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I noticed my eyes were out of whack but I’ll work on it with experience.

You know what I enjoy? People who educate themselves.

I am not stealth, however, I also pretty much never tell people I’m trans. However, if they’re friends with me on facebook and they dig only slightly deep, they will see photos and notes and blog links and even my gender as listed: “transgender and ftm”.

Well, recently a new coworker and friend of mine mentioned that he didn’t know what ftm even was and when he saw it on my facebook he googled it and was enlightened. He said he’d never met a transgender person before. I told him it was possible he may have, but I thanked him for his tact and his self-education.

Perhaps he would never have said anything had he not been drunk, but I really do like people that don’t find it too terribly awkward to talk to me about it (given an appropriate time and place). I also like people that don’t make a big deal about it either positively or negatively. It was perhaps a five minute conversation and it didn’t change the way we interact.

There is hope for humanity.

I’m a Transguy and I have written a book as a guide to help children & young people understand the term Transgender. I used it when coming out to the children in my family and found it incredibly useful! 
For more information please visit my facebook page/website and feel free to drop me a message on how to purchase  

If you could help me spread the word and get my book noticed I will love you all forever, Thank youu <3 

Reminder that “trans” and “man”/”woman” are separate words.

✗ - Transwoman

✗ - Transman

✓ - Trans woman

✓ - Trans man

You don’t say “blackwomen” or “tallmen.” Adjectives shouldn’t be attached to their nouns. Trans women and trans men are still women and men and by attaching the adjective to try and make a new word, you are othering them and making it appear as though they are “not really men/women.”

This is HUGE! It happened in TEXAS! And the world should know about it! #Transguy Mel Gonzales won Homecoming King of Austin High (which is just outside of Houston.) Absorb Mel’s words posted a few days before the election… (And thank you Trina Pham for the photo!)

"Homecoming court 2014. In case I don’t get a chance to speak… I never wanted to make it as a popularity contest. Rather, I wanted to prove that an openly transgender male could make court. I don’t want to be just your homecoming king — I want to be your female-to-male homecoming king. It may not be a big deal to you, but this is for my LGBT community, for my Gay-Straight Alliance, and for my underdogs who don’t get enough representation. You are capable, so always keep at it. ‪#‎ftm‬ ‪#‎trans‬ ‪#‎homecoming‬ king”