Living with certainty, integrity and power set a solid foundation for my social transition. It reassured others when I operated with deliberate certainty. I learned that often the marginalized have to combat the hijacking and dismissal of their narratives and it takes well-calculated articulation from the self to do that.

Like can DIY gender be a thing already? Bc I’ve been trying to fit into this shitty idealized version of womanhood as of late, and I realize now that I’ll never even come close to it, and I’m okay with that. So I’m constructing my own concept of womanhood that allows for fluidity rather than focusing on things that stereotypically represent being a woman. I guess I should have made this distinction earlier but yeah… I’m a trans woman, but I am not a binary woman, nor do I wish to be.

so my friend vael is saving for his transition; you might have seen pics of him on my blog as a fab mituna back when we met at kw con

he’s a super cool dude (ie huge nerd) and it’d be really awesome if y’all would consider donating or even signal boosting to help out; as of right now he’s only raised $40!

i hate not being able to just like magically fix all my friends’ problems but hopefully we can at least start here :))) THANKS

“What if they don’t think I’m a real man?” / 2014 My brother Mason and my mother Samantha.

I haven’t been posting much recently, life has been a wild ride in the past couple months. But I’m reaching out to the Tumblr community in the hopes to help someone I love very very much.

My beloved brother Mason Emmett Steele was born Emma Delaine Terhorst-Steele. Mason courageously came out to us about two years ago, after years of knowing exactly who he was and not quite having the words to explain it. Since then, Mason has been on hormone treatments, changed his legal name and gender, seen a gender therapist, and made strides towards happiness.

But Mason hasn’t gotten the gift of comfort. I have seen the pain inflicted by the binder he wears pull the breath out of him and bring him to tears. Mason is the most beautiful human I have ever met, I am just blessed to be his sister. He makes miniature deserts out of clay, he makes me cotton clouds to hang above my bed to keep my anxiety at bay, he listens to Perfume Genius for hours, he constructs his own cosplay outfits, he draws portraits of our family and submerges himself in watercolors.

Mason turns 18 on June 10th, and we scheduled an appointment in good faith to give him the best present we could think of - his top surgery. We need to save up $5500 for recovery, travel, and procedure costs. If you can’t donate, please just reblog. I have seen my brothers heart break for far too many years. I want to see him swim again, I want him to feel comfortable enough to leave the house, I want my brother to feel handsome in a suit on his wedding day, I want him to feel comfortable and happy. Thanks for reading.

This is the fundraising campaign for Mason’s Top Surgery Fund:


Sometimes I get into a funk, so I like to post this kind of thing for myself, and also for others.

I was 18 on the left. Body and soul was so unhealthy. Faked every aspect of my life in a tiny Christian community/school.

Now I’m almost 24 and four years on testosterone. So much more self aware and trying to live a more authentic life going forward.

The thing to remember is that you can make a change in your life! Patience is a virtue that I’m still trying to acquire. If you wait and put in the work though, what you sow will be positive.


Hi!! My name is Mykel Nathan! I’m a 17 year old transguy from California! I’ve been binding for about 4 years now with ace bandages, duct tape, or literally anything I can find to flatten my chest. It has definitely taken a toll on my body. It has bruised me, made it very difficult to breathe, and has even from time to time cut into my skin. This is extremely bad for my body and health! But dysphoria is so bad I will do literally anything to feel like the man I truly am! Since I cannot keep hurting myself and I do not have the money to purchase a binder, I have come to my tumblr family for help! Please if you can either donate or reblog this to spread awareness I will love you forever and ever and explode with happiness!!!! I’ll even promo you on my semi popular blog!! Pleaseeeee donate pleassssseeeeeee 💕💕💕💕💕
Sincerely, Mykel Nathan DeAnda

May 26, 2015

I’m now away from my family for about 2 months. In this time, a lot will change on T. I’m pretty excited, yet nervous because they don’t know I’m on T. Eeeeeep. 

Anyways, I just got back from being at my brother’s graduation and spending time with family for 3 days. My brother called me by Saren every time he addressed me, except for one slip-up. So that was pretty cool. I also am now passing 24/7. That’s cool too. I will do a ‘two months on T’ video at some point, as tomorrow marks 2 months!