“It amazed me that every day, 2.8 million people take the train, but even though they’re so physically close to each other, mentally and emotionally they’ve never been more separated out. So when I took the first picture in 2011, that’s the feeling I wanted to capture inTransit.”
“What’s the most interesting thing you’ve noticed?”
“Well if you look at trains, they’re basically metal containers taking people from point A to point B, point B usually being their jobs. Most people are pretty unhappy about their jobs, and yet they do it over and over again - every single morning.”
“Why do you think that’s the case?”
“I guess it’s about being comfortable. This is a harsh analogy, but if you look at our bird park, the birds fly back because they’ve been given a nice environment to live in. It’s the same for us, everywhere we go we have AC, we have every convenience possible, and that puts us in a comfort zone. And we forget that it’s possible to stretch our wings and explore what’s outside.”
“What would you suggest is the solution?”
“There’s no single solution. My only hope is that people are forced to think about this when they look at my pictures. It’s why I’m not very attached to the number of likes and comments that my pictures get - I don’t care if people like them. I care that they look my pictures and think - ‘Huh, that looks just like me in the morning.’ I care if people relate and embrace the fact that they’re not so different from each other, and that maybe it is possible to spread their wings and break out of the routine - just like I did, when I first started taking pictures for a living.”