Ever notice how Ohno's hair never changes shape during concerts? So have they.

I usually never translate snippets like this, but I haven’t seen the entire article come out yet and I’d rather put this out now. My LJ will still be the main place for translations so there’s no need to worry me migrating over to Tumblr. :)

This is a short Q&A from a recent TV magazine that was posted to Twitter. It’s something I’ve always pointed out to my friends, so it was nice to see that it’s also an inside joke among themselves.

A question for the group!

Q: Any funny stories from your time in Hawaii?

Sakurai: Ohno Satoshi’s hair succumbed to the rain during our second day of concerts.
Matsumoto: Ohno-san’s hair seriously never shifts, you see.
Aiba: I’ve never seen it change that much before!
Ohno: It just flopped over… it finally lost out to the rain.
Matsumoto: But you’ve managed to prove that it’s real hair now, right? (laugh)
Ninomiya: You finally did it.
Aiba: Were there doubts about it?
Ohno: Yep (laugh). Because my hairdo never moves.
Sakurai: It was a moment that will go down in history: there was rain in a place that only rains several times a year, and Ohno Satoshi’s hair was flattened by it.
Ninomiya: It’s a good thing people in Japan managed to see it through the public screenings too (laugh).

月山●気になる子 | TsukiYama●Uneasy Child


Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Ship: TsukiYama
Original: I and II
Artist: 味噌煮
Translation: steppingoncellphones
Translated and posted with artist's permission.

Hey! I managed to translate two adorable comics featuring Tsukki, Yamaguchi, a cultural festival, and one of them in a skirt. Since the strips are long I had to split them into pieces. You can find the full images here and here. Enjoy!

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141022 Tao left some comments on weibo:

HZT-ao: Sehun came to weibo to play, isn’t that a happy thing? If you like him you follow, if not, don’t insult him ok? All are EXO-L, what’s the point of doing that.

HZT-ao: Those of you who hate me, you can hate all you want, I don’t care about those ridiculous things you make up. You don’t direct them to my family, my members, and beloved fans.

Sehun also liked the screencap above posted by PreciousTaoBar.

Sehun’s weibo update:

wu世勋-EXO: What’s going on? Please stop it..just we are one ! I love you all


For this Makoto to suddenly be agitated, it was during the argument with Haruka in episode 11, revealing to us a side of Makoto that we have never seen before. Towards Haruka who he loves, the expression that he bares as he lets out his feelings is one that is really painful; in truth he surely did not wish to have such a confrontation.”

Translation: yume-no-fantasy
From: Prince Animage 2014 autumn issue

MEJIBRAY - 聖夜狂響祭 Halloween Party comment
English Translation :

Koichi: Hai 
Tsuzuku: Hello, this is MEJIBRAY 
Koichi: It's MEJIBRAY
Tsuzuku: Im vocalist Tsuzuku 
MiA: Hello desu
Koichi : Hello desu 
*points to meto* Hello desu 
Tsuzuku : *starts speaking* 
Koichi : They won't understand, everyone in shanghai doesn't understand 
Tsuzuku: This is MiA. This is Koichi. This is Meto 
Koichi: Thank you 
Tsuzuku: Anyway, MEJIBRAY is about to go to shanghai, do you guys have anything to say? 
Koichi: Talking about shanghai, I really want to see pandas. Panda and panda knocking each other and bamboo and bamboo knocking each other. 
Tsuzuku: BAMBOO ... Are you okay? BAMBOO
Tsuzuku: Anyway this is MEJIBRAY's first time overseas. Like always, we will perform like we like usual. Please give us guidance. Wait for us! 
[NEWS] 141022 Baekhyun & Chanyeol & Suho's enrollment at Kyung Hee Cyber University

"Suho-Baekhyun-Chanyeol found to be enrolled in cyber universities.
Studying Culture and Arts Management”

It has been belatedly revealed that members Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol of group EXO are currently enrolled at Kyung Hee Cyber University.
The three of them are currently students in the Culture and Arts Management department of the school.
Baekhyun and Chanyeol, who are of the same age, entered the department some time in 2012.
Suho, who has dropped out of the acting major from KNU Arts which he entered in 2009, transferred Kyung Hee Cyber University at a similar time to the above two to continue his studies.
Kyung Hee Cyber University’s Department of Culture and Arts Management is a place for nurturing future talents that will lead the cultural industry, and has an experimental and highly professional curriculum and faculty.
An entertainment industry personage has explained that “In the case of popular and busy idol groups such as EXO, it is difficult to manage both school and schedules, so they choose to enroll in cyber universities.”
Suho and Baekhyun are currently working busily as MCs at SBS Inkigayo.
EXO has recently participated in the performance of SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in Shanghai.

trans credit: wildhoney_b / source: x