[141224 FANACCOUNT - TLP in Osaka] During the end, Kyungsoo screamed, "Franky!!!" and imitated a pose from One Piece. He was really embarrassed after that. Because Jongin is a big One Piece fan, he was very happy and looked at Kyungsoo's way as he went, "Kya~~~ Kya~~~" The two laughed a lot, and they were in their own world... while Lay was in between them...

source: exobts_0 & exodus714 | trans: tojiriyume
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blue night radio - 141229

jonghyun: when i write lyrics, most of the time, i use similes or metaphors and i try to write like a poem but, at some point in time, i (started to) feel how cool manly or straightforward lyrics are. somehow… i’m recently thinking about wanting to write lyrics that can be felt on an animal-like basis. it’s sexy. (source: cosmicsticks)


"Torres is back. During the summer, Fernando was Simeone’s first choice as Atlético’s new striker. Some believed it, some didn’t. The club did their best to deny it without ever denying anything at all, and ended up signing Mandzukic. Months later, Simeone’s decided to give it another try again and at last, the club seems to be willing to comply. Fernando will be back to the club he should’ve never left. He’ll do so seven years after he said goodbye, after coming to terms with the fact that the club wasn’t on his level. He returns knowing that it is now him who’s not at the club’s level. Somewhat recently, Atlético came to the conclusion that through hard work and fierce belief, everything is possible. Cerci, people say, will be gone. He’s ran his mouth too much and has lacked in commitment. So far, he’s only let us get a glimpse of the player he could be, and his extra weight cannot go unnoticed. It’s all more than enough for him to leave behind a dressing room that is built upon one principle and one principle only: unwavering effort.

Torres is back. The man who embodies to perfection Joaquín Sabina’s verses about Atlético, “the little prince with a Colchonero heart”, “the one heir”. The young boy who was forced to carry the club’s history on his shoulders when he wasn’t ready for it, the third highest goal scorer in the history of the national team, a the Ballon D’Bronce winner. He’s back. Like some would say, he’s home for Christmas. The Rojiblancos’ very own Peter Pan, the guy who’s been defended by the Atlético faithful, in quite a fundamentalist way, through the good and bad. Through the goals, the droughts, the good forms, the bad forms, the superstar moments, the embarrassing ones, Fernando is back. El Niño, who is loved by the fans, the working class kid who was born a star, and yet always chose to remain by the commoner’s side.

Torres is back. One of the most criticized players of all time. Someone who has the reputation of being overrated, overhyped, “not all that”. Ever since he was a kid, not of age yet, until today, Fernando has been the easiest of targets, the one to be mocked mercilessly, the one to blame when things  go wrong, the one who gets the cheapest laughs out of people. He’s Raúl’s successor when it comes doing our collective best to running another person’s reputation to the ground. A lot of people argue that Torres is nothing but a farce, but the only farce here is to deny that, when he’s in good form, he’s Spain’s best number nine.

Torres is back. If he’d ever worn another spanish shirt, the insults directed at him would turn to compliments, but he made the unforgivable mistake of denying three times the club everyone say yes to. His loyalty was never for sale. Fernando José Torres Sanz is back, the boy who lead a generation who knew nothing about titles or demands, who swore eternal love and left, because forever can sometimes last too long. Torres is back. Torres, who bragged about Atlético when the club was in shambles. The symbol of a generation of Atléticos who didn’t know what it was like to win until Simeone arrived. Fernando’s comeback, at last, after winning everything. Fernando, who’s almost inexplicably still head over heels in love with Atlético, is coming back. Torres is not an Atlético player, he IS Atlético. And Simeone is planning to take full advantage of it. El Cholo and El Niño, love at first sight. Only a matter of feelings.” - RUBÉN URIA, Spanish journalist (x). 

Tatsuki's retirement announcement

(translated from here)

Good evening everyone.  Thank you very much for always giving me warm support.  

I find it a glorious thing to be able to stand here at the World Championships representative announcements, however at the same time, I am full of gratitude towards those who have been supporting me all this way.

This may be sudden, but I have an announcement to make to everyone.  I have retired from competitive figure skating as of this Japanese National Championships.  I want to use this opportunity to announce this officially.  I will also be declining my place to go to the World Championships.

From April of next year, I will be admitting to Waseda University Sports Science Researcher 2 Years Masters Degree Program (edited, thanks to nanoka12).  I have a strong will to aim towards becoming a researcher in the future.  I fulfilled my figure skating competitive career, and with my own strength, I want to open the door to my second career, and being able to announce this to everyone makes me full of emotions.

I will start my new path from zero, and I want to walk towards becoming a researcher sincerely, and I will be happy if you could quietly watch over me.  I have nothing else to say.  I am very thankful from my heart.

Neymar's interview for Esporte Espetacular translated into English

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About the year with the Seleção

Neymar: This year… I think it was a year of learning, of course. A year in which we  could have made history.

The interviewer jokes about his beard, and says he’s no longer a boy

Neymar: I stopped being a boy about 3 years ago, that was when my son was borns (laughs)

Commentator: Neymar ceased to be a boy also when he took the number 10 shirt of Brazil, and scored 4 goals in the first 3 matches of the World Cup. Ceased to be a boy when a knee in the back declared the end of the story to him and taught him to overcome it all. But do you think he ceased to be a boy?

Interviewer: Neymar, from the head…
Neymar: To the feet?! My foot, for a football player, is very beautiful!
Interviewer: Seriously??!
Neymar: *laughs* Okay, my foot isn’t “oh, what a beautiful foot!”, but it’s cute *laughs*

Commentator: He hasn’t only been applauded. Reverence is what Neymar has received. In Barcelona, he scored the first goal against Paris Saint-Germain, in the last UCL match this month. In the Seleção, number 10, captain, unbalancing everything. 15 goals in 14 games in 2014. Superior to average of one goal a game. He is the only Brazilian midfield and attack in the list of 23 players nominated for the FIFA Ballon d’Or. According to a traditional US magazine (Forbes), also published in Brazil, Neymar is the number one celebrity on the list of 100 most influential Brazilians.

Neymar: So you see… I’m beautiful! *laughs*

Commentator: 79 million followers on social networks, 17 personal sponsors, and other 45 companies with image rights, and invitations… Of all kinds.

Neymar: A few days ago, a letter with some pictures on it arrived in Barcelona, from a girl who sent it to me. There were some intimate pics *laughs*, asking permission to come to Barcelona to see me. But it was in English, I asked a guy to translate, I don’t understand anything in English. *laughs*
Interviewer: But you understood the pics very well huh…
Neymar: *laughs* Yes, the pics I understood very well, but what was written…
Interviewer: And was she beautiful? *laughs*
Neymar: Hmm… She was… She was friendly! *laughs*
Interviewer: And what about your heart?
Neymar: Oh, it’s quiet! Very quiet and beautiful. *laughs*
Interviewer: In conclusion, the sentence that thousands of women love to hear…
Neymar: Yes, yes, I’m single.

The interviewer enters his personal gym. He talks about things related to trainings and treatments to Neymar’s personal trainer and physiotherapist.

Interviewer: Which was the worst moment of the year for you?
Neymar: The worst moment of the year for me? I think everyone knows (the injury at the World Cup).
Interviewer: Do you forgive Zuñiga?
Neymar: I’m not a spiteful man, never been. I always forgive. The final decision isn’t mine, but God’s. God knows what He does.
Interviewer: Do you still see the injury scene currently?
Neymar: No, I don’t like to review, because that injury ended my dream to finish the World Cup.
Interviewer: Tell me about the experience at the World Cup.
Neymar: It was my debut in a World Cup, in the first match we won, I scored my first goal. It was a huge thrill, to step on a pitch of a championship like the World Cup, is a sensation that… You know, passes everything in your head.
Interviewer: After the injury, the Brazilian players entered the field, in the semi-final against Germany, with caps saying “Força Neymar”. How did you feel?
Neymar: I was very happy with the support I received, my family was even happier. I thanked the players, of all forms, for all they did for me. At that moment I needed that strength.

About receiving the captain armband of Dunga

Neymar: In the first call, he called me to talk, and told me he wanted me as captain of the Seleção. I thanked, I was a little surprised, but I was very happy.

About not having been called up to the World Cup 2010

Neymar: I think it wasn’t the time, I wasn’t prepared to play yet. I could have gone and play, but only as an experience. There were players with more experience than me.

About the 4 goals he scored, in the friendly match against Japan

Neymar: In the Seleção, this was the most I could do in a match. I didn’t expect it, but I was very happy.

Interview at the end of the match against Japan

Interviewer: In your wildest dreams, do you imagined scored 4 goals in a same game?
Neymar: Like you said, I got goosebumps… It’s a great emotion, an immense happiness, I am realizing a great dream, it’s like you said, even in my wildest dreams I never imagined something like this.

About partnering with Messi

Neymar: This will be a history for many years. I hope that this will last, for the rest of the world’s football history.

About his vote for the Ballon D’or

Neymar: First Messi, second Cristiano Ronaldo and third Mascherano. I have admiration for Mascherano, for how he played in the World Cup. He came out as one of the best in almost every game.

About Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr

Neymar: It’s an opportunity for/to education (for children), to help families, we want to reach families. It’s the neighborhood where I grew up, where I was born.

About the tattoo he has on the neck (Tudo Passa)

Neymar: Two words which say that either the good and the bad moments will pass… This moment,which we are living right now will pass too. We have to enjoy, enjoy all that we can.

About friends always be with him in Barcelona

Neymar: They’re always here. Every month, one of them comes to Barcelona. Right now there are 3 friends at my home *laughs*. I’m a guy who doesn’t like to be alone, and the joy that my friends pass me, with them being always by my side, is gigantic.

About his hairstyles

Neymar: Now I’m more behaved, I think it’s age, you get older, more responsible, more quiet *laughs*. But if I would want to dye my hair, for example red or blue, be sure that I’ll dye it! *laughs* 

Credits to theamazingworldofreus.

Iraqi saying

Love and talk, hate and talk!

When people are talking about other people in a praising or dispraising way, it often does not represent the truth; much more when it comes to expressing the feelings of love and hate, because who loves, covers the bad sides with the virtues and glorious deeds; and who hates, invents faults and defects.

Excerpt from Team Brian #2

Chinese Translations: @甜甜的賢賢的
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Yuzuru: After becoming the Olympic Champion, it seems that I’m being treated like something of a celebrity now. The media and fans have high expectations of me. For those who have become the Olympic Champion, what kind of mindset do they possess to continue their athletic career? Coach, after your first Olympics, did you feel the pressure?

Brian: You ARE a star! Just enjoy it! You won’t have only pressure, either! I hope that in the next four years to come, apart from being able to work hard as an athlete, Yuzuru will also be able to enjoy being a star. This is advice coming from someone who was also been looked upon as a celebrity by everyone. Yuzuru has a very good family, and he never forgets to be be modest to others, so I don’t think he will have any troubles. He will probably not stray from this mindset.  I like Yuzuru’s sense of humor and also the relationship he has with his family. To be able to grow up in a good family and in a caring environment, I think that it is very important. In addition, Yuzuru has an older sister who loves him very much, I also have two brothers and two sisters. We have both received support from many people. Yuzuru has a very good relationship with his family, and his personal charm is also related to this. Yuzuru and I were born to very wonderful and loving parents and have homes that we can return to at any time. I think that this is our greatest fortune. So even though he’s become looked upon as a star, Yuzuru won’t change. Pressure or expectations, as long as he can accept it and enjoy it, then he will be fine.