Today is the Transgender day of visibility and I know a lot of people are making these posts, but that’s kind of the point. If this post makes you uncomfortable then you shouldn’t be following my blog because this is a big part of who I am, and is not going away. 

The first picture was taken on New Years Eve of 2014, some time before that I learned what transgender really was, I watched videos and began questioning shortly after. I was scared and thought I was just feeling this way because I liked the people I saw doing it, I wasn’t convinced and wrote off the thoughts as me just being annoying. My tenth grade year of high school I met my now best friend and boyfriend slint (Jackie) who had been identifying as trans since middle school. Jackie helped me and continues to help me find myself and be comfortable both in my skin and my mind, I can never thank him enough for all he’s done for me. The second pictures shows me in February 2014 when I cut all my hair off and asked only my ex significant other and Jackie to refer to me with male pronouns. I started going by Beck and was scratching the surface of being happy. The third picture is on my 16th birthday which was the first time I had been comfortable enough to wear shorts out in public since the 6th grade, which may not seem like much but it meant the world to me. In October of 2014 I dressed as a handsome normal boy to my first Homecoming Dance, I went out and bought a tie and fancy dress pants and dress shirt, I looked fucking great and danced all night with Jackie. The last two pictures are of me now, 2015, I am only out to select friends and not at all to my family nor do I take any hormone treatments. I comfortably identify as male and express myself through the internet and gain courage every day to be completely me. I will be 17 in July and I will be happy. There is so much more for me to see and to do, the same goes for every other person out there, especially for young transgender teens. I want to make it and I want to see everyone else make it with me. 


from she to he; then and now, and still evolving. what the fuck is my gender, really? beats me. i’ll settle for androgynous prince.

i’m about 19 months on T, by the way for those who are curious. it really fucked up my skin for awhile so i had to take a break from modeling, but i’m doing so much better now. 




its rare i really post about my gender identity, or even mention it at all; but as it is trans day of visibility, i decided to post a short time lapse of my transition, starting with pictures of me before i came out as trans male, and ending with my favorite picture in the whole world; a picture taken at a family gathering of ‘all the men of the family’ with me, right in the middle.

at the very beginning, it was hard for my family to understand, they thought it was just a phase, but after a while they began to be more accepting- two years later its still a little difficult, but they do their very best for me, occasionally the pronouns slip or my birth name is used- but i am honestly so grateful and feel so blessed to have a family as accepting as mine.

happy trans day of visibility, blessed be ´ ▽ ` )ノ♥

This is definitely the most frequently asked question I receive from readers. 

Bookmark this article! It has tons upon tons of links and resources and lists containing even more links and resources. Plus, very insightful points on what, exactly, does it mean to be transgender and/or to transition.


Today is the Day of Trans Visibility!! So, I thought I would share some of my transition. I was so insecure as a girl and for the longest time couldn’t figure out why. I forced myself to lose 40 pounds because I thought I would be happier if only I was thinner and more feminine and prettier; I have since gained the weight back (and a little extra) and come out as a boy (well, kind of a boy), and I have never been happier with myself and my relationship between body and brain. There are still things I want to change, but in the mean time, my body is a good body and so kind to me and a boy’s body and a strong body, and I am working to make it the best I can. I hope the world becomes safer and kinder to all of us soon.

I normally never post topless photos because though I’m very happy with my transition, I’m still very unhappy with my body. I don’t have large muscles or flat abs. I have stretch marks and thick thighs. Things I’m trying to love about myself but at the same time I’m working towards getting the body I want. I’m always too self conscious and I would never post a full body photo because I honestly don’t have the courage to BUT since today is TDOV I thought I’d post a picture I normally NEVER would. So here’s me, 10 months on T with little baby muscles I’m working hard to make bigger


My name is Flinn (i also go by Fang)
I’ve been transitioning for just a little over 7 months. And of course i couldn’t pick one photo so i went with my decent favorites!
Today on March 31st, 2015 it’s #transdayofvisibility which I’ve been pretty pumped about for the past week.
Having recently come out to most of my family and my father not taking it well and disowning me, I’ve been really depressed about my transition. So today has been something to look foreword to. My family can try to erase or pretend that this isn’t happening. But it is. Im accepting myself and loving myself for me. I have yet to start T but I know life will only get better once I do, same for top surgery.
Right now I have a lot of trouble in school as far as misgendering but my drawing teacher helps me a lot (she is transgender as well!)
I didn’t start accepting myself till I was 19. But I’ve known for a long time. I can’t exactly put an age on knowing. It’s like asking how long I’ve been drawing? Cuz I couldn’t tell you exactly.
Im not really sure what else to put here, im a bit nervous to even post this. But, here goes nothing c:


I am so proud and happy to have come this far. Never in my life would I have imagined being this happy. Even a year ago, I couldn’t imagine being happy at all. But I am proud to say I’ve come a long way and I am glad to say that I’m finally happy.
I’m sorry we’ve lost so many brothers and sisters who never got to experience the happiness and relief that I’m now feeling. Today, we remember you. May you all rest in peace.

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility. I’m going to write my stance. Read it or keep scrolling! Thanks! (I’m 2 years on Testosterone injections currently just for your information)

This day important because this day is meant to show that we exist, we are all around even though we blend into society. We need our lives protected. No one would guess I am Trans if I never told them. Want to know my reasoning for outing myself to those I see more than 3 times or at least on a daily basis?? Because in order to change what is a problem you have to recognize it’s a problem and then stand up and change it yourself. We won’t make progress waiting for other Trans* people to blaze that trail for us! Stand up, however you chose to do it today and show others we exist, we are here and we are not ok with being treated so unjust, unfair and grotesquely! Walk forward. Push forward. We don’t deserve to die for simply existing, we are just as human as others. Indiana and California are passing/trying to pass laws that are terrible and if the one in California passes….(higher powers forbid that happens) but if it does lots of innocent civilians lives will be at stake as well and those who are “out” and are in any position of power….we can make the difference. We can change the world. One foot step, one voice, one life, one hand to hold, one heart of gold. We are all one. We are all human….aren’t we?