Here’s some body positivity for Trans Day of Visibility. I never thought I’d EVER post an unedited picture of my body. It’s been 20 days since the weight has been lifted off my chest and it’s the most liberating feeling.

He/him/his pronouns, please!


Happy Transgender Day of Visibility, y’all! I think I deserve to be a little conceited today. So many people in my life don’t view me as a real man or respect my gender identity. Every day I am invalidated and treated as a lower life form. To all of those people to tease me, laugh at me, and point at me, I AM STILL HERE! My beautiful transgender siblings and I are NOT a problem that needs to be fixed! We are all beautiful. We are all fighting for our rights to a happy life. Keep on keepin’ on, everyone. You are all loved so much. You ARE real. You ARE valid. They/them

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