This is mostly for d0ct0rd0ct0r, but here’s a ref pic for a comic I’m co-drawing with enragethehaggler, ligur,charlottenothing,isayraygunyousayweddingbutt-winchester, and sylvadine. This is Jared Summers, one of the main characters in the (soon-to-be) webcomic Transmagical. 


I’m thinking of setting up a PayPal for Transmagical so that people can donate. Printing things = expensive. Cool URLs like = expensive. Separate PayPal so that money for printing and stuff won’t just go toward my anime watchin’ funds. Also, I could pay artists out of it from $$$ made off of selling prints.

What think you?

anonymous said:

whats goin in with transmagical! did i miss an important post about it going on hiatus?

aw fuck
sorry anon! (wow anons like transmagical NOA SHAY JENN SDFGDFG) i’ve been super busy & down lately. i’m about to post the page from a little while ago. unfortunately, shay’s also been REALLY busy with school (damn seniors) as of late, so i might as well post about potential hiatuses (hiati?).

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the Arcane Den of Written Words - my main writing website/blog, where you can read some of my prose and stuff.
Transmagical - my webcomic, with seven amazing artists. It’s about this trans guy, Jared Summers, who fights Cthulhu in the guise of Sailor Summershine, is really angsty, and has a lot of enemies.
Ghost Runners - my other webcomic, with two awesome artists, about a dark future ruled by rat aliens and the resistance against them.
The World According to Loki - a(n unrelated to Marvel Comics) take on Norse mythology where Loki retells all of the myths.
Another Sleepless Night - a “novel” thing in several parts about a gamer guy (with a dark secret) named Jonathon and his boyfriend Daniel.