Yamamori Mika's Comment for Margaret 50th Anniversary Exhibition



I tried my best on filling in the hair! The most difficult thing about drawing on the glass panel was that sometimes you don’t understand how big it is, also trying to hide the magic touches was tough. Being able to mix in with all these famous sensei, made me feel touched and very grateful!

T/N: Was suppose to translate this like a week ago but didn’t get around to it. This was part of an exhibition for Margaret’s 50th Anniversary where they got 10 manga-ka’s to draw on a glass panel. The list of manga-ka were:

  1. Aida Natsumi (Kengai Princess/ Switch Girl!!)
  2. Aruko (Ore to Monogatari)
  3. Kazune Kawahara (Aozora Yell/ High School Debut)
  4. Sakisaka Io (Ao Haru Ride)
  5. Shiina Karuho (Kimi no Todoke)
  6. Tanemura Arina (Neko to Watashi no Kinyobi)
  7. Nanaji Nagamu (Aruito)
  8. Hatta Ayuko (Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji)
  9. Morishita Suu (Hibi Chouchou)
  10. Yamamori Mika (Hirunaka no Ryuusei)

If you can’t spot HnR, it’s on the 4th glass panel from the left! (Suzume’s on the bottom, with Mamura to her side and Shishio filling out the top).

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Kamigami no Asobi PSP Game Translation: Sports Festival (Loki ver.) + Loki Chapters 1 & 2

Sports Festival (Loki): [DOWNLOAD - .docx format]
Loki Chapter 1: [DOWNLOAD - .docx format]
Loki Chapter 2: [DOWNLOAD - .docx format]

It’s finally here! Loki’s route is really long compared to Hades, so it took a while, but here’s the first half!♪

I love Loki’s route a lot, it’s very bittersweet and full of important lessons, and the first few chapters are so full of adorable things (;▽;) Loki’s speech is pretty fun to translate too!☆

Other chapters I’ve translated are here in my translation masterlist!

[Trans] B.A.P talking about their new Dorm Life (Starcast Open Radio 27/8)

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[Trans: hellosaya (Tumblr)]

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Youngjae is living in a single room now, his room does not have air-conditioner.

YJ: Our members are not good at tolerating heat, but I’m fine with heat, I guess no one would be using that room so I use it.

DH: Youngjae has stolen the air-purifier away from our room (Zelo & his room).

YJ: Yes.

ZL: Yes ~ When I wake up in the morning, my throat…

DH: Things in our room start to disappear. Yonggukkie Hyung also lives in a single room too.

YG: Because I was the last one to move in, it (the room) was left behind…

HC: Going to that room is kinda awkward…(laughs)

YG: It’s not that I want to use that room, it’s the innermost one…

HC: It’s the innermost room.

DH: Youngjae’s room is nice too.

ZL: I’m kinda jealous~ Able to use the room alone…

DH & YJ: So~ let’s swap the rooms?

ZL: Um…it’s hot… (YJ’s room)

YJ: See!!! (laughs)

ZL: So I’m jealous of Yonggukkie Hyung’s room.

HC: Then use it!

YG: But my room is full of dust…

YJ: I left that room remain unchosen because I want Yonggukkie Hyung to use it. I thought Hyung was going to use that room well but it turns out that he always works in the dorm. I thought it would look great if Hyung works there, but since he has moved in, he keeps working at somewhere else, so I thought how nice it would be if I can use it, which I’m a little bit regretting now.

DH: The bedrooms in our dorm are arranged as one line, our room is the first one from the left, it is always very bright. While Himchannie Hyung and Jongup’s room feels like a cave when you walk in. It always has that masculine aura and it’s always dark. They must have left their lights off…Ah!!

HC: We don’t have lights.

DH: Ah…Yes (laughs) you don’t have lights, that’s why it’s always dark.

(This is a brief English translation from Japanese translation, there might be some errors here & there…please tolerate them if you see any ^^;)

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New Geno interview for Russia 2, complete with the jean jacket he's apparently decided to live in this off season... vk(.)com/wall-3314280_923285

On why he went to Minsk: To be honest, at first I didn’t want to go. There was this story that after we lost in game 7 against the Rangers, a Russian reporter came up to me and asked if I wanted to go. Being emotionally down of course I said that I was tired and didn’t want to. Afterwards I was reading the news and people were not pleased. What I said hadn’t been taken out of context, but I said it after a game we lost when we were leading the series. After that loss I couldn’t be like, “Quick, give me the tickets, I’m gonna go over there right now!” The next morning I woke up and talked to Tretiak and Znarok. It was a totally different situation. They told me that the team needed me.


On Crosby: He’s number one for me. Not just on the ice (although he’s obviously the best hockey player), but in the locker room and just in life. He’s a very humble and pleasant young man. Because considering how famous he is in Canada and in the US, he is very humble.


Int: Thanks for coming, it’s a rare treat having you here.

Malkin: But that’s your fault. You never invite me to your show.

Int: And that’s a bit of teasing from one of the best hockey players on the planet. […] Please say in was a lie. We always invite you and you never agree to be on the show.

Malkin: Are the cameras still running?