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make that 3 Greek gods AU Nalu ( that is if you want to do it ;3 )

More than three sentences because dialogue is a bitch and I might expand this at some point! Continuation of This.

Give me a pairing and setting and I’ll write a 3 sentence fic.

Natsu stares, transfixed, as Lucy–in her long, white dress and her hair pilled on top of her head, eyes shining like the stars–raises the pitcher of water higher, lifting it above the glass bowl before her as she turns to face him fully, her skirts shifting around her legs, baring her skin to his eyes. She blinks at him slowly, then her gaze shifts to the bowl–which he swears is singing, he can hear it hum lowly, even from where he stands. He can feel the pure magic radiating from it, feel it thrum through his veins

“They say,” Lucy begins, drawing his eyes back to her. “That if you look into the truth, you see yourself and what it is your heart wants the most.” Her eyes pierce his, drawing him closer. “Will you look into the truth?” She pours the water into the bowl, and he’s surprised to hear no sound–no splash as the water swirls against the glass. And as he steps closer, he realizes it is a mirror. “Will you look into Aletheia, Hero?” He tears his eyes from the mirror, meeting hers instead.


“Look into the truth,” Lucy whispers. “Look into the truth, Son of Helios, and see what your heart beats for.”

Natsu inhales sharply, eyes tracing her features. “I see you,” he breathes, reaching across the mirror to catch her hand in his.

Lucy’s eyes grow stormy, and he knows what she is thinking. She is an immortal, but he is not. “You did not look, Son of Helios,” she says softly. “You did not–”

“I need no mirror to know my heart beats for you,” he says strongly, moving around the mirror to draw her closer, the water pitcher caught between them as he slips a hand down her back, fingers tracing her spine through her dress. “Truth or no truth, I see you, always.” He cups her jaw, tilting her chin up so she’s looking him in the eyes. “You are my truth.”


Come taste the wine.
Come hear the band.
Come blow a horn start celebrating!
Right this way your table’s waiting.

No use permitting some profit of doom,
to wipe every smile away…
Life is a Cabaret old chum!
Come to the Cabaret!

Michelle Williams as Sally Bowles
‘Cabaret’ | March 30th, May 3rd and August 19th, 2014
Cabaret Gifset 8/?

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Terracotta Head of Beardless Dionysos Figurine

c. 323 - 31 B.C.

“How could ecstasy be creative if it rose from an insufficiency, from a not-having coupled with a desire to have? The elemental depths gape open and out of them a monstrous creature raises its head before which all the limits that the normal day has set must disappear. There man stands on the threshold of madness – in fact, he is already part of it even if his wildness which wishes to pass on into destructiveness still remains mercifully hidden.”

Walter F. Otto, “Dionysos: Myth and Cult”

Here’s something you don’t see every day: A bobcat catches a shark at Sebastian Inlet State Park in Florida. John Bailey captured this amazing scene last night during a stroll on Vero Beach. He realized the cat was transfixed on a shark feeding on smaller fish. Suddenly, the bobcat leaped into the water atop the shark and dragged it ashore! John snapped this photo just before the bobcat dropped its catch and ran into the forest. Photo courtesy of John Bailey via the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.