Here’s some body positivity for Trans Day of Visibility. I never thought I’d EVER post an unedited picture of my body. It’s been 20 days since the weight has been lifted off my chest and it’s the most liberating feeling. He/him/his pronouns, please!

We keep getting asks about this, so I figure I’d make an official post.

  • Don’t use ACE bandages or tape for binding, use sports bras, compression shirts, or a binder made from a reputable company
  • Don’t buy binders from a store that doesn’t ask for measurements, or from a store where they are made of poor material
  • Don’t bind for more than 8-12 hours at a time
  • Don’t wear your binder while sleeping or sick

Here’s a website that lists places to buy good binders and gives more information on binding. GC2B is another company that isn’t on that list, but they make good binders.

Please reblog this and spread the word, we usually get an ask a day from people who have questions about this and I want to make sure you all bind safely.

Misgendering trans men is transphobic.

Not using a trans mans chosen name is transphobic.

Insulting a trans mans genitalia or chest is transphobic.

Intentionally triggering a trans mans dysphoria is transphobic.

You are still a transphobe if you do any of these things. You can’t pick and choose which parts of the trans community that you want to support.

You can be a trans boy and still wear dresses
You can be a trans boy and still wear makeup
You can be a trans boy and have long hair
You can be be a trans boy and still like “feminine/girly” things
You can be a trans boy I still get manicures/pedicures/whatever
You can be a trans boy and not wear binders
You can be a trans boy and still shave your legs
You do not have to be “passing” to be a trans boy
The way you look and what you like does not define your gender
The only thing that says what gender you are is you