Sci-fi Famicom RPG Lagrange Point translated ⊟

I’d never heard of this game until today, but HG101 has a great article on why the Japan-only RPG is notable:

"Lagrange Point is one of the most technically advanced RPGs on the Famicom. Published in 1991, at a point where the system was losing ground to the 16-bit systems, its graphics are a huge step above the likes of Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, it has a relatively involved sci-fi conspiracy plot that contrasts with the typical medieval fantasy setting, and it’s simply far more densely packed than most other similar titles on the system. Most impressively, it’s the only title to take advantage of Konami’s VRC7 memory management chip, which included an onboard FM synthesis chip and produces a soundtrack completely unlike anything on the system."

And 14 years after work first began on a fan translation for the game, Aeon Genesis has finally put out an English patch (after taking over the project in 2007)! Thanks to Obscure Video Games for pointing out the release.



For this Makoto to suddenly be agitated, it was during the argument with Haruka in episode 11, revealing to us a side of Makoto that we have never seen before. Towards Haruka who he loves, the expression that he bares as he lets out his feelings is one that is really painful; in truth he surely did not wish to have such a confrontation.”

Translation: yume-no-fantasy
From: Prince Animage 2014 autumn issue


141022 Tao left some comments on weibo:

HZT-ao: Sehun came to weibo to play, isn’t that a happy thing? If you like him you follow, if not, don’t insult him ok? All are EXO-L, what’s the point of doing that.

HZT-ao: Those of you who hate me, you can hate all you want, I don’t care about those ridiculous things you make up. You don’t direct them to my family, my members, and beloved fans.

Sehun also liked the screencap above posted by PreciousTaoBar.

Sehun’s weibo update:

wu世勋-EXO: What’s going on? Please stop it..just we are one ! I love you all

[NEWS] 141022 Baekhyun & Chanyeol & Suho's enrollment at Kyung Hee Cyber University

"Suho-Baekhyun-Chanyeol found to be enrolled in cyber universities.
Studying Culture and Arts Management”

It has been belatedly revealed that members Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol of group EXO are currently enrolled at Kyung Hee Cyber University.
The three of them are currently students in the Culture and Arts Management department of the school.
Baekhyun and Chanyeol, who are of the same age, entered the department some time in 2012.
Suho, who has dropped out of the acting major from KNU Arts which he entered in 2009, transferred Kyung Hee Cyber University at a similar time to the above two to continue his studies.
Kyung Hee Cyber University’s Department of Culture and Arts Management is a place for nurturing future talents that will lead the cultural industry, and has an experimental and highly professional curriculum and faculty.
An entertainment industry personage has explained that “In the case of popular and busy idol groups such as EXO, it is difficult to manage both school and schedules, so they choose to enroll in cyber universities.”
Suho and Baekhyun are currently working busily as MCs at SBS Inkigayo.
EXO has recently participated in the performance of SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in Shanghai.

trans credit: wildhoney_b / source: x

anonymous said:

could you translate Shu’s bday messages?

Here you go! (´∀`σ)σ


Shuu I can’t say I care about my birthday but… I guess that spending it with you won’t hurt right? …ah say it. You’re looking for some rewards right? I don’t mind you know. I’ll do anything you ask me to.

Ayato seems that Shuu likes a lot your present, hm?

Kanato I saw Shuu sleeping while hugging what you gave him…

Raito nfu, Shuu was singing earlier♪ He was in a very good mood hm~?

Subaru so Shuu makes that face when he smiles…

Reiji I suppose that good-for-nothing was quite happy since he didn’t mind being in the same room with me.


It’s pretty close to what Rejet wrote about Subaru sob (・-・`*

MEJIBRAY - 聖夜狂響祭 Halloween Party comment
English Translation :

Koichi: Hai 
Tsuzuku: Hello, this is MEJIBRAY 
Koichi: It's MEJIBRAY
Tsuzuku: Im vocalist Tsuzuku 
MiA: Hello desu
Koichi : Hello desu 
*points to meto* Hello desu 
Tsuzuku : *starts speaking* 
Koichi : They won't understand, everyone in shanghai doesn't understand 
Tsuzuku: This is MiA. This is Koichi. This is Meto 
Koichi: Thank you 
Tsuzuku: Anyway, MEJIBRAY is about to go to shanghai, do you guys have anything to say? 
Koichi: Talking about shanghai, I really want to see pandas. Panda and panda knocking each other and bamboo and bamboo knocking each other. 
Tsuzuku: BAMBOO ... Are you okay? BAMBOO
Tsuzuku: Anyway this is MEJIBRAY's first time overseas. Like always, we will perform like usual. Please give us guidance. Wait for us! 

As you are probably aware, Gaston Leroux used a literary technique called “faction” (fact+fiction) to write Le Fantôme de l’Opéra. This gave his novel a faux-journalistic style and a veneer of authenticity (to be clear, Phantom is a work of fiction; Leroux used certain people and events to inspire his story, but the characters he created were not real).

As part of this journalistic style, Leroux “borrowed” from many sources contemporary to his story (i.e. he plagiarized them — don’t try this at home, kiddies!).

I discovered one of these sources last evening while I was researching a passage in the Gaulois publication of Phantom. The book is Le Nouvel Opéra: Monument - Artistes, by X.Y.Z. (i.e. “Anonymous”), published in Paris by Michel Lévy Frères in 1875. It was written to commemorate the inauguration of the new Opera House designed by Charles Garnier.

This book was the source of the biography of Christina Nilsson that Leroux used to create his backstory for Christine Daaé. Leroux used X.Y.Z.’s description of Nilsson’s early life, and rewrote it to fit his story. There are enough similarities between X.Y.Z.’s and Leroux’s texts for me to say with a good degree of certainty that this was the book Leroux used to create Christine’s history.

This book is also the source of the review of Christine Daaé’s performance as Ophelia and The Queen of the Night at the Duchess of Zurich’s estate that appears at the beginning of the “Enchanted Violin” chapter. And the “great critic X.Y.Z.” that Leroux mentions as having written this review of Christine Daaé was none other than the man who wrote this book.

Further, this book lists the full name of the critic who gave Christine Daaé such a favorable review after her gala performance as Marguerite. The critic, whom Leroux calls P. de St-V., was M. Paul de Saint-Victor, a noted author and critic of the day, who wrote a review of Christine Nilsson’s performance as Marguerite.

True to his “factional” writing style, Leroux wrote some of this review himself, but he took the sentence below nearly verbatim from this book:

Compare X.Y.Z.’s quote of M. de Saint-Victor’s review of Christine Nilsson:

Qui ne lui a pas entendu chanter le trio final de l’opéra de Faust, ne connaît pas le Faust « l’exaltation de la voix ne saurait aller au delà ».

To Leroux’s reworked quote of M. de Saint-Victor’s review of Christine Daaé:

Qui n’a pas entendu Christine chanter le trio final de Faust ne connaît pas Faust: l’exaltation de la voix et l’ivresse sacrée d’une âme pure ne saureient aller au delà!

So what can ultimately be taken from this information? For one, if there was any lingering doubt that Christine Daaé was based on Christina Nilsson, I think that this sets this to rest. But more than that, I hope that this information casts light on Leroux’s “factional” writing techniques, and shows that while Leroux incorporated the likeness of certain people and events into his novel, the story that he told was ultimately a work of fiction.


141022 Key Official Board Update

Zorro has ended!!!
What does the end of this project mean …
I am relieved and disappointed.
With the tour going on at the same time, I tried to be devoted to every performance. I’m not sure how you felt when watching.
It’s a project that I am especially attached to and again, I thank everyone who gave it a lot of love.
Zorro is the flame in everyone’s heart.
When you need him, he will appear wearing a mask.
I hope Zorro gave you a little more courage and passion to make your heart race !
Let’s hope Zorro comes back !!


Translation by: kimchi hana

(TRANS) Haru*Hana Vol. 21 Bangtan Boys Personal Questions

Q: What are you interested in lately besides music?
A: I like photography. I heard there’s a new version to the Olympus camera I’m using - I’m currently deciding whether I should buy it or not. I will take pictures of the members and of scenary. Although I haven’t been uploading them to the blog recently, I will let everyone see my new photos.

Q: If you can use magic, what magic power do you want and what do you want to do with it?
A: Teleport. I want to go back to my hometown. If I can teleport, then I can go immediately and then come back right away. I can also get to Japan quickly so it’s very convenient.

Q: What’s an unforgettable Christmas memory?
A: Last Christmas. We had to film an MV so the members couldn’t go anywhere. It was very cold at that time and we just kept recording so it was very unforgettable. Speaking of Santa, I saw my dad putting down presents when I was 7. My dad also got shocked (laughs).

Q: Speaking of winter, what things or events come to mind?
A: Snow. I think it’s very pretty when it snows, but shoveling snow can be very tiring. My hometown doesn’t really snow and I got to see snow for the first time after coming to Seoul. At first I was quite excited but not so much lately… (laughs). Also because of snow, I slipped before.

Q: “If you are my fan, here are the advantages!” Please talk about the benefits of being your fan!
A: I’m an element of surprise. When people see me for the first time, most will think I don’t look like a rapper but rather a vocalist. I look like I have a high and pretty voice but in fact it’s very low. I also look very lively and cute but I’m actually not like that so I feel a bit inconceivable. So you’ll see a lot of more if you’re my fan, especially to those that like scary movies (laughs).

Q: What is your favorite subject or a subject you excel in?
A: I like gym and I didn’t like music at that time. All of the music that appeared on the textbooks were traditional so I really hated that. So I didn’t learn about the music in the textbooks but rather just played around with music after school.

Q: What do you want to ask the members, or things you want to tell them to do? A: I want to ask about everyone’s dreams. As trainees our dreams were to debut. That dream is fulfilled so there should be a new dream. I only understood after I debut that after becoming an artist, a lot of people place their focus on things other than music - whether it is acting or variety. Compared to those, I want to focus on making music and to continue making good music even after 10-20 years later. This is my new dream.

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