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I don’t understand that at all

The meaning doesn’t transmit 

You are not beside me

I can’t forget you


"As long as I can hold you."


(150126) @realjonghyun90: (#1) for the people who don’t believe i’m close with my noona…, i present… evidence… she’s so affectionate that it’s hard not to be close. my heart races whenever she texts me.

(#2) and my noona’s profile picture is shinhwa hyung’s. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ(s/n: to read their conversation click on the screencaps for a higher quality view!) (source: shiningtweets)

VIXX to Comeback with a Remake Song in February “a more brighter and publicly favored dance song”

VIXX’s company Jellyfish Entertainment spokesman said on the 27th, “VIXX has started preparing for their comeback as their February goal. They will remake a dance track and release it as form of a digital single, that is the plan” is what they revealed.    

source. newsen

lotte young plaza fansign - 150126

jonghyun wore a wedding veil and tiara. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

fan: (handing tiara) please… wear this…
jonghyun: you’re asking me to wear this?
fan: once, just once! please wear it!
jonghyun: (puts it on, people were cheering and clapped their hands.)
fan: please wear this (wedding veil)…, and that (crown) on top, please.
jonghyun: (he wore the wedding veil upside down. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)
shawols: oppa! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ you wore it upside down! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
jonghyun: (flustered, fixed it) (source: bysagyehan by moonlight0623)

AKBINGO! ep323 Jurina Part :D

Jurina Lucky girl ranking dropped from 10 to 162

Her Reaction :

MC : You are the type who likes to plan beforehand, after planning you will proceed to take action

MC : This year you will be under a lot of pressure

MC : and there’s a possibility that you will be overly tired

Jurina : LOL

Sae : Hey what’s with your reaction? You alright?

Jurina : More?

Jurina : There’s more? (LOL)

[^ Oh so she’s aware of it.. Give her a break ~_~]

MC : Manage your stress well.

MC : Live in relaxation and it’ll improve your luck

Jurina : Nods

MC : You get angry easily, in other words you have a foul mouth.

Jurina : Eh What? What What What?

Jurina : Well That SUCKS! 

Sae : You just proven that fact true

Jurina : LOL

MC : You’ll be filled with remorse after you said unneeded words.

Jurina : YES I know that!. ( It’ll better if i didn’t say that ) comes into my mind quite often

[^ Poutttt >//<]

MC : Also you have become someone who is often there to consult poeple when they are in distress.

Jurina : Ahh..

MC : But honestly… you have completely NO interest in listening to it.

Jurina : EH?!

Sata : So Furuhata you’ll find Jurina to talk about life right?

Nao : I constantly went to see Jurina to talk about life.

Sata : However.. She has no interest in you!

Nao : LOL

[ ^ MAGIC ]

Jurina : The first time i appeared in AKBINGO is when I’m 11.

Jurina : I’m am seventeen now.

Kiyoto : You have grown!

Jurina : So before i give any advice to the juniors i have to think of it very throughly..

Jurina : This.. I’m in a big pinch

I love her reactions in this ep <3