transexualpervert replied to your post: That’s what mixer’s for, bby. The taste of alcohol makes me straight up nauseous. :c

Have you had a drink that was mixed specifically to suit your needs? You shouldn’t be able to taste the alcohol if A) there isn’t as much in the drink and B) it’s DROWNING in mixer. Unless you drink, like, Smirnoff Ice or Mike’s Hard…

I haven’t yet, no, but I mean even still you know me, I have no need to really get crunk anyways ;D Maybe some other time though.

darnganronpas asked:

32, 33 (I know you're hella dysphoric so thinking of things that you actually like might help? I know it helps me)

32: I have no idea. I have never heard of this phrase. Um. “If they don’t kill off someone this season on Game of Thrones, we are fucking.”


33: I actually really like my shoulders and arms (because they’re nice, thin arms/shoulders for a boy) and my eyebrows, because my older sister used to beg to be allowed to pluck/shave them because I have really thick, dark eyebrows, and I never, ever let her near them.

(also, I usually try to think of things I like, like bondage and cuddles, but there’s always a part where I remember that WHOOPS I HAVE NO DICK and then I stop feeling anything pleasant)

transexualpervert replied to your post: So I’m thinking that I should start doing…

It’s also a way to meet people. I recommend going for it. Doing something with your time usually yields less depression.

NativeQuest also gives refurbished computers to volunteers who’ve done enough hours, apparently, and I’ve already had one of the adults at my youth group recommend it to me (she mentioned the computer thing and that it would be really good for someone as knowledge-loving as me).

I’d have to double-check with my mom about volunteering at the Humane Society, though. I mean, it would probably be really good for me, because I love animals, and it would allow me to work with animals without having to bring them home (which my mom would appreciate, since I ask if I can have a pet of my own on a regular basis), but I’m also worried that my mom might think it’s a bad thing for me to do that.

But getting out of the house and getting to do things with people on a regular basis… Well, it would be good for me, and it could also help me get a paying job?

transexualpervert replied to your post: upd8

Agreed. Also Brooke and I just “awwww’d” sadly simultaneously as we read your post.

i can’t go on like this

collapses to the floor

dry sobs

on a completely unrelated note, next time i visit hayden we need to coordinate so that the five of us can actually skype

(sports cat of course being the fifth)