phallo stage 2 updates, 5 days post op: i’m very very bruised as you can see here, my testicle is also near enough black and twice the size in swelling because they push it up out of the way during surgery. the dressings you can see on my abdomen are from the hysterectomy and the little bit of one you can see above my pjs is covering the tiny graft they use for the glands sculpting. and you can also see the drain on my left side which is from the vaginectomy, and that should hopefully be coming out tmoro. (note the lines in my side bruises are stretch marks, not some weird type of bruise)


You Know You’re a Transguy When…

Hey there! I’m a little late for the TDoV but I thought I’d submit this anyway, since I really love the message of this blog! (Excuse the fact that I look a wild mess.)
I’m Keaton, a 15 year old transguy (He/him please and thank you). I’m pre-everything but I pass pretty well despite my long jesus hair. Still working on facial hair. It’ll happen eventually. I just really want to be a lumberjack.
Stay rad!
Everyone on this blog is adorable! It’s awesome to see people sharing their stories and photos of themselves. Nothing’s better in tough situations like ours than a little bit of positivity, so thank you for running such a great service here!

admin sea:

hey keaton!! no worries about being late for TDoV, we accept submissions at any time <3 and omg i really want you to be a lumberjack and i also really want to be a lumberjack. i feel that lumberjack need. its an intense one. (and yeah facial hair will defs happen if you go on / are on T!!! itll be patchy at first but there are tons of transmasc lumberjack guys around, u can do it!!!)

i love your jesus hair (boys in ponytails is an A+ look and u rock it) (you just are rocking everything like omg your eyebrows are on point and your face is so attractive ok)

thank you so much for submitting, welcome to TBP!


Now (age 37) and then (age 14), for Transgender Day of Visibility.

Now you know why I like to keep my hair so short, ha ha.

I didn’t start T until I was almost 33. My only regret was waiting so long. If transition is your goal, it isn’t too late. Stay strong. My Ask Box is open. 


Here’s some body positivity for Trans Day of Visibility. I never thought I’d EVER post an unedited picture of my body. It’s been 20 days since the weight has been lifted off my chest and it’s the most liberating feeling. He/him/his pronouns, please!

Transgender Model Has A Powerful Reason For Recreating Racy Adam Levine Nude Portrait

Two photos. Two powerful messages.
Four years have passed since Adam Levine stripped down for Cosmopolitan UK, with then-girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna covering his privates, to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. Now, for an upcoming issue of transgender-centric magazine FTM, publisher Jason Robert Ballard worked with trans model Aydian Dowling to recreate the very same portrait.
“Some areas of my body used to remind me of everything I’m not,” Dowling is quoted as saying. “Now they represent everything I am.”


So last year I got psoriasis (which is the little red spots you see on me) because of stress (being thrown out of the house, final year of high school, saving for top surgery and such) and it’s been coming back now and again and really getting me down. I’m working on my body image though and right now it’s not that bad. 

I’m excited to see where I will be this time next year. 

 1 year, 1 week on T. 8 months post op (Dr. Garramone)


my name is elliot and i’ve been on testosterone for a little over a year and i had top surgery a little over 9 months ago. i’ve never been happier. i was just gonna take selfies but then i realized that that wasn’t enough. i am appreciating myself today and my reflection. to all my trans family out there, i love you and love and treat yourself today. you deserve it.


Little story:

I think it’s time to spread some positivity! 

So- I’ve been questioning my gender a lot- questioning if I was gender fluid, bigender or agender, etc

And this was the first time I was shopping with my mother for clothing since I started wondering and questioning my gender and I saw this sweater which was a mens sweater BUT OH BOY I love sweaters.

And didn’t know how my mum would react if I asked her if I could get it because I had never asked for her to buy me male clothing-

But I did ask her and I tried making up excuses like “My friends has it” or “its in now”, etc but she didn’t question it, she just said it looked really nice and good quality and how much it was.

She also often compliments my style and you what has happened ever since this?

When I told my mum i was pansexual, she asked me what it was, I explained it and she thought it was so fascinating and she told me “well sometimes I wish I was that because it’s easier to be with a woman”

I asked her to buy me male underwear, because damn theres a lot of space and she didn’t question it either- she just asked if I wanted to use it and I said “Yes” and she got me it.

ALSO to mention that my mum is working in this kitchen alone where teenagers are working too to help them and stuff and there is this trans woman who tells my mum how her father had rejected her and stuff and my mum cant stop talking about her and how beautiful she is and she uses the right pronouns and everything.

I think this is important. I think it’s important to remember that people like this exist. Accepting parents exists and it’s a step forward. 

It’s important to be able to see how shitty the world still is when talking about gender identity BUT it is also important to be able to see the small steps forward.<3