Total Hysterectomy/Oophorectomy

In the hospital, recovering from my hysterectomy/oophorectomy. I went in for surgery on Wednesday, March 25th, hoping to be discharged the following morning. After some minor complications with my bladder, several more catheters and more dysphoria than I could bear, I was finally discharged yesterday, March 27th, on my 28th birthday. 

I’m so relieved and grateful to be back in the safety and comfort of my own home. While the hysto recovery feels slightly easier than my chest reconstruction so far physically, the hospital stay for this surgery left me feeling intensely dysphoric and demoralized. Emotionally, a very difficult recovery so far.

Things I did not say to the doctor who was conducting my assessment for top surgery, but really wanted to: an incomplete list

#1: the fact that I am grey-asexual is not a hormone fluctuation that I should see my endocrinologist about. This is a return to normal after the interruption of hypersexuality while my body was adjusting to testosterone.

#2: No, I did not do “cross-gender” activities as a child. There is no such thing as “cross-gender” activities.

#3: My sex life is none of your business, thank you very much

#4: And neither are my sex fantasies. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that gender =/= sexual orientation? Because that’s like Gender 101 shit right there.

#5: Can we PLEASE stop talking about periods now.

#7: Yes, of course, my school and family life are absolutely going to be affected by saying tata to the tatas! Because my parents and teachers absolutely see me shirtless on a regular basis! /drippingsarcasm 

#8: Okay lady if I knew what you wanted me to say I’d be able to get to the point faster, don’t ask me a question like “what is your mother like” and expect a three word answer. Because she’s definitely not “distant” or “cold” or any of that Freudian bullshit. She’s a person, and not easily summed up.

#9: oh my god can we stop talking about sex now please

#10: This irrelevant questioning is an affront to my dignity as a human being. I should not have to “earn” top surgery from you.

#11: Fuck you and the horse you came in on.

Is the message starting to sink in to the general population?

If not, here’s a recap: Women in Canada and parts of the United States — Kentucky, Florida, Minnesota, Texas — better get used to having some trans men in their public washrooms and dressing rooms, thanks to hysterical, and what many are calling transphobic, legislation proposals put forth by a few Conservative Canadian senators and conservative American politicians. And men in those places better get used to having trans women in their public facilities. Read the full article here.

Transgender Model Has A Powerful Reason For Recreating Racy Adam Levine Nude Portrait

Two photos. Two powerful messages.
Four years have passed since Adam Levine stripped down for Cosmopolitan UK, with then-girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna covering his privates, to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. Now, for an upcoming issue of transgender-centric magazine FTM, publisher Jason Robert Ballard worked with trans model Aydian Dowling to recreate the very same portrait.
“Some areas of my body used to remind me of everything I’m not,” Dowling is quoted as saying. “Now they represent everything I am.”

trans men are important. 

trans men that are heavy are important.

trans men with big breasts are important. 

trans men with big hips are important. 

trans men that ‘don’t pass’ are important. 

trans men that are not the ‘perfect ideal style of men’ are important and fuck anyone who thinks any differently!!!!!!!!!

Hey everybody! My name is Andrew. I am a 21 year old trans guy and in exactly 5 weeks I am having Top Surgery. My surgery is with Dr. Mangubat in Seattle, WA on March 27th. My surgery was covered entirely through the huge hearts of the people who follow my blog, who know my story, and who vibe with my experiences. 

If you’ve followed my story since then, you know that there’s the still looming need for a little bit of money to cover my time off of work. I’ve raised a bit already but I decided that I should do something lighthearted and maybe fun. 

I want to do a Pushup Pledge. How this would work would be similar to a relay, where someone pledges a dollar amount per lap that a person completes. This would work per push up. Donations would range from $0.10 - $1.50 per push up. On March 20th I will max out my push ups(and take a video of it for proof) and I will receive donations based off of whoever has pledged and based off of how much they have pledged. 
If I do 80 push ups and someone pledges $0.10 per push up, then they would donate $8.00. The last time I maxed out, I did 56 push ups. But I will make a video either tomorrow or in the next few days after I’ve received a minimum of 5 pledges. 

My push ups will be perfect form, elbows in, and I will go until I either collapse or until my form is so bad that they can’t be counted. Having a surgery date has made me impatient, nervous, and has given me new lenses on the dysphoria that I experience. Along with raising money to be able to pay my bills, I will also have something to occupy my mind in the next month and keep my mood up. 

Please message me if interested! Donations won’t be needed until after I have posted my max out video and I will be accepting them through my paypal: 

Any signal boosting is awesome and so so appreciated. I think this is a pretty rad and fun way to raise funds and I hope I can at least reach that 5 pledge count.