2. For Sure I Am Not Bored with You

OUR PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED! FRANCO LACOSTA IS BACK! With all due respect, this was even more exciting news than Miss J returning; Lacosta was maybe the best part of all of Cycle 20. (Seriously, click that link, it’s so worth it.)

Regrettably, we didn’t get any words of wisdom as bizarre as “you are the angel of your own monster,” but Lacosta is still an absolute delight. The way he delivers the most ridiculous feedback with such intensity, topped off by his thick accent… let’s just say I would never be late if Lacosta were running a train. (Not really, he also kind of scares me.)

Is there a Franco Lacosta See-and-Say available? I would definitely purchase that. I just want to pull the string over and over again to hear him say things like:

We probably would have seen even better catchphrases if this whole challenge weren’t a pointless rush. I appreciate Ivy’s attempt to justify how this challenge relates to modeling, but… no. The only real strategy is for the models to throw on the first three pieces of clothing they could grab and haul ass onto the train. When it goes from 22 competitors to just 2, that’s a speed challenge, not a modeling challenge. The last two standing were just wearing coats with nothing underneath.

By the end, they were totally just shutting the doors faster than they were supposed to for dramatic effect. I take the Hollywood Redline a lot and they never close the doors in someone’s face. The only part of this challenge that is authentic to the actual Los Angeles commuter experience is the fact that all the models hopped the turnstiles. (For the record, I always TAP.) I suppose we also have an annual No Pants Subway ride, too, so that’s not the first time that train has seen a lot of butt cheeks either.

It is pretty funny that they use this challenge to convince us that Matthew is suddenly full of personality. 

Those words apply more aptly to Lacosta, not Matthew. If anything, Matthew wins by default. The only time Matthew isn’t boring, ironically enough, is when Lacosta calls him boring:

Here, he looks like a naughty sea captain who’s about to rip open his coat and flash us his genitals. In the words of Lacosta, “For sure I am not bored with you.”

Okay, whatever, so what if I’m not convinced that Matthew has personality? That’s still better than having a personality like Ben’s. I think Matthew’s a perfectly nice guy, and I congratulate him on his win, even if his win means absolutely nothing. Seriously, he receives no prize, no advantage, and the judges never so much as discuss the challenge when choosing the final cast. Nonetheless, Matthew is ecstatic:

Ugh, never mind, even his sex simile is boring. “It was like losing my virginity… [blank]” could be filled in with so many better jokes than “it felt good.” 

  • It was like losing my virginity: I was in and out and had my clothes back on in just thirty seconds.
  • It was like losing my virginity: three guys, a camera, and an empty subway car.
  • It was like losing my virginity: I got angrily critiqued the entire time.
  • It was like losing my virginity: she had a choice of me and one other guy.
  • It was like losing my virginity: she made me stop four times before I could finish.

5 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 21 Episode 2

Solar Dynamics Observatory captures images of lunar transit

On July 26, 2014, from 10:57 a.m. to 11:42 a.m. EDT, the moon crossed between NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and the sun, a phenomenon called a lunar transit. A lunar transit happens approximately twice a year, causing a partial solar eclipse that can only be seen from SDO’s point of view. Images of the eclipse show a crisp lunar horizon, because the moon has no atmosphere that would distort light. This image shows the blended result of two SDO wavelengths - one in 304 wavelength and another in 171 wavelength.

Image credit: NASA/SDO