These are 10 of the best moments of my journey —all including my first shave, a bra burning to celebrate top surgery, the surgery itself, and the healing process of becoming me. This is me. All of me. The world can choose to accept it or hate it, but no one can take away the man standing before you.

Today is a day for visibility. So today, my journey is visible for any and every person who needs proof that it really does get better.

i owe it to myself to be visible. i owe it to every black trans woman who has lost her life because of her visibility. i owe it to those who are invisible by force or by choice, to those who are too afraid to transition and to those who have transitioned and are too afraid to speak about it. i owe it to every black trans woman who recognizes her mortality in knowing that our average life expectancy is only 35 years old. visibility can be dangerous, and it isn’t always fun or easy, but it is critical. i choose to be visible today for those who cannot be. i commit to defend both myself and my community when i am capable of doing so. even though some of us choose to be visible, and i personally am making an effort to be both more visible and vocal, we must recognize that visibility is not essential for all trans people, and is not possible for many. from here, we must find new ways to be inclusive of those who cannot be and choose not to be visible. happy tdov.


I normally never post topless photos because though I’m very happy with my transition, I’m still very unhappy with my body. I don’t have large muscles or flat abs. I have stretch marks and thick thighs. Things I’m trying to love about myself but at the same time I’m working towards getting the body I want. I’m always too self conscious and I would never post a full body photo because I honestly don’t have the courage to BUT since today is TDOV I thought I’d post a picture I normally NEVER would. So here’s me, 10 months on T with little baby muscles I’m working hard to make bigger

This was when I first started to embrace my dapper style in 2011. It took a long, long time to get rid of all the old band t-shirts I never wore, the really bad jeans, the girly button downs, the dresses that were collecting dust, the heels that were never worn, and to keep my hair short (I grew it out not to long after this photo).

So here’s to discovering your self, your style, and the love you have for all that is you.


Girl in a Bow Tie