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from what i can see, laverne cox isn't defending synthia china blast' crimes or making excuses for her. she is standing up because of the terrible treatment she is going through because she is a trans woc. for example if a white cis dude did this his time would at least be cut in half and his prison time would be much less harsh

I think thats always been the point of what she was doing tbh but twerfs love to jump on this shit and try the whole guilt by association thing

damn I just had my first intro to women’s studies class and im really amped like

for homework we read articles about gender in the middle east, a critique on an article written by a white american woman about women’s sexuality in southern Mali, an article about how not to write about sexualized violence in the DRC, and an article about how the media portrays the murders of trans woc

When we did introductions a few of us stated our pronouns and the professor was like “good now would one of you like to explain the importance of pronouns just in case some people here don’t understand”

we discussed a lot of stuff and it was great this professor is so great

i care so much about fat dudes

it’s something i dont talk about a lot because I Don’t Care About Men and i definitely think a body positivity movement for men should take a backseat to body posi movements for women, especially WoC and trans women

but still fat guys need more representation and more adoration

plus on a Totally Shallow note, fat guys and fat bodies in general are just fucking hot

Don't reblog

And ask yourself when’s the last time some terfs cared about a little black girl theyre using her death as leverage against trans women and trans woc and a lot of y’all aren’t critical of that for some reason. I’m not saying let’s bail this bitch this outta jail, but if you’re gonna sit up here and reblog shit about the humane treatment of prisoners…all I’m saying is practice what you preach

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severely side-eyeing the cis white people who follow me but aren't reblogging anything about Ferguson, EVEN MORE SEVERELY side-eyeing the white cis people that follow me that reblog Ferguson stuff but aren't saying shit about how trans WOC disproprtionately face police brutality

I’m betting they aren’t doing shit about this smear campaign against Laverne Cox too, who is literally trying to help incarcerated black and latina trans women in general escape rape and abuse in prison and is now being accused of somehow being a rape apologist or something


Let me make something clear, since this is still happening:

If you know how the concept of monosexism is problematic but continue to use it, I will assume that you are lesbophobic, transmisogynistic + transphobic, racist, and biphobic against nomasexual bi women. Anyone who isn’t those things would not ignore minorities telling them that they are.

"I’m a lesbian/poc/trans woman/nomasexual so I can’t be x!" You can still contribute to the oppression of your own minority group and others by supporting an oppressive concept.

"How is it racist/transmisogynistic/biphobic?" Read the fucking link. If you ask this you obviously didn’t.

Don’t ignore this. Reblog it. Don’t let these people continue to get away with this. This is a trans woc telling you to stop. I have been put through shit about this, and I am tired. You have no excuses.

I am so tired of white boys complaining about poc/woc/women/trans/etc voicing their complaints about actual problems they face that white boys don’t.  Like please fuck off forever

one thing im super not into is how women who conform to certain standards of womenhood/femininity are able to get away with internanlized misogyny and women who don’t are Called Out for shit that like, other women wouldn’t get questioned on at all. like, idk, WoC and trans women being lectured about using misogynistic slurs as if they’re not women or something, or that trans woman who said “a lot of trans women look better than you” in response to a rude backhanded compliment from a cis woman about how she looked good for a trans woman or some bullshit. 

and idk, i just feel like girls who are in the Girls Club are able to get away with these things that other girls aren’t, and like, i AM a cis white girl who is v conventionally feminine in a lot of ways and sometimes i even feel like….idk, like im a feminist ally and not a Real Woman or something??? 

im not wording this well but idk, i think feminism should prioritize the women at the bottom much more than it does 

"Chrishaun "CeCe" McDonald stepped in front of her friends, a familiar auto­pilot kicking in, shunting fury and fear to a distant place while her mouth went into motion. "Excuse me. We are people, and you need to respect us," CeCe began in her lisping delivery, one acrylic-nailed finger in the air, her curtain of orange micro­braids swaying." 

-The Transgender Crucible, The Rollingstone 

"lisping delivery" and "one acrylic-nailed finger in the air"?  This is what you get when you filter the stories of WOC & Trans WOC through the lens of a white cis writer. *Deep Sigh*.  

Do better Rolling Stone. Do better. 

Good reasons to criticize/not accept feminism:

  • Cishet white woman centric. Tends to sweep queer/trans women and woc aside or promote problematic beliefs about them.
  • Often quite ableist and even eugenics-supporting.
  • Despite being about liberation, there’s an exceptional amount of sex shaming and body policing, and hatred of sex work(ers).
  • Harsh extremist divide between promoting masculine women and promoting feminine women, with no in between.
  • West centric, not in that it focuses only on western problems, but that it tries to apply a western pov to women’s issues across the globe (ex: putting down Islam as inherently misogynistic).
  • Poor handling of generalized gender issues, including circumcision/genital cutting, intersex rights, nonbinary erasure, trans health, teen pregnancy, unconventional rape/assault victims (male victims, child victims, victims of women), etc.

Bad reasons to criticize/not accept feminism:

  • You like men and want to be equal, not superior.
  • Misandry.
  • Feminazis are ruining it for everyone.
  • You don’t want your tax dollars going to birth control/abortions/”slutting around”.
  • Men should be able to hit women.
  • You’re a girly girl and proud. / You’re not like other women; you’re one of the guys!
Alright this is my coming out post

I guess it’s not as much coming out as it is a fact about me 

Noah and I looked over disorders because I was feeling like there was something about me I didn’t know and should 

I reached the conclusion that I was (for many years but less now) a compulsive liar due to childhood abuse and low self-esteem

and while looking through other disorders, I found that I fit almost all the criteria (save for one) for borderline personality disorder.

I would like to get professionally diagnosed, but being a trans WOC in an abusive household prevents me from that. So for now, I am self diagnosed. 

Having this personality disorder would make me a sociopath, so that is why I am tagging posts with Noah as Cool Sociopath friends, in case anyone was wondering and got offended 

That’s all for now 

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I've also looked at the whole laverne cox situation. Although synthia may have been falsely accused of rape and murder, she was sent to dispose of the body, thereby making her an accomplice. It's awful bc I do support trans woc, but I don't feel right about synthia being supported by laverne. I feel like my idol has let me down