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how is it that two of the best scenes in Transformers history - “what if we leave, and you’re wrong” & the forest battle - are contained within the worst Transformers movie ever [ROTF]. how. why.


from the first day I met you, I knew you’d go far in this life. I can remember you talking about this day so many times, feeling like it was so far out of your reach. but I always knew you’d accomplish so much more than you ever realized you would. I’m so proud of you. we were pretty much babies when we met. and now looking back a year later I’m so greatful to have been able to be a part of your life and to watch you transform into such an amazing, strong, determined person. I’ve seen this life push you down so many times but each and every time you get right back up. you inspire me. I’m so proud of you ferro and I wish I could be there today to congratulate you. happy graduation day you little shit I miss you & im so unbelievably proud of you.❤️🎓 yungferro

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late to the party but if you're still doing drabbles how about some fracture, in where he realizes he's in love with a human ヽ(´▽`)/

They are tiny.
They are fragile.
They are mine.
At first they were just something to watch, just something to count the days I was stuck on this dirt clod of a planet by. They lived their life: They worked and played they lived, and I watched. I knew their routine and what they did everyday.
And I learned what they liked.
They like to read on rainy days, they cried during movies, they gripped their pillows as they slept and kicked the sheets off their legs when they rose. They ate toast in the morning and pizza at night. They showered with a song on their lips and a sway in their hips.
And it all started with the want.
First it was the want to push them over and see if they would fall over, how fragile they were. I was almost horrified at the thought, the need to see if they would scream at the sight of me, or faint. What did their blood look like, what did it taste like?
I became disgusted with myself and returned to watching them, ignoring my thoughts.
The next want was the want to touch them, but not in the same way as before. I wanted to rub a servo up their spine, licking their neck and even nipping along their legs and arms. I thought about touching them and even cuddling into them.
I began to watch them more intently.
I caught them.
I caught them and they don’t know it they didn’t see me….
Did they…
They looked at me through the window, and even though they saw me, they kept going.
Its the first time I’ve ever seen more than their face, neck, and limbs. Their belly is soft and I want to kiss it, their chest is adorable and I want to nibble every inch of it, and that junction between their thighs, where their hand works away at themself to coax those delicious sounds from their throat.
I want to reach in, I want to touch them, to bring them to finish.
They see me.
Thier eys widen and their lips round into an ‘o’ that stars silently befoe becoming quite loud, their overload taking them into is spell.
I want to hold them as they arc.
I want to feel their heartbeat.
I want to feel them tremble.
I want them.
I want them to want me.
And for a moment, I think they do.
They stand and walk to the window, watching me intently before waving their hand.
I wave back, hoping they’ll open the window.
'Let me in’, I mouth.
'No. Not tonight, red-eyes~“, they mouth back, and I know they that they knew.
I grin, 'So, there’ll be another night?’
They nod, then wave goodbye and close the curtains.
And thats good enough for me.


RiD relationships [1/?] - Bumblebee/Jazz

Bonus shot:

The video froze and absolutely refused to work but I’m not even mad. This shot is amazing. Jazz has a great butt wow.

Also bonus shot 2:

Let’s be real; I could post like another ten bonus shots because every scene with Jazz is great. But this scene in particular is really cute. This is is right after they first meet Jazz, and he’s doing this little dance and just generally being a weirdo. But just look at Bee’s face:

He’s just smiling and watching Jazz dance like

I’m sorry I really love these two okay.

Post-school not working out for a couple months + pre-summer workout body. Who would’ve thought that stress, depression, and anxiety could work so much magic? Putting this here to watch my transformation this summer since I have school off for a couple months.


ACen 2015 was a blast!! While I was at my table I was able to draw in my sketchbook for several hours. Here are some drawings from over the weekend!