Finally found a ‘before’ skin photo!! This is nowhere near as bad as it got, but I don’t think I was really in front of the camera at all after this point because I was so self conscious of my acne. 

 On the left, pre-vegan. Eating what I thought was healthy, fruits and veg but also lots and lots of dairy and a some chickens/fish. I tried all kinds of cleansing products, fancy potions, antibiotics and hormonal controlling drugs. 

 On the right, 1.5 years plant based. High carb diet, loads of fruit, vegetables, water, oats, rice and happiness. I don’t wash my face at all except for the occasional coconut oil mask. 

The first photo was after wearing makeup for the day, the second is zero makeup at all and after a run. I have some acne scarring that is fading and will get the occasional pimple, but other than that it’s the clearest it’s ever been :)


Showing a lot of myself today!

Including scars, stretch marks, skin (some loose and some toned), muscles, cellulite, smiles, self pride, courage, serious contemplation, contorted positions, gratitude, and happiness! Yesterday was a rest day, and I’m excited to get back to sweating today! Grateful! Xoxo


We’re always to busy talking about and holding on to our future together that, that we forget we’re constantly making it everyday. Who knew you’d change so much in one year, not just physically but as a person and the relationship too. I’m glad to age everyday, with you by my side of course. 👭👵🏼❤️

Goddess of the Day: May 27

Cerridwen - Welsh Goddess of the Cauldron.  Keeper of the Sacred Cauldron, Cerridwen brews the magickal potions of divine wisdom and inspiration.  She is the guardian of spiritual transformation, and the dispenser of righteous council and ultimate justice.  Though She herself embodies the facets of Maiden, Mother, and Crone, Cerridwen is mainly honored in the Crone aspect, forming the triad with Blodeuwedd and Arianrhod.  Goddess of the Moon, Cerridwen rules the gifts of prophecy and magick, as well as the powers of death and rebirth.  She is considered to be one of the five Goddesses of Avalon.  The white sow is Her totem animal, and Her sacred time-frame for dedications and initiations is a year and a day.

(Text from Brandi Auset, The Goddess Guide)


Commissioned by Xx-Azure-xX

two friends transform into cheerleaders by a magical POM POM.

hope you guys liked it!


I don’t weigh myself and I don’t take measurements. I use progress pics and how I feel to gauge how my journey is progressing. it takes the sense of pressure off me and reminds me that this isn’t a ‘challenge’ it’s a lifestyle ☺️#ItsSammieMack #WeightLossJourney #weightloss #motivation #healthy #inspiration #instalike #healthyeating #pescetarian #Lesbian #GirlsWhoLikeGirls #InstaGay #LesbiansOfInstagram #Transformation #LifestyleChange #HealthyLiving #HealthyChoices #Health #like4like #instalike #igers #instadaily #instafollow #instagood