How I learned to stop worrying and love the slash sign

Here’s a confession that’s hardly news: I used to deride the very idea of fan fiction, especially slash.

Part of it was just being a writing snob, and for that part I’ll never be sorry, but most of it was because I didn’t really have much of an idea of what it was. I was introduced to slash through the lens of “straight women objectifying actors and fetishising homoerotica in what’s effectively just highly stereotyped straight romance/sex with the perceived ‘threat’ of another woman removed” – in other words, the literary analogue to “lesbian” studio porn made for straight men. And yeah, there really is a lot of it that’s exactly that and little more (very especially where it overlaps with yaoi).

But increasingly there’s yet another element coming to the fore. More and more, LGBTQ* folk are using it to express the peculiar blend of hope and frustration that permeates our struggle for representation. More and more we’re using fan fiction, transformative works, to explore all the kinds of stories that the heteronormativity machine has denied us: heart-rending romances, domestic comedies, filthy erotic romps, epic fantasies and action-adventures, and everything in between.

We sweep away the Hays Code, flip off the MPAA, haul subtext up into full brazen text, and grab the queerbaited hook and yank the line down to us. In fan fiction our pop culture heroes become like us and face struggles we face, overcome what we fear we can’t; they have stories that the big-name studios and publishers won’t tell, and make the confessions that we wish we could speak.

More and more, fan fiction has become a reaction of a downtrodden, chronically-Othered people bristling with creativity having to say, I exist, but if I don’t write about people like me, who will?


Over the next few weeks I’ll be crossposting pieces of the Fandom Then/Now webproject here. Please consider commenting here using the #fandomthennow tag or posting on the site to share your thoughts and ideas. This week I’ll be focusing on romance and fan fiction.

In 2008, most of the fan fiction read by survey participants was romantic (77%). However, this interest in romantic stories did not seem to cross over into commercial/print romances. Only 31% of the survey participants said that they also read romance novels. When asked what they tended to read more (fan fiction or commercial romance novels), survey participants also overwhelmingly identified themselves as readers of fan fiction more than readers of romance novels (86%).

Let’s talk about fan fiction and romance a little more. Do you think of the fan fiction you read as romantic? Why or why not? In addition to your fic reading, do you also read commercial romance novels? Why or why not?

Read the full write up on fan fiction and romance here. Share what you think about this on the Fandom Then/Now website or respond here using the #fandomthennow tag.

Elita and the Dinobots

World: Transformers AOE “Knights Thirteen” AU

Pairings: OPxEO

Synopsis: Optimus takes Elita One to visit the Dinobots.

Author’s Note: Inspired by a scenario presented by tfautobotsrollout, this also kind of snowballed into an AU that’s been chasing around my head along with a Yeager Program (God I love that pairing name) one. I have no idea which one will be written first, but for now, enjoy this piece of fun.

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In translation studies, many of us are working on enlarging the field to not only include conceptualizations of translation that go beyond traditional, Eurocentric variations on literal meaning transfer. (…) Even if one doesn’t think of writing fan fiction as a form of translating, it’s hard not to agree that it constitutes a deconstruction and a retelling.


Translation theorist André Lefevere (1992) argues that most people know most of what they know about canonical literature because of rewrites, not because they’re intimately familiar with the source texts. Lefevere includes anthologies, criticism, adaptations, and of course translation as rewritings. To this I would add fan fiction.

an old review from a fic of mine over on the pit, but I’d like to share it, as it’s probably the funniest damn one I’ve ever received, period.

don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE and ADORE every single person who’s ever commented on this story or ANY of my works.

but… omg. This cracks me up every time. Ahahaha just the timing of it with such a srs bsn chapter.

ProwlxArcee fluff

Prowl gazed at the rain with a pensive air.

“You know I would kill him for you if you like.”

The black and white police car glanced over at the red female with a small smile. “You are not hunting down and killing a human, Arcee. We are to apprehend and turn him in to the human authorities. Those are our orders.”

She looked out of the open hangar across the abandoned air field. The runway was nothing more than cracked rubble and weeds that came almost to their knees covered the ground. The hangar itself was littered with odd bits and bobs from its days as a working airport. “He is a murderer. In the past killing has been the only way to deal with one.”

“Times have changed,” he replied, not commenting on how she had begun to lean against him. It was pleasant to feel that familiar yet not warm weight against his side after so long. She had started the behavior on Cybertron, and he had never tried to shrug her off. Instead he allowed the intimacy, even going so far as to wrap his arm around her waist.

“And we both know that some things never change,” she returned as she began to lightly run her fingers up and down the inside seam of his doors. Prowl let out a little purr of pleasure at the delicate touch to his most ticklish part. She laughed quietly and a little cruelly as she laid her head on his shoulder.

“And we know that some things do,” he shot back, gesturing to her body leaning against his.

She made a disgruntled sound, but didn’t argue. The pair stood quietly for awhile, simply watching the rain as it fell on a cool spring morning on Earth leaning into each other. The only sounds were the rain on the metal roof and the quiet revs of their engines.

“I still think we should just kill him.”

I officially posted the first chapter to my very first fan fiction, about a month ago. I am now three chapters into it, with chapter four going through the last stages of editing. I decided to share the first chapter here. I will probably post the other chapters here as well. I am also going to make this blog the main source of any updates or news, such as, when new chapters will be up, if there is any delays, or just discuss the story topic. So I hope y'all enjoy :)

-I have seen all three movies, Transformers movies. A Transformer, in the fandom of Transfans, means gigantic alien machines that can scan vehicles and become them, hence, becoming Robots in Disguise. They are not the powerboxes that you see on the poles. They have sparks, which generate their personality and life being extremely vital to living itself. And then there’s the Allspark, the cube. I have seen the first movie several times directed by Micheal Bay, the worst director ever. Why? I’ll get to that, as soon as this Dark of The Moon is about to end.

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Chapter 42 of a Transformers - Adventure/Friendship fanfiction with characters Jazz & The Fallen. Their world destroyed by the arrival of Galvatron and the Fallen, a group of Autobots, Decepticons and humans tried to survive. They made a choice - and now, they find themselves with the chance to fix things… to fix everything. Sequel to Fallout. AU2007.

The last thing any fangirl would expect to happen to her is to be sucked into her favourite TV show, and that’s the last thing I would’ve counted on happening one Sunday afternoon. But, sadly, we rarely have control of the future. The day I was literally sucked through my television and into a world that existed only in my daydreams, I learned that truth the hard way. I made new friends and enemies as well, I found myself in a world that was not quite fiction.


One would wonder why anyone would think of transferring to another school with just a month before the end of the year. Well, tell that to four teenagers who moved from California to finish their last month of school and their summer vacation. Meanwhile, a young man in Qatar will have to survive the near coming of the destruction of his home away from home. In the District of Columbia in the US, a young woman and her program will assist in cracking a signal in which will reveal a secret that has been long hidden for decades. All lives will be brought together by hands of fate as all will find that their lives will never become the same ever again. Can either of them be able to fight through this while keeping their own selves out of harm’s way?

Transformers Fan Fiction based in the events before, after and during the first movie.

Just getting back into this thanks to the damn fourth installment >A>