Transformers: Prime, Partners

"I have been a fool, made mistakes — monumental ones. I now realize that I was never destined to be a leader or even an equal partner, and I’m at peace with that. I have gained a clear understanding of my place in this universe, of who I am, of who I was always meant to be — Starscream, second in command, humble servant to lord Megatron."

Oh no, please tell me that they didn’t break him. That they are leaving him in pieces like this. Please, just don’t. He was barely hanging on in the previous episodes, don’t — don’t do this.

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Transformers: Prime, T.M.I.

Does anyone find it creepy that Bulkhead takes a lot of pleasure in watching bigger vehicles crush smaller vehicles, when he turns into a vehicle? 

Ratchet: "Innocent vehicles battling for the pleasure of human spectators?" (disgusted) "Blood sport."

It’s sad when even in canon, characters are completely disgusted with Bulkhead’s behaviour and not just me. (and also sees this situation for what it is.)

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Belgian graphic artist & illustrator Laurent Durieux redesigns movie posters in a retro-futurisitc style. View his complete work via his website.

Laurent Durieux doesn’t actually live in a retro-futuristic world imagined by H.G. Wells and designed by Raymond Loewy. In Durieux’s world, gigantic robots tower over forests populated by mythical beasts such as Bigfoot and King Kong; city skies are thick with airships shaped like Snoopy, while Buck Rodgers-like vehicles whiz by on slender monorails; and movie monsters are portrayed as sensitive creatures, victims of their grotesqueries rather than revenge-fueled fiends.

Transformers: Prime, Rock Bottom

Miko: ”We’re supposed to be at a rock concert, but all I see is rock.”
Jack: (yawns) “Relax, Miko. The show doesn’t start for two hours.”
Miko: “Do you know how long I’ve waited to see slash monkey? Uh forever! And it’s their only U.S. date.”
Jack: “There’s a shock. I mean, who doesn’t love obscure Bulgarian shriek metal?”

So we start out with this gem: Miko is excited about something and someone mocks her for it. Please don’t let this become a trend on this show, or I’ll be pretty pissed. 

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Magnus pls… 


"Reverend Shane is preachin’ to ya now, boy."


enjolras, combeferre, and courfeyrac having a super nerdy and elaborate friendship handshake that they developed when they were children as a symbol of their camaraderie to one another and using it no matter how old they are for any victories they may achieve