EXO - 140901 Instagram account update: “콘서트 리허설을 보던도중 문득 아..우리세훈이가 정말 많이컸구나..하고느꼈다 #짜식 #멋있기는 #그러니깐그만커 #징그러워 #세업찬 #만세 #아슈스엠인스타아이디랑똑같은거저맞아요 #부끄”

Translation: “During our concert rehearsal, I suddenly thought ah..our sehun really grew big.. #rascal #not even cool #so stop growing #it’s gross #chanyeol raised sehun #hurray #oh and the same account name as my ig account for superstar sm is mine #shy”

Credit: real__pcy.

"…and his eyes are greeted by the most atrocious handwritten Romanian he’s seen in ages. Misshapen letters, forgotten accents, words spelled correctly only to have been crossed out and hastily scrawled in again, this time in error, all hallmarks of the beginner scribe.

Any fears he had have been banished by the sloppy penmanship, the efforts of a young boy who has finally taken to writing after so long.” (x)

from the most adorable fic by madredhattie because wow my heart just melted


I’m so happy to be here. I’m looking forward to meeting the manager, the fans, my new teammates… and I’m really looking forward to this new adventure. I spoke to Inzaghi briefly when I first got here. I’m extremely happy to be able to work with a manager like him. He’s one of the greatest strikers of all time and he certainly knows what a striker’s job is.”

"It’s a great privilege and a great honor to be able to be part of a club like Milan, and I’ll do my best and to help the club as much as I can, and to have a great season. I’m not expecting a quiet season. There will be great expectations, we’ll be fighting to get into the Champions league (next season), and why not? To finish at the top. We’re expecting great things, or that’s what I’d like to think. - Fernando Torres (x)

Raoul Week QOTD (from “The New Marguerite”):

In which Gaston Leroux describes the adorable, precious bb, Raoul de Chagny.

(I encourage you to gaze at the utterly Raoul-y picture of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as you read this.)

« La timidité de ce marin, je serais presque tenté de dire, son innocence, était remarquable. Il semblait être sorti la veille de la main des femmes. De fait, choyé par ses deux sœurs et par sa vieille tante, il avait gardé de cette éducation purement féminine des manières presque candides, empreintes d’un charme que rien, jusqu’alors, n’avait pu ternir. À cette époque, il avait un peu plus de vingt et un ans et en paraissait dix-huit. Il avait une petite moustache blonde, de beaux yeux bleus et un teint de fille. »

“The sailor’s shyness, I would almost be tempted to say his innocence, was remarkable. He seemed to have only recently left the care of women. Indeed, pampered as he was by his two sisters and by his old aunt, he had retained from that purely female education manners that were almost naive, imprinted with a charm that nothing hitherto had been able to tarnish. At that time, he was a little older than twenty-one years and he looked eighteen. He had a petite blonde mustache, lovely blue eyes, and a girlish complexion.”