There is no way that the proportions of Black and Native American children in foster care would ever happen to white children[…] if child welfare systems removed 1 in 10 white children from their families as they have in many Black and Native American communities, the systems would be shut down.

Dorothy Roberts, author of Shattered Bonds: The Color of Child Welfare

Black children constitute only 17 percent of the youth population in the U.S, yet make up 42 percent of all children in foster care nationwide. [pdf source download]

There are also more Native American & First Nations children being removed from families of origin today than there were at the HEIGHT of the ‘residential schools’ system.

All my life I’ve felt like I was living my life I’m the wrong body. My gender was almost correct (I switched to critical-female last month), but my race and ethnicity was completely wrong. I was born white with pure European ancestry, but I’ve always found myself liking rap music, fried chicken, and I could run really fast. I loved basketball and watermelon has been my favorite scent of all time. As I grew older, society and media taught me that these interests are not typical of a white person such as myself. My interests were more normal for black people. I felt ashamed to eat chicken in front of my family, scared to wear my favorite watermelon body mist, and scared to show my basketball skills on the playground (because I was white and a female and we all know how females aren’t supposed to show their athletic skill in public) When I was in high school I really wanted to join the track team but I was so scary to try out because I knew I would be ridiculed by my white peers for betraying my own race and by my black peers for trying to encroach onto their territory. I allowed my racial dysphoria to dictate my life for too long.

Last week I have came to the realization that just because my skin is white and I am “genetically” (genetics is a social construction) Caucasian, that doesn’t mean I am white. I’m black. All the signs are there and I feel black, therefore, I am trans-black. Yesterday I decided to embrace my new identity and wear blackface out in pubic. I went to the mall so I could buy some outfits that were less white and conservative and guess what… I faced nothing but oppression and ignorance. I was told I was a racist biggot by black and white people. Why wold I be racist against my own race??? I’ve never felt so horrible in my life. People have no idea how much I’ve suffered my whole life, hiding who I really am from everyone. I have no friends of family for support and nobody knows the real me. They have no idea how much courage it took for me to wear my blackface out un public. No, it’s not blackface, it’s my identity. All these cis-ethnic scum degraded me for finally wearing my identity on my face. What I hope to accomplish from this post is to prove to the world that trans-black is real and we have real emotions. So please read and share my story and help me educate the oppressors out there.

i have made a post like this but here it goes *deep breath*: 


it is when a child of one ethnicity is adopted by parents of another ethnicity.

white people just hijacked this term from adoptees and are using it for their racist motives. ‘transethnic’ is a real term. you’re just using it wrong. 

Another Stolen Generation: how Australia still wrecks Aboriginal families

Via The Guardian | Friday 21 March 2014

The tape is searing. There is the voice of an infant screaming as he is wrenched from his mother, who pleads, “There is nothing wrong with my baby. Why are you doing this to us? I would’ve been hung years ago, wouldn’t I? Because [as an Aboriginal Australian] you’re guilty before you’re found innocent.” The child’s grandmother demands to know why “the stealing of our kids is happening all over again”. A welfare official says, “I’m gunna take him, mate.”

This happened to an Aboriginal family in outback New South Wales. It is happening across Australia in a scandalous and largely unrecognised abuse of human rights that evokes the infamous stolen generation of the last century. Thousands of mixed-race children were stolen from their mothers by welfare officials. The children were given to institutions as cheap or slave labour; many were abused.

Described by a chief protector of Aborigines as "breeding out the colour", the policy was known as assimilation. It was influenced by the same eugenics movement that inspired the Nazis. In 1997 a landmark report, Bringing Them Home, disclosed that as many 50,000 children and their mothers had endured “the humiliation, the degradation and sheer brutality of the act of forced separation … the product of the deliberate, calculated policies of the state”. The report called this genocide.

Assimilation remains Australian government policy in all but name. Euphemisms such as “reconciliation” and “Stronger Futures” cover similar social engineering and an enduring, insidious racism in the political elite, the bureaucracy and wider Australian society. When in 2008 prime minister Kevin Rudd apologised for the stolen generation, he added: “I want to be blunt about this. There will be no compensation.” The Sydney Morning Herald congratulated Rudd on a “shrewd manoeuvre” that “cleared away a piece of political wreckage in a way that responds to some of its own supporters’ emotional needs, yet changes nothing”.

Today, the theft of Aboriginal children – including babies taken from the birth table – is now more widespread than at any time during the last century. As of June last year, almost 14,000 Aboriginal children had been “removed”. This is five times the number when Bringing Them Home was written. More than a third of all removed children are Aboriginal – from 3% of the population. At the present rate, this mass removal of Aboriginal children will result in a stolen generation of more than 3,300 children in the Northern Territory alone.

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Transethnic, it is an actual thing.

Not in the sense that it has come to mean on tumblr. 

If you are talking real transeithnic people, it exists in cases of adoption where the child is of another ethnicity than their adopted parents..This can really create a complicated space for identity.

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Effect of Transracial/Transethnic adoption on Children’s Racial and Ethnic Identity and Self-Esteem

The Little Engine That Couldn't: A Social Justice Tale

The Little Engine that Couldn’t wanted to set out to the station over the hill in order to pick up non-genderdefined Tumblr users who were going on a march demonstration against the patriarchy (It would have been a march, but they realised this was an ableist term). But just as the little engine was about to set out, it learned that the tracks had been laid by a racial minority on minimum wage.

"What shitlord hired Mexicans to lay these tracks?" Wailed the little engine.

"We had to hire whoever would work for minimum wage." Replied the station controller, who was a white, middle aged, heterosexual male whose very presence oppressed the little engine.

"I didn’t ask you, fuck face!" Yelled the little engine. "Stop raping me with your patriarchy!"

The station controller was concerned by this accusation, and didn’t want to have to field any frivolous lawsuits, so he left to fetch the lady who sold tickets, to see if she could use her status as an empowered womyn to convince the little engine to do it’s fucking job.

Meanwhile a little boy came up to the little engine. “You’re not a very nice train” said the little boy. But his privileged upbringing angered the little engine.

"I identify as a bisexual ice dragon! I DEMAND you refer to me as my preferred species!" Screamed the little engine.

"You look like a train to me." Said the little boy.

"It’s not my job to educate you, shitlord!" Shouted the engine. "You can’t understand what it’s like to be womyn oppressed by the patriarchy, because you have a penis!"

"But you’re a train… You don’t even have sex organs." He said, matter of factly.

"A VAGINA IS A STATE OF MIND!" screamed the little engine.

At this point the little boy decided to give up his dream of becoming a train driver, it was clear that trains were too difficult to deal with. Instead he decided to use his white privilege as a springboard for a career as a stock broker, so he’d never have to use public transport again, and he could have a trophy wife who wouldn’t care about Womyn’s Issues as long as he kept giving her money. Just as he left, the station controller returned with the ticket lady.

The ticket lady had worked at the station a long time, and she had seen many things, but never had she encountered an engine that claimed to be a bisexual female ice dragon. The little engine saw her approach, and respected xer as a womyn identifying individual, but was concerned that such an old person was probably an internalized misogynist shill for the patriarchy.

"Can you believe that little fuck?" Asked the little engine, rhetorically. Zee wanted to test the ticket lady’s sympathy to the Social Justice Cause.

"He’s young and innocent." Replied the ticket lady, clearly impatient. "And you are running late to collect the activists for their demonstration."

"His constant mis-speciesing and mis-gendering triggered me! I just… can’t!" Screamed the little engine. "And besides, it’s not my job to educate little shitlords!"

"No, but it is your job to bring the passengers to their destination." Replied the ticket lady. She had always worked an honest job, and had no patience for the modern youth, and their unrealistic expectations.

"STOP OPPRESSING ME, SHITLORD! Your internalized misogyny is raping my mind vagina! I JUST CAN’T DEAL WITH ALL OF YOU TRIGGERING ME!" Shouted the little train, before zee burst into tears. Then, whilst sobbing, added "This is totally going on my Tumblr account!"

So the station controller sent another train to pick up the activists, and with a heavy heart, had another engine come to tow away the little engine that couldn’t, so zee could be scrapped and turned into something useful.

The moral of the story?

Call yourself whatever you want. If being a transfatty Potterkin or whatever makes you feel better, do it. However, don’t expect the rest of us in the real world to play along, and we don’t care if you’re offended.

Oh, and “This was TRIGGERING! I am so done!” just means “Lalalala, I can’t hear you”, and carries exactly as much weight. 

An interesting thing about being transracial* is that I can almost understand Japanese. Everything sounds so natural when watching subbed stuff that I start to go to another window or something and then I’m like “No, wait, I won’t know what’s going on”. But it feels like I could.

*I don’t know if transracial or transethnic is a better term. Both, I guess?

if you identify as transethnic (not as in you were adopted by parents of a different ethnicity but you feel like your white ass should’ve been born Japanese or something) then please remove yourself from all kinds of society and never speak to anyone again byebye!!


Contextually, the warped logic of transethnics who draw from dark skinned, POCs desires to be lighter skinned and/or white to their desire to be POC is non-comparable.

Internalized racism is a response to neo-colonialism and a culture that values whiteness over the cultures, ethnicities and racially codified characteristics of POCs. The envying of institutionalized white privilege, which usually manifests itself as a desire to be white, is not comparable to people who take racists stereotypes about POCS, internalize them and then perpetuate them while still having white privilege.

Transethnics are still perpetuating racism and are racists. Calling yourself something does not make it so, and identifying as a POC erases actually POC experiences. Also, identifying as POC does not take away a transethnic, white person’s racial privilege.

In fact, transethnics are reinforcing cultural whiteness. To “pass” as the race they’re pretending to be, they need to rely on cultural appropriation and racist attitudes.

It’s offensive. It’s unfortunate and overall, it’s pathetic.

Dear tumblr: Stop making up reasons to feel "oppressed".

You are not “transfat” because you want to gain weight.  You do not have “phantom fat” that you need to “feed”.  This would be like me saying I’m “transhair” because I have a pixiecut.

You are not “transethnic”.  You could move to another country and adopt the language and traditions there, but you can not change your cultural and biological family history.

You are not “transabled” unless you are a disabled person going through physical therapy in order to gain or regain abilities that others take for granted.  If you have an honest desire to become physically disabled, you have a form of body identity integrity disorder (BIID), and should seek psychiatric help.  It’s fine to want to be the person you feel like on the inside, but not when that includes crippling yourself and drastically altering your ability to provide for yourself as a human being.

Doing this is also insulting to those struggling to fit in because they actually are transitioning, physically and mentally, from one state to another that is recognized by science.

There are enough legitimate problems in the world without fabricating new ones in order to gain a sense of individuality.

Next thing you know, people will be calling themselves “transhobo” and living in cardboard boxes inside their houses in order to prepare for “the change”.

Transethnics remind me of those people* (read*: Wapanese, Western people who believe they should have been born Japanese because they are SO INFORMED about the culture).

They wrap themselves up in Harajuku or Visual Kei, wear anime-eye contacts, perfect what they hope is a “kawaii” smile and always whine about how they wish they could look like a cute/adorable Japanese girl or woman.

Like Japanese women aren’t infantilized enough as it is.