Hinata: Uehehehe…

Bokuto: I feel like someone just praised me!!

Akaashi: Must be your imagination.


── In June, you successfully completed your “LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR” at Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka and Makuhari. Please tell us your thoughts and memorable episodes about the tour.

YG: I’m very happy that there were many fans who came, even people who haven’t been to our fan events before and there were places that we visited for the first time.

ZL: Each and every fan is important to me, but having so many people come to our concert has really reminded me of my responsibility.

DH: Being able to come in contact with Japanese culture and being able to communicate with fans at a deeper level was really nice.

── What do you mean by Japanese culture?

DH: In different areas of Japan they have ways of dress and speaking; dialects, right? I was able to learn some of that, and I’m becoming able to tell the slight differences in characteristics and buildings.

── By Japanese dialects, what do you remember?

DH: “Sukiyanen” (I like you)

HC: “Meccha sukiyanen” (I like you a lot), “meccha oishiinen” (it’s really yummy)

JU: “Nandeyanen!” (what the!)

YJ: “Honmani?” (Really?)

── It seems to be all Osaka dialect? (laughs)

HC: If you’re wondering why we remember it, it’s because we learnt it from a DJ when we guested on a radio show in Osaka. (laughs)

(Continuing on about the tour)

HC: Actually, these weren’t places that we went entirely for the first time. There were places that we’ve held fan events at before. For example in Osaka, we went to hold an event there when the sakura blossoms were at full bloom, and this time we felt an entirely different atmosphere so it was nice.

JU: It was amazing that we received such huge interest from fans wherever we went. It made me think that ‘there are fans who are waiting for us as well at places that we haven’t been~’.

YJ: I still can’t believe that we were able to perform at such big venues in Japan when we haven’t yet done so in Korea, I’m really thankful to the many fans who came.

── You went around in Japan for around a month in June, did your Japanese improve?

HC: I got quite used to it whilst being in Japan, so I managed to hold a conversation naturally, but honestly, after we returned to Korea and went to other countries I forgot it again.

── To Youngjae who’s good at Japanese, did you learn any new words?

YJ: More than learning new words, I think I’ve understood Japanese grammar more. I’ve been learning through Japanese dramas.

── The upcoming single release, “Excuse me” has lyrics translated from the Korean version, but what were your first impressions when you first heard the song?

DH: It felt very new when I first heard it! I thought it was a song that fitted us perfectly. I recorded it thinking the song was fun and full of confidence. It’s been a while since we recorded the Korean version and there are parts where it overlaps, so I think when we sing it in Japanese some parts are better expressed. “The Japanese version of “Excuse Me” is upgraded even more right?” is what I think.

── What parts are upgraded?

DH: Since our vocals and raps have improved from before, and the fact that we’re singing in Japanese has helped us (get stronger), I think various parts have gotten better.

── There was some time between recording the Korean and Japanese versions right? How was it to sing the song after this time?

YJ: Because we sang “Excuse Me” a lot at concerts, we fell in step with the song straightaway, and since we understood the song fully it was very fun. Whenever we’re recording a Japanese version, we try to use the original (Korean) song’s atmosphere, although we do change the way we sing for some of the more delicate parts.

── What’s it like to record the rap?

YG: There are many phrases that we don’t know after all, so I can’t say it isn’t difficult (laughs). The pronunciation of words have subtle differences, so sometimes I hear a word wrong. I was able to do the recording thanks to the help of the staff.

HC: Three quarters of my lyrics in this song is in English (laughs). So this time I didn’t have much Japanese and it wasn’t too difficult.

ZL: My parts in “Excuse Me” have rather difficult pronunciation so for parts where I thought I could improve, I practised them repetitively during the recording.

JU: If it was in Korean, I’d understand it and be able to express the meaning as it is, but if it’s in Japanese, I’d need to practise the lyrics to do the recording, so my expression may not be as good. That’s one of the more difficult aspects, so I think I need to do more practise.

── I heard that you added new dance steps in the Japanese version of the music video. What bits did you change?

ZL: In the Korean version, everyone got excited and danced along to the rhythm, but in the Japanese MV we added new choreography during the bridge.

── If you were to give a name to this dance, what would it be?

ZL: “Orangutan”? (laughs)

JU: “Nolja (“let’s play” in Korean) dance? (laughs)

DH: “Free hero dance?”

HC: Wouldn’t it be better if we let the Japanese fans make up a name? (laughs)

── What surprised me when I watched the MV was Jongup’s image change. He wore glasses and had a new haircut so I thought you added a new member (laughs). What did you think about your change?

JU: My image wasn’t planned to be like this at the start, but after wearing the clothes and putting on the makeup I listened to a lot of opinions and thus this concept formed. My member-hyung’s also said “it’s good right?”, so I went with it.

── This time’s MV gave off a chic and mature atmosphere overall didn’t it?

DH: We newly tried out hip hop style clothes as well as a clean and smart jacket style.

YG: Since it’s been a long time since we sang a bright hip hop melody, we shot the MV happily. HC: There’s not only suits, but hip hop style, and bad boy influenced clothes, so I think that you can see various sides of us.

── Did you have any interesting episodes from filming the MV?

DH: Due to our schedule we filmed the MV in one day, so we filmed, then ate, and filmed again, took a short break, and filmed again……. That’s how the day went so it was a bit tiring (laughs) HC: In the MV we added in dramatic elements little by little, so it was interesting and fun when filming it.

DH: Yeah, it felt new.

── After you release “Excuse Me” you’re going to hold a ‘gift-giving’ event right? I don’t think there are these types of events in Korea, so how was it to experience it?

DH: We hold fan signs in Korea, but in Japan it’s held at open spaces for many people to come right? I love how we can have a fun time with many fans at the event.

YJ: It’d be nice if I could converse with fans in Japanese more, but since it’s a short time we can only exchange a few words.

HC: When we have events in the colder months, it’s a bit troublesome since there are young fans. But because we can meet everyone directly, I’m happy about it after all and I can make good memories.

── Do you have any other happy memories from your time in Japan during the tour and events?

JU: Personally I was happy to see Gundam at Odaiba. There was smoke and lighting so it looked like it was really going to fly (laughs).

HC: But, that was it (laughs). I’d expected (it to move) more.

JU: I already like Japanese anime in the first place so it felt very amazing to see things that I’d only seen on TV in a physical form.

YG: Going to the sports centre (Round1) in Osaka was fun. I’d heard that there were such facilities in Japan, but there aren’t any places in Korea where you can play so many sports. I thought that it’d be good if Korea had laces like that. I played soccer, basketball and table tennis, and there was a batting centre as well. To be able to play all the sports I know in the one building was very wondrous and I was envious.

── To finish up, please say a point each about “Excuse Me”.

YG: We’ve sang it a lot during concerts so I think fans are already familiar with it, but I guess Japanese fans are more comfortable with singing Japanese some hope that they can enjoy it.

ZL: We worked hard on the new dance moves for the MV so I’d be happy if you’d come to like the song.

HC: The song “Excuse Me” is a fun song to listen to, but I think watching us perform it is fun to. So please look forward to our performances as well.

JU: Like Himchan-hyung said, to understand the full charm of “Excuse Me”, the best way is to watch our performances. Also, I hope you can see my image change on stage (laughs).

YJ: Since it’s a simple melody, I think it’s an easy song to sing together. The lyrics are fun too, so it’d be nice if you sing to it cheerfully whilst listening.

DH: I think there are even more parts in the Japanese version where we can commiserate with the fans, and I think we can show B.A.P’s coolest side at this point, so please look forward to our future activities too.

trans: tvxqluff (cassie_babyz @twitter)

Please take out with full credits


Lay - 140829 ‘Celebrity Chef Has Arrived’s’ weibo update: “#海尔冰箱•星厨驾到##张艺兴返场星厨驾到#看到标题的你们有木有惊呆?不要怀疑自己的眼睛!我们心心念念的小骄傲@努力努力再努力X 真的会重返#星厨驾到#独家内幕!千真万确!大声告诉我,还有比这更激动人心的消息么 PS:这么赞的喜讯一定要转起来让更多人知道~”

Translation: “#Celebrity Chef Has Arrived# #Zhang Yixing returns to Celebrity Chef Has Arrived# seeing the title are you all shocked? Don’t suspect your eyes! Zhang Yizing, the little pride that we are always thinking of, will really return to #Celebrity Chef Has Arrived# with exclusive scenes! Completely true! Tell me loudly, is there any more exciting news than that? PS: such good news you have to repost to let more people know~”

Credit: 江苏卫视广告营销部.

LYRICS + TRANS: 'Up Rising' - Chen Solo

**바로 지금 여기 시작해봐 
Start right now 
모든 룰은 깨지게 돼있어 

All the rules can be broken 
너를 절망케할 나의 반항 오늘 뼈저리게 느껴봐** 

Today, feel despair from my rebellion

숨을 곳이 없이 
There’s no place to hide 
난 너란 관 속에 갇혀 

I am trapped in your coffin (t/n: your coffin = the girl; you) 
나를 쫒는 눈길 차가운 손길 내 몸을 더듬고 

You are looking at me and touching me with cool hands 
오늘 여기 너의 비명 소리를 듣는다면  

If I hear your scream 
난 기쁨에 몸부림 치겠지 

I will be ecstatic

무슨 일 있어도 나를 막진 못 해 
No matter what, you can’t stop me 

마침내 안의 진짜를 터트릴게 
I will finally show my true self 
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah~

**repeat 2x**

Up Up Up Rising 
저기 정상에서 
From the top 
Up Up Rising

trans: sweatyjongdae 
please take out with credits

@kimheenim: ’SHIRT’ 무대에서 썬그라스를 쓰려고 했는데 없어서 “아 망했네” 이러고 있는데 태민이가 “형 제꺼라도 쓰실래요?” 하면서 협찬해 줌. 아 태민은 사랑입니다. 오늘 태민이 1등 추카추카!!😬😬 여기서 문제. <태민이가 버림을 당하면?> #탬버린

"I was going to wear sunglasses for the ‘SHIRT’ performance, but I didn’t have any, so I thought, "Ah, I’m screwed." But Taemin said, "Hyung, do you want to wear mine?" and sponsored me. Ah, Taemin is love. Congrats to Taemin for 1st place today! Here’s a riddle. <What do you get when Taemin is thrown away?> #Tambourine

(T/N: Tambourine is spelled taem-beorin in Korean. Taem is Taemin and beorin is to be thrown away, so it means #Taemthrownaway.)”

Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net

[TRANS] CanCam - October 2014



Half a year since their last CanCam exclusive cover! 2PM members who fly overseas for performances or promotions.

Photograph good unchanging relationships of them, who are 6-years-debuted in Korea.

[Style Check for the 6 people leaving on 2PM’s trip!]

2PM wrapped in spring fashion trend.

Each of the 6 people’s chosen trunk, anticipation, and romance of “Traveling” are thrown in…

Jun. K “A beautiful colored trunk with a striped knitted wear will make a ”

Junho “Denim and shirt. A space for man through the extremely simple clothing”

Wooyoung “A lettering T-shirt with black jacket for a chic man look at the airport”

Taecyeon “A fitting jacket on a built body will show a man’s color”

Nichkhun “A fitting white pants X shirt will show natural resort style”

Chansung “Print T-shirt and damage denim will add the mood to play on a trip”   

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綴 / Tsuzuku (MEJIBRAY) - Blog entry, 2014.08.28


I wonder who I am
I wonder what I am supposed to do

If I die,

Tsuzuku might die as well

I wonder who I am

I wonder what I am supposed to think

What I can do because of Tsuzuku,

is composing songs.

Me, who cannot shine,

I wonder how I am supposed to proceed.

I wonder if the day of our next LIVE is not coming

The day where Tsuzuku can laugh

That is

the day I can sleep.

Someone said it once,

"You are being killed by Tsuzuku"


  • He is not ending with the word “Tsuzuku” as usual, but “me” / “I” this time
  • This entry has been member-blocked