in the U.S. They launched the fundraising effort with a new video starring comedian Sarah Silverman, who is facetiously preparing to undergo a sex change so that she can earn as much as a man does.

The video has gotten rave reviews from mainstream outlets. E! Online praised the ad as “humorous” and “thought provoking.” Us Weekly joked that Silverman found the “perfect solution” for beating the “vagina tax.” Even Time Magazine highlighted the “risqué” ad, describing its plot as Silverman deciding that “it’s easier to just get a penis.”

Transgender people — those who might actually weigh the decision to undergo transition-related surgeries — had a very different reaction to the clip. Many have been criticizing the video on Twitter, and a few shared their thoughts with ThinkProgress about why they feel its shtick trivializes their experiences as transgender people.

Rachel See, a transgender lawyer in Virginia, told ThinkProgress that “being used as the punchline of a fundraising campaign by a group that should be our ally made me sad.” Though the ad suggests Silverman’s salary would go up, See explained that “transgender people routinely face discrimination for transitioning. Many lose their jobs, or find that they have a harder time getting a job.” Indeed, the National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS) found that in 2011, transgender people were four times more likely to be living in extreme poverty than the general population and faced double the rate of unemployment. As activist Janet Mock quipped on Twitter Wednesday, tagging the NWLC and Silverman, “Sex reassignment doesn’t help one advance in workplace. Ask one of the most underemployed populations: trans people.”

GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis similarly chided the video Thursday afternoon. Ellis acknowledged that the humor was probably “well intended,” but suggested that it “missed the mark” by not acknowledging that “for transgender people, the workplace is usually a very hostile environment. And that’s not really funny at all.”

It’s nonetheless true that many skeptics of transgender equality accuse transgender individuals of transitioning for selfish reasons. Sarah McBride, Special Assistant for for LGBT Progress at the Center for American Progress, notes that there are “widespread societal prejudices and misconceptions” that people transition for “some sort of sexual or financial advantage.” But as See points out, many trans people do not even undergo surgery because they cannot afford it. The NTDS found that no more than a quarter of trans people had undergone some form of genital surgery. Though about 43 percent of trans men had had chest surgery and another 50 percent wanted it, only 2 percent had undergone phalloplasty (the construction or reconstruction of a penis), and 72 percent of them didn’t even want it.

Likewise, See points out that the video problematically defines gender by reducing it entirely to a person’s genitals. In response, she posed the question, “Is a transgender person who has not yet had genital surgery any less of a man or a woman? That’s what the NWLC is implying in their ad.”

But that’s not to say that transgender people don’t have something compelling to add to the conversation about the gender wage gap. McBride told ThinkProgress that transitioning was an “eye-opening experience” because she learned not only about prejudice against transgender people, but the effects of sexism as well. “My qualifications and talents did not change when I transitioned, yet in the eyes of many people, they did,” she explained.

Likewise, trans men do acknowledge that they experience male privilege after transitioning. Lou Weaver, a trans advocate and educator in Texas, said that after transitioning, he could ask for more money to do my job. “Before [transitioning],” he recalled, “I did not get paid as much as my male counter parts even though I had as much experience.” But the advantages he has a man only persist so long as he doesn’t reveal that he’s trans. If he outs himself, he’s told that he will “always be female” and that he is “not a ‘real’ man.” When faced with such detractors, Weaver counters, “I do not need a penis to be a man.”

NWLC did not respond directly to a ThinkProgress request for comment, but did post a response to the controversy Thursday afternoon. The statement from NWLC Co-President Marcia D. Greenberger notes that “our work includes all women” and highlights some of the financial challenges transgender people experience. As to the content of the ad, however, the statement seems to defend its premise as comically “ludicrous,” arguing, “The Equal Payback Project uses Silverman’s brand of absurd humor to draw attention to this ludicrous situation — it was not our intent to make light of the serious issues transgender people face.”

Greenberger does not explicitly apologize for the ad, but she does include a promise to do better by transgender people: “We will share statistics about job discrimination faced by transgender people as part of the Equal Payback Project. And we commit to using some of the resources raised by this project to bring awareness to the discrimination faced by transgender women and men.”

The Equal Payback Project has raised just over $80,000 as of Thursday afternoon, but nowhere on its page does it currently mention transgender people.