In the 1960’s, the signage within the NYC subway system was a total mess. The Transit Authority hired a design firm to come up with a solution, and thus the Graphics Standards Manual was born. It was a 3-ring binder loaded with pages that would dictate every minute detail of transit signage moving forward. Only so many copies were made, and most of them were ultimately lost or destroyed.

Not long ago, Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth discovered an original copy of the Graphics Standards Manual in a gym locker. They scanned it, shared the scans online, and the site became so popular that they decided to reissue the manual as a hardcover book. We asked Jesse and Hamish to give us some background, and explain the process of printing a book. Watch that right here.

Three Bands Not To Miss On Warped Tour

I can’t believe Warped Tour starts in just over four months, I feel like I was just there getting sweaty and sunburned while watching some of my favorite bands yell into microphones. I’m fortunate enough to have my date at the beach (Ventura, CA), so I can go jump in the ocean afterwards if I wish to do so. Since Warped Tour is creeping up so fast, I wanted to recommend three bands that shouldn’t missed if you plan on attending a date. Of course you should watch The Wonder Years and all of the other juggernauts, these three are either underrated bands or upcoming acts. 


Although they’re a very popular band, they don’t quite have that buzz that they back in say 2010-11. If you found your way into the pop punk world through bands like Neck Deep or Modern Baseball, you may not have heard of Transit before. Go watch them this year. 

Have Mercy

I was a bit surprised to see Have Mercy on the Warped bill solely because they’re still a pretty small and new band(so is Moose Blood), but that didn’t make me any less excited. Some may call them emo, some may say they’re an alt/indie group, nonetheless they will make you feel if you catch their set. Don’t miss out. 

Moose Blood

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you heard me talk about Moose Blood quite a bit, maybe even put them on a bit of a pedestal. The UK emo band put out my favorite release last year via No Sleep Records and you really wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to see them on their VERY FIRST United States run.