[translation] Free! Visual Story Vol.2 Drama CD track 2 - "Birthday Surprise"

[audio link] from wakoaime​ (thank you!!!)

Everyone loves Makoto here this makes me so happy.  Watch out for the lovely makoharu and makorin moment ^_^ (where’s sousuke though??)

Nagisa: Aaand done! The decoration’s perfect! Hehehe, it looks very much like a birthday party!

Rei: Yes! If I may say so myself, it’s beautifully done!

Nagisa: Hehe!  I hope Mako-chan likes it!

Makoto (in Nagisa’s mind): Ahaha, everyone, thank you so much! I’m… I’m so, so, HAPPY!-ppy-ppy-ppy…

Nagisa: Maybe he’ll cry just like that…

Rei: I’m not so sure if Makoto-senpai will cry, but I’m sure he’ll be happy.  Since we worked so hard to prepare this!

Rin: Let’s give him the biggest surprise!

Gou: Onii-chan, you’re kinda hyped up about this~

Rin: If we’re gonna make it a surprise, it won’t be fun if we don’t give it our all, right? Hehehe.

Gou: Hehehe.

Nagisa: Haru-chan~ how’s the cake~?

Haru: It’s ready.  Are you done over there?

Nagisa: Yup! All done!

Haru: I’ve just called Makoto, so he will be here anytime soon.

*ding dong*

Nagisa: Hah! It must be Mako-chan! Haru-chan, go get the door!

Haru: Okay.

Haru: Makoto.

Makoto: Oh! Haru! What’s going on? It’s really rare for you to call me over, I was really surprised! You said it’s an emergency, so I rushed over here…

Haru: Get in.

Makoto: Huh~ eh?

Makoto: Yikes! It’s really dark in your house! Can’t you at least turn on the light? Aaah!?  Haru… what are you covering up my eyes?

Haru: Don’t open your eyes until we get to the living room.

Makoto: C'mon, get this off me~ it’s really hard to walk like this…

Haru: Makoto, shut up.

Makoto: Whaa-t? Wait-! Stop pushing me, Haru~!

Rin: Geez, those guys are taking their time!

Nagisa: Rin-chan! Shhh! Here, take this firecracker.

Rei: Are you ready, everyone?  Just as what we’ve rehearsed…

Makoto: Wait, hey! Haru! What’s going on?

Haru: Just do as I say.

Makoto: Huuuhh~

Nagisa: Ah! They’re here!

Makoto: What!??


All: Happy Birthday, Makoto/Makoto-senpai/Mako-chan

Makoto: …you all gathered here?

Nagisa: Hehehe, Happy Birthday, Mako-chan! Since it’s your birthday today, We all prepared a party to celebrate together! Surprise!!

Rei: And it turned out to be a great success!

Gou: *giggle*

Makoto: hahaha… I thought my heart was going to stop!

Rin: Hahahaha, seeing you looking so surprised like that made it all worth it!

Makoto: You guys did this all… for me?

Nagisa: Rin-chan was supper excited when we were preparing! He’s the one who suggested that we’d all hide and surprise you when you walk in, Mako-chan…

Rei: And even though he kept saying how busy he was, he’s always the first to be here to help prepare.

Rin: Wha-!? I’m only here cos you guys wouldn’t stop bothering me about it!

Rei/Nagisa/Gou: hehehe….

Rin: What the hell…

Haru: Hey, here.

Haru: Happy Birthday, Makoto.

Makoto: Wow! A cake! Did you… make this, Haru?

Haru: Yeah. It’s chocolate, your favorite.

Makoto: That’s amazing~ it must’ve been difficult to make… thank you, Haru.

Haru: …it’s nothing special.

Nagisa: C'mon, Mako-chan, sit down! You too, Haru-chan!

Gou: I brought a camera! Let’s take a group photo!

Nagisa: Well prepared as always, Gou-chan!

Rin: I’m gonna light the candles now~

Rei: Well then, we’ll first sing a birthday song and…

Nagisa: There! Mako-chan, blow out the candles!

Rei: wait, we’re not singing!??

Gou: There, there, Rei-kun, clam down…

Rin: C'mon Makoto, do it quickly or the wax is gonna drip on the cake!

Makoto: waah, wait a sec!! uuhh… okay then, here I go! fuuuuuu….

Rin: Yeah!


Makoto: But really, thank you everyone.  I’m really glad to be able to celebrate with all of you.

Nagisa: All right then, it’s cake time~!

Makoto: Okay, I’ll start cutting.

Haru: I’ll cut it.  Makoto, you can sit and wait.

Makoto: Oh, there’s something inside the cake… ugh, please don’t tell me it’s…

Haru: Mackerel.

Makoto: Why would you put that in there!?

Haru: It adds a subtle touch to the flavor.

Makoto: It’s not subtle at all~!!

Nagisa: There, there, you never know, the chocolate-mackerel cake might taste good!

Makoto: Geez, Haru~~~


Rin: *teases Makoto* (probably asking him to take a bite)

Makoto: eeeh~~


[TRANS] EXO :: Love Me Right

Please do not repost, translate or use in any way without asking first!
Translated from the lyrics on SM’s official website.

Oh yeah! C’mon!

Take your time.
For some reason this night is making my heart pound. (Na Na Na Na x2)
So tonight
let’s try running to the far edge of the moon. (Yea Yea Yea Yea x2)

Just right,
I start the ignition and put my foot on the accelerator.
Everything is special,
it suits you so well.
No matter what you want, Imma make it work (yeah).

Shawty, Imma party till the sun dawns.*
What is this mysterious feeling I have right now.
Come to me, hurry, before the sun rise(s).
Without you, no matter where I go I see nobody (yeah), oh!

On the road, this is our runway.
In your eyes looking at me I see the Milky Way.
Just love me right, (aha!)
Baby, love me right. (aha!)

Oh, come to me, don’t hesitate.
You’re my captivating universe.
Just love me right. (aha!)
You’re my entire universe.

Just love me right. (x3)
You’re my entire universe.

Shine a light, fly in the starlight,
crossing the Milky Way.
We can’t stop, oh yeah!

The moonlight lighting our way is everlasting,
I’m wandering in orbit around you still.
I can do this all night long, baby.
Without you, no matter where I go I’m missing my other half.

A night of radiant moonlight, the stars are playing with fireworks.
Let’s try flying just a bit higher. (Let’s try flying.)
In this moment where my heart feels like it might explode I can only think of the two of us.
With the earth beneath our feet, love me right.

On the road, this is our runway.
In your eyes looking at me I see the Milky Way.
Just love me right, (aha!)
Baby, love me right. (aha!)

So come on, baby, it’s so blinding
in your beautiful universe. (Beautiful lady.)
Just love me right. (aha!)
You’re my entire universe. (Oh!)

Just love me right.
Just love me right. (Can you love me right?)
Just love me right.
I just wanna make you love me. (You’re my entire universe.)

No matter the countless amount of nights that come to me,
you’ll still be the only one shining in my sky. (Woo yeah.)
Only whisper to me.
We begin to dye the night sky.

On the road, this is our runway.
In your eyes looking at me I see the Milky Way.
Just love me right, (aha!)
Baby, love me right. (aha!)

Oh, come to me, don’t hesitate.
You’re my captivating universe.
Just love me right. (aha!)
You’re my entire universe.

Just love me right. (Oh oh oh yeah.)
Just love me right.
Just love me right. (Time all to ourselves.)
You’re my entire universe.

Just love me right. (x3)
(A thrilling cosmic ride, our own night flight.)
I just wanna make you love me.

Yea (woo, you got to love)
Yea (you got to love me)
Yea, you’re my entire universe. (You’re my entire universe.)
(You love me.)

Yea (you love me.)
Yea (you love me.)
Yea, you’re my entire universe.

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Baekhyun - 150602 Instagram account update: “조금만 있으면 ’ Love Me Right ’ 이 공개됩니다!! #치킨먹으면서봐야지😳 #6월3일공개 #지금시간6시30분 #우연처럼보이기😏”

Translation: “In a little while, ‘Love Me Right’ will be released!! #I should watch it while eating chicken😳#Released June 3rd #Right now it’s 6:30 #Looks like fate😏”

Credit: baekhyunee_exo.

Konoha Hiden, chapter four

Translator’s Note: I would like to know where this author gets off, making me laugh and then breaking my heart and then making me laugh again. If you like the chapter, please buy a copy of the novel to support the original author!

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One Bowl Full of Soul

These days, naruto* [fish cakes served atop ramen] was incredibly popular.

When did it happen? In the blink of an eye, naruto had risen to number one in the Popular Toppings list. From children to adults, people of all types and ages loved naruto.

More naruto would be served on dishes, and then before you realised what’d happened, they’d have finished and run out.

Even the local mothers had started saying that if children ate naruto then they’re grow up to be healthy, energetic, and strong.

Ahh, naruto. You scruffy-looking fish cakes, with your pale white background and pink swirling whirlpool in the middle. But, if you weren’t here, people would feel so very lonely.

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[TRANSLATION] D.O - 150602 Ten Asia: “Do Kyungsoo·Kim Sohyun, well matched for the upcoming film about heartrending first love, ‘Genuine’

“Do Kyungsoo (EXO D.O) who successfully made his way to the big screen through the film ‘Cart’ will be challenging acting in the lead role in movie ‘Genuine.’ Actors Kim Sohyun, Lee David, and Joo Dayoung will also star alongside Do Kyungsoo in ‘Genuine.’

Set at a radio broadcasting station which receives a 23 year old letter, ‘Genuin’ tells the poignant story of five friends and their unforgettable first loves as the past and present combine. This project will mark the directorial debut of Lee Eunhee, a graduate from Korea National University of Arts.

Do Kyungsoo and Kim Sohyun will play the lead roles at the centre of this first love. Many anticipate great chemistry between Do Kyungsoo, whose acting skills was displayed in the film ‘Cart’ and the drama ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’, and Kim Sohyun, whose nuanced performance of two roles in ‘Who Are You’ moved audiences.

The film will also show a deep friendship between the five of characters, showcasing the acting skills of Lee David, Joo Dayoung and Yeon Joonsuk.

Having completed casting, 'Genuine’ will begin filming at the end of June.”

Credit: translation,, Source: Ten Asia.

  • ねごと

Artist: Negoto
Lyrics: Sachiko Aoyama
Note: Don’t delete the translation and only reblog the audio! 

Show me something dramatic
My heart is a shower of cherry blossoms
Memories that have nowhere to go blow in the wind

There’s no time to relax
Even when I fight
Why can’t I quit? Tell me

It’s destiny, call for sympathy
Why does life go on?
A grim journey that has no end
Destiny, touch sympathy
Please set me free
Take me with you just like that

Everything becomes unclear
Where is the truth?

Sometimes, eternity passes us by
Even though we know that there is no answer

Ah, god stumbles
Even if I lost sight of my dreams
If only I could live beautifully

It’s a mystery, time is tender
Just like a fantasy
Suddenly, the road is clear
Mystery, the night is tender
Walking on a lonely way
Until all doubts are dispelled

It’s destiny, that’s why it’s sympathy
Life surely goes on
A journey of making happiness bloom
Destiny, in other words: sympathy
Yeah, how about you?
The world is in my hands, it shines brightly

The world is in my hands

Free! Illustration Works Vol.2

Track 4: If everyone went on a trip together.

Audio here (thanks to Wakoaime)

Nagisa: So lucky, I want to go on a trip overseas too…
Makoto: What’s up all of a sudden, Nagisa?
Nagisa: My big sister is going abroad, so I’m really jealous… Aah, I want to go with everybody! I want to walk around food shops! Like…

Nagisa: (munch) Ah, so delicious!
Rei: This juice is also wonderful! Using raw fruits really makes a difference!
Nagisa: Ah, Rei-chan, let me have a sip!
Rei: Here! But really, it’s great that there are so many great food shops here! With all of this just baked bread and fresh ingredients, I ended up buying too much!
Haruka: This shop’s stuffed animal… Incredible…
Makoto: What’s up, Haru? Wait, what’s this, it’s spooky! I’m not sure if this is a fish or a bug, and it’s glaring over here… Hey, let’s leave…
Haruka: This gloss, this color, these eyes… Good.
Makoto: Geez, Haru!
Rin: You two, really… Oh, that shop over there looks like it’s got some nice clothes. Let’s go see.
Cat: Meow
Makoto: Hm? Here you go. Haha, this cat looks like Shiro-chan who lives in our neighborhood. Right, Haru? [Shiro means white]
Haruka: Oh, the one always on the shrine stairs? That’s true.
Rin: On top of being generic, that’s kind of more of a dog name. But seriously, you really love cats.
Makoto: Hmm, when I see one, I can’t help but want to pet it… Ah, Rin, do you want to pet it too?
Cat: Meow meow
Makoto: Aah, it doesn’t want to get off me…
Haruka: Just like the other one.
Rin: Hey, if you keep playing with the cat we’ll leave you behind!
Makoto: Huh? Wait a bit!

Nagisa: How nice, I want to go!!
Rei: We’re right about to start joint practice, you know… You should hurry and change, Nagisa-kun. Rin-san will be here soon too.
Nagisa: Hey, hey, Rei-chan, do you have some place you want to go?
Rei: …Did you even listen to what I said?
Nagisa: It’s fine, it’s fine! I can easily change at the speed of light! Where do you want to go?
Rei: (sigh) Let’s see… I would love to visit famous museums around the world, and also–
Nagisa: Hmm, so like this?

Rei: Well then, let’s head for the next museum now!
Nagisa: Eeh, we’re already leaving? I wanted to see more of this one!
Rei: That is impossible, Nagisa-kun! We already are two minutes and fifteen seconds late on the schedule! If we don’t get out now, my plans will just keep on getting ruined!
Nagisa: Rei-chan you’re so picky, you cheapskate!

Nagisa: Uwah… I don’t think I’d enjoy that…
Rei: Just what are you saying?! My schedule would be thought out much more perfectly!
Makoto: Well, calm down you two.
Nagisa: Do you have any place you’d like to go, Mako-chan?
Makoto: Let’s see… Ah, I think that as long as we’re all together, any place would be fun.
Haruka: And as long as I can swim… As long as I can feel the water, that’s enough.
Nagisa: Eh! Don’t say that, now… Ah, I know! Haru-chan, how about an expedition to a secluded region, in search of a phantom waterfall?
Haruka: A phantom waterfall…
Nagisa: Let’s do that, I’m certain it’d be really fun! We might find a waterfall that no one but you has ever laid eyes upon!

Haruka: I felt the presence of water coming from this area, earlier.
Rei: (pants) Please… Wait… A bit…
Nagisa: Oh! Haru-chan, look at that!
Haruka: The phantom… Waterfall! I’m going to go swim. (dashes off)
Makoto: Hey, Haru, that’s dangerous!

Haruka: I’m coming.
Makoto: He got Haru!
Rei: No! Among all the suggestions we had, mine was the most realistic and meaningful one!
Nagisa: Eeh, walking around food booths and exploring secluded regions is much better!
Haruka: Waterfall…
Rin: You guys, what are you being noisy for?
Nagisa: Ah, Rin-chan! Say, say, going overseas together and buying food at a market, or visiting a secluded region, those are stuff you’d want to do, right?!
Rei: But how about going around museums? All we have to do is follow my perfect plans–
Haruka: Rin. Choose the waterfall.
Rin: Y-You guys, what’s up all of a sudden?
Makoto: Ah, sorry, Rin! Basically…

Rin: None of those sound good at all.
Nagisa/Rei: Why?!
Rin: That’s not what travelling is about… It’s more like… Who would you go with, and stuff. You need to make plans according to what your objective is. Depending if you go with your family, or your friends, or… With your lover… It’ll be totally different!
Nagisa: As expected from Rin-chan, a true romantic~
Rin: Shut up.
Makoto: But that’s true. If we all went somewhere together… I guess I’d like a place that could make everyone happy.
Haruka: As long as I can swim, it’s fine with me.
Rin: Damn, you never change.
Makoto: Ah, we spent too much time here. Come on guys, let’s start training.
Nagisa: Okay, then I’ll be first in the pool! (dashes off)
Rei: Wai– that’s unfair, Nagisa-kun! (follows)
Makoto: A trip, huh? It’d be nice if we could all go together someday.
Rin: That’s true. But right now, we’re training! I won’t lose to you guys.
Makoto: Yeah. Well, let’s get going! Nagisa and Rei are waiting.
Haruka: Yeah.

blue night radio - 150603

jonghyun: i used to carry precious things around in my wallet but i stopped doing that ever since i lost (something that meant a lot to me). what’s funny is that the contents all disappeared - but the wallet was found. the person (who found it) must have thrown everything away. there wasn’t even money in there - why did the person take it away. (source: cosmicsticks)

Free! Illustration Works Vol.2

Track 1: Shark training.

Audio here (thanks to Wakoaime)

Ai: (runs, panting heavily)
Sei: Nitori! Just a little more!
Ai: Y-Yes! Aah… (sits) Ah…
Rin: Ai, you can’t get exhausted with this little!
Ai: Sorry…
Rin: Take this.
Ai: Thank you, Rin-senpai!
Rin: If that’s enough to tire you, there’s no way you’ll make it in tournaments.
Ai: That’s true…
Sei: What, don’t worry Nitori! Gather up your efforts, and become like me!
Ai: Y-Yes sir! Captain Mikoshiba, I’ll do my best!
Sei: Very well! Then how about we get on doing some Shark training?!
Rin: Sha-Shark training?!
Sei: (chants) Shark training! Shark training!
Ai: Shark training? Rin-senpai, do you know what this is?
Rin: Ah, but, that’s…
Sei: (chants) Shark training! Shark training!
Ai: Just… What kind…
Sei: Shark training, you see, is a very old tradition in the Samezuka swimming club!
Ai: Is that so?
Rin: Well… You could call it a tradition… The one sure thing is that you need a mind of steel.
Sei: How’s that? Want to try it too, Nitori?!
Ai: Eh?! Can I?
Rin: Wai–Ai, you shouldn’t!
Sei: I’m sure Nitori will be able to do it!
Rin: No, but–
Ai: Rin-senpai! I will do it! After all, I want to participate in tournaments with you, so we can swim together! I will overcome any training!
Sei: Well said, Nitori! Since you accept, then I will train you to become the leader of Shark training!
Ai: Eh?… Yes!
Rin: If you’re going to do your best, I guess I’ll cheer for you…
Ai: Rin-senpai… Thank you so much!
Sei: (sobs)

Sei: Then, time for you to show what you’ve got, Nitori!
Ai: Yes!
Sei: Great response. Don’t complain even if it’s hard.
Ai: Yes!
Sei: Then, first. Bend your body to form the shape of an eight, and this is the Shark Intimidation Exercise!
Ai: (pants pants)
Sei: Do it well! This is a very important warm-up stretch that will make your body flexible! Keep it up!
Ai: Y-Yes!
Sei: Come on, that’s right!
Ai: Shark!

Sei: Next! The Shark’s Predation Exercise! This is an exercise in which we divide ourselves between predators and preys, and train reflexes as we dodge attacks!
Ai: Yes!
Sei: I’m coming.
Ai: Yes.
Sei: SHA!
Ai: (dodges) Shark!
Sei: SHA!
Ai: (dodges) Shark!
Sei: SHA!
Ai: (dodges) Shark!
Ai: Aaah, he got me!
Sei: Hahahaha!

Sei: Next is the Shark Breathing Exercice! This breathing technique is the most important one for swimming, so remember it well!
Ai: Yes!
Rin: (chuckles) 
Sei: Here we go!
Ai: Yes!
Sei: Breathe in, in, out!
Both: In, in, out! In, in, out! In, in out!

Ai: (drinks) Aah!
Rin: You did your best huh, Ai.
Ai: Yes! Thank you very much!
Sei: Nitori! I am sure you can become a great shark! With this, Samezuka is in good hands too, gahahaha!
Ai: Yes! I’ll keep on doing my best!
Rin: (whispering) Ai, Ai!
Ai: ?
Rin: If you don’t like it, you need to say it–
Ai: It’s fine, senpai! Please don’t worry. I will… Become a proper shark! A great shark that can carry Samezuka on his shoulders!
Rin: Oh…
Sei: Good, now I’ve found a successor! Matsuoka, join in the Shark training too! Since we’re at it, we might as well do it all three!
Rin: N-No, that’s a little…
Sei: Break is over! Matsuoka, Nitori, stand up!
Ai: Yes!
Rin: N-No, I have just enough training already, I–
Sei: What are you saying, training normally with no Shark training is simply naive, Matsuoka!
Ai: Come on, Rin-senpai, don’t hold back and join us!
Sei: (in the distance) MATSUOKA! MATSUOKA!
Rin: That’s not the problem!
Sei: We’re starting then! Samezuka’s traditional, Shark training!
Ai: Yes sir!
Rin: Ah…

James Rodriguez scored the best goal of La Liga BBVA 2014/2015 season.

The editorial team and the followers of the official website of La Liga chose one of the young midfielder goals as the best of the season.

November 1, 2014.The clock read 30, Dani Carvajal took a throw in and Karim Benzema brought the ball under his spell and flicked the ball to James. The Colombian produced a moment of magic, scoring a brilliant volley with his left foot and his first touch. His goal was selected as the best goal of the month back in November (x) and clearly still makes the heart of the football fans race as it was chosen the best goal scored this season six months later.

You can relieve his goal in the official channel of La Liga here.