Q: Lately, is there anything make you feel really “Up” (excited) or laugh out the loudest?
Himchan: Moon Jong “Up” ♡ (laugh). Although it’s a half true half joking answer, it’s true that I feel a little bit more “up” when I’m with Jongup. The other members seem to think so too. Maybe it’s because Jongup really pay attention to what people say and react to it as well. You will laugh a lot when you are with Jongup ㅋㅋㅋ There is something about Jongup makes people feel relaxed. He said things that can not be considered as not crazy and made not only me but the other members and the staff laughed. The fact that he didn’t mean to make us laugh makes it more laughable.

Q: Haha, seems like Jongup’s charm is really great. You and Jongup are roommates at the dorm, right?
Himchan: I’m roommed with Jongup, Zelo and Daehyun are roommates, Yongguk and Youngjae each has their own rooms. The day we moved and arranged room was accidentally the day me and Jongup went out for dinner and came back late, the rooms were arranged and other members were asleep already. Jongup and I understand each other quite well so I’m very pleased with this arrangement. Moreover, my and Jongup’s sleeping times are also the same (laugh). Recently, I’m the type that sleep a lot. Jongup’s habit also fit with this one of mine so we go to sleep and wake up at the same time. Our waking up time is a little bit different from the others. We wake up when the sun set? Jongup ah, we should wake up earlier from now on ㅋㅋㅋ

Q: Living in the same room with Himchan and sleep a lot together, now you even have the same thought of only sleeping.
Jongup: The other members also teased me that it seems like I spend most of my time sleeping with Himchan hyung. The everage time we sleep can be 15 hours a day.

Kor - Viet translation: HaeNa
Viet - Eng translation: KathyMyon
Sorry in advance if there’s any mistakes.

Source: Himchan’s interview. Jongup’s interview


I’m so happy to be here. I’m looking forward to meeting the manager, the fans, my new teammates… and I’m really looking forward to this new adventure. I spoke to Inzaghi briefly when I first got here. I’m extremely happy to be able to work with a manager like him. He’s one of the greatest strikers of all time and he certainly knows what a striker’s job is.”

"It’s a great privilege and a great honor to be able to be part of a club like Milan, and I’ll do my best and to help the club as much as I can, and to have a great season. I’m not expecting a quiet season. There will be great expectations, we’ll be fighting to get into the Champions league (next season), and why not? To finish at the top. We’re expecting great things, or that’s what I’d like to think. - Fernando Torres (x)

A new Haruki Murakami book is coming out in December. The 96-page The Strange Library tells the story of a boy who stops at his local library and encounters an old man who holds him captive and forces him to read books, planning to eat his brain in order to absorb his knowledge. With his fellow captives, a girl with some unusual talents and a sheep-man, the boy tries to escape. It will be translated from Japanese by Ted Goossen and published by Knopf.

More book news here.

Image via Knopf

Magi vol 236

This image is a cover illustration of vol 23 to be released next month. Sheba was drawn as an ordinary person while being of service as a magi for better or for worst. She was influenced by the people and by the environment around her. I think that her personality changed because of the power of strength.

Thank you for this week’s issue of magi. Alma Toran arc ended in this week’s issue. If there is a chance I’d like to draw Focalor somewhere *winks*

Raoul Week QOTD (from “The New Marguerite”):

In which Gaston Leroux describes the adorable, precious bb, Raoul de Chagny.

(I encourage you to gaze at the utterly Raoul-y picture of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as you read this.)

« La timidité de ce marin, je serais presque tenté de dire, son innocence, était remarquable. Il semblait être sorti la veille de la main des femmes. De fait, choyé par ses deux sœurs et par sa vieille tante, il avait gardé de cette éducation purement féminine des manières presque candides, empreintes d’un charme que rien, jusqu’alors, n’avait pu ternir. À cette époque, il avait un peu plus de vingt et un ans et en paraissait dix-huit. Il avait une petite moustache blonde, de beaux yeux bleus et un teint de fille. »

“The sailor’s shyness, I would almost be tempted to say his innocence, was remarkable. He seemed to have only recently left the care of women. Indeed, pampered as he was by his two sisters and by his old aunt, he had retained from that purely female education manners that were almost naive, imprinted with a charm that nothing hitherto had been able to tarnish. At that time, he was a little older than twenty-one years and he looked eighteen. He had a petite blonde mustache, lovely blue eyes, and a girlish complexion.”

[7:17 PM] Thank you Nagano for the concert! With everyone who was waiting for me outside! My eyes are gleaming☆ (picture)

[10:21 PM] This makes me so happy (;_;) RT @yum_my5: @pamyurin I never get tired of Kyary-chan’s concerts no matter how many times I go! I actually get pulled in by Kyary-chan’s charm and feel braver and cheered up every single time. Every time I’m touched by Kyary’s vision of the world, I forget everything that’s bothering me and she takes me with her into a completely different world. Thank you for everything 💓

[10:24 PM] My solo concerts are [supposed to be] live performances that feel like an unrealistic fantasy world, so I really am happy that my fans think of them that way. It’s so rewarding!

[Trans] B.A.P Talking about voice change during puberty

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[Source: B.A.P Exclusive Interview on KpopStarz (Japanese)]
[Trans: hellosaya]

Q. So guys, do you like your own voice? What do you think of your voice?

YJ: Yes, I love it (my voice) very much.

Q. When did your voice change?

YJ: For me it’s high school, around junior ~ to high school.

ZL: For me it’s 1st year of high school, and the voice change went away very quickly (laughs). The change was somehow subtitle yet noticeable, it was 3 years ago. That’s why I thought my voice changed during “Bang & Zelo” era.

JU: I didn’t really notice my voice change, since I don’t talk a lot (laughs). I didn’t care about it, it just changed naturally, that’s why I don’t really know when did it come.

YG: My voice was like this since I was born (laughs). When I came out from my mom, my voice was low as well.

YJ: Eeeeehh!?

- Bonus translation -

Q. KpopStarz has collected a lot of questions from foreign fans around the world. “Do you have any plan on comeback of “Bang & Zelo”? We want to see Daehyun-Youngjae as well.” (LA)

ZL: Thank you. But we do not have any plan for “Bang & Zelo”. During “Bang & Zelo” era, I was a student, so we chose the theme “student” which could easily relate to a lot of people, I thought we could be related to young fans at the same age range. But now it’s different, I am getting older, if there is any chance for “Bang & Zelo” to comeback, I want to make songs which can relate to people in our age group right now.

YJ: Daehyun-Youngjae right? (laughs) Right now, B.A.P’s activity is our first priority, therefore we do not have plans on this yet.