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What do you mean by sj Feminism?

This is the taxonomy I use for third-wave feminism. This is not any kind of like Official Statement from the Feminist Gods, but I do think I’ve identified natural kinds.

Liberal Feminism: “All women EVERYWHERE should become CEOs because FEMINISM! Jezebel! New York Times! Lean In! You’re not leaning in hard enough! What’s an intersectionality? All women are upper-middle-class and white and college-educated and work glamorous magazine internships in NYC, right? HOOKUP CULTURE HOOKUP CULTURE HOOKUP CULTURE”
Radical Feminism: “We really, really, really fucking hate trans people. Especially trans women. FUCK trans women. Trans women are basically singlehandedly upholding the patriarchy at this point. Why do kinky women keep letting themselves get abused, those stupid sluts? We need to save sex workers from having the ability to make decisions about their bodies, those poor dears, they just don’t know how oppressed they are. PROBLEMATIC BIHETS. Have we mentioned we hate trans women enough yet?”
SJ Feminism: “Trans women of color are DYING because you won’t invite me to the cool lesbian parties. Your favorite piece of media is Problematic. I have prepared a ten-thousand-item list of why. It is okay to enjoy it, just remember that you have to self-flagellate constantly while you do! I have stopped using d*mb, cr*zy, ps*cho, l*me, bl*nd, d*ft, de*f, id*ot, imb*cile, lun*tic, m*niac, m*ron, and n*ts! I have solved ableism forever! Monosexual privilege! Allosexual privilege! Monogamous privilege! We must parse exactly which person is most oppressed in every interaction! The Most Important issue facing Native Americans today is Halloween costumes, closely followed by the Seminole Tribe of Florida not realizing how oppressed they are by the FSU Seminoles. Cishet abled white men! Antisemitism don’t real because Palestine. Trans women of color! Trans women of color! TRANS WOMEN OF COLOR! Kill yourself shrimpdick.”

I am, in case you’re curious, an SJ Feminist.

i dont want transness to be a mandatory part of everyone’s politics, i want transness to be a possibility for everyone. i dont want anybody to be forced out of transness because they think that they’re not trans enough, or not good enough, or not [anything] enough.

Okay, so I have something to say.

I’m not condemning anyone for their opinion. I’m just not a fan of hypocrisy. I find it rather awful that there is hate within the LGBTQ community. Especially in the Trans* community. I posted on FTM website, and got some responses that told me I was wrong, and that because of the way I identify, I wasn’t really Trans*. As a member of the LGBTQ community, I have had my fair share of hate from the outside world, so to speak. Don’t you think we can make the community a safe place? Trans* is a spectrum, and umbrella term. It is not just FTM and MTF. I am a lesbian transman. What is so wrong about that? Cis-males can be lesbians. (Anyone remember Lisa from the L-word? Male lesbian. BAM!) Why can’t transmen follow the same principles? I’m sick of people telling people they “Aren’t trans* enough”, because they don’t want surgery or don’t take hormones, or let their partner penetrate them, or don’t pack or bind, or don’t have short hair, or this or that. Why does it matter? I posted on fuckyeahftms to see if other people identified like that, or if anyone had any thoughts on the matter. I know I should have expected negative responses, and I did. But at the same time, what if you saw a post somewhere about how someone was a little confused or maybe needed some help or an opinion? Would you really respond negatively to that? I just don’t understand how the LGBTQ community can fight for equality, can fight against discrimination, when the latter exists within.

kay. rant over. 

Gender Identity Clinics have a reputation. In times gone by (and still to this date, at some clinics), healthcare providers have required trans people to navigate ridiculous and unreasonable obstacles before being granted access to treatment. Requiring stereotypical gender presentation, being “out” to everyone prior to treatment, “Real Life Experience” (the requirement to change gender presentation prior to treatment, a practice that still exists and puts patients in danger), insistence upon gender-nonconforming career changes, unhelpful mental healthcare and the rejection of patients seen to be “not trans enough” are just a few of the historical problems with GICs. 

I don’t think we talk about self-medication in the trans community nearly enough. In a UK context, the fact that self-medication still exists shows big problems with the healthcare system, and addressing the need to self-medicate is useful for addressing larger problems in GICs and gender services as a whole.

I wrote this in a short span, and although I’m not happy with it, I’m out of things to say on the issue right now. Self-medication is (rightly so) a controversial issue, but I don’t think ignoring it does any good, and nor does outright condemning it.

Like everything, middle grounds can be useful.

Have a read, sure! It’s about 2,000 words but it’s not that long.

We received the following heartwarming and challenging email today and want to share it with all our followers in an effort to offer Jake and his family as much support as we can. 

Dear Trans*Enough,

I am the grandmother of a 7 year old child named Jake. The reason I am contacting you today is because I need help. My daughter (Jake’s mom) is currently in a custody battle. Jake’s father has sued to take away her parenting rights because my daughter supports her child. My grandson is transgender—he was assigned female at birth but identifies as a boy. His father is unsupportive of his gender identity and has attacked the one person in his life he needs the most, his mom. 

My daughter hired an attorney to help her keep her parenting rights but the legal fees are more than she can handle. I have already given my daughter what I can but it is not enough. That’s why I created a campaign to raise money for her legal fees so she can keep custody of Jake. I am hoping by reaching out you can spread the word about this campaign I created. Please read the rest of my story at and consider a donation. If you need the case to be authenticated, please message me through here and we’ll be in touch with you. We are more than happy to authenticate the case for anyone. 

I would also greatly appreciate you sharing this information with your family, friends, allies, monthly email newsletters, business community, social media, etc. Jake and his mom need all the help they can get. 

Thank you,
Beth (Jake’s Grandma)

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What are some ways that cis gendered people can be trans allies? I've had a couple friendly trans acquaintances and have done a lot of my own research about it and my heart really feels for this community and I just want to be an ally but I'm scared of over stepping

Raise the voices of Trans people loud enough to be heard. 

Especially trans people of color.

Especially trans people whoa re disabled.

Especially trans people who are doing hard work of resisting the violence done to them.

When I say “raise their voices”, i mean, quote them. Reblog them,.  Pass their information on.  

I do not mean speak about them on your own — I mean you let other people who are trans speak for themselves. ANd you do it in a manner that lets other people hear — people who are not trans.

You use the words of trans people, not the words of cis people, You speak truths, not lies, and you watch yourself and your own words and actions so that you do not unintentionally add to that.

You study what trans people say, You learn their history, You fight for their representation, You support them by lifting them up and putting them on your shoulders.

Now here’s what you will get from that when you do it right — a damn good feeling and a better world when the battle is over.

Everythign else is gravy, and not to be expected.

There’s never enough trans fic to begin with in any fandom, but nothing will ever quite prepare me for the disappointment of reading one and discovering it to be written by a cis person who has done so little research that the ignorance is just offensive.

why do people think truscum think being trans is a mental illness?

or that we don’t believe in non-binary genders?

or that we think genitals define sex?

or we think you have to medically transition to be trans?

or that we hate women?

or that we hate poc?

or that we never use people’s preferred names or pronouns?

or that we tell people they’re not ‘trans enough’?

wtf shut up their and so many misconceptions about us

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what the heck is "tucute" are truscum actually trying to PR spin now???

tucute is the opposite of truscum, basically. it’s someone that believes you don’t have to experience dysphoria to be trans. it’s not the label i would have chosen, but it works. and it’s cute, so whatever.

sorry all off topic but this sort of thing just aggravates me. i experience dysphoria as a non-binary individual, but i’m not going to tell someone else they’re not trans enough just because they don’t. the idea that you have to experience dysphoria to be trans just reinforces the idea that genitals = gender, and anybody that believes that is gross, especially cis people that pretend to be allies. i experience dysphoria just because i do, i can’t help that, but i’m not going to run around forcing people to subscribe to the idea that genitals = gender when that’s the entire reason trans folks are persecuted to begin with. like how is that hard for people to get????

Gender Identity Clinics have a reputation. In times gone by (and still to this date, at some clinics), healthcare providers have required trans people to navigate ridiculous and unreasonable obstacles before being granted access to treatment.

Requiring stereotypical gender presentation, being “out” to everyone prior to treatment, “Real Life Experience” (the requirement to change gender presentation prior to treatment, a practice that still exists and puts patients in danger), insistence upon gender-nonconforming career changes, unhelpful mental healthcare and the rejection of patients seen to be “not trans enough” are just a few of the historical problems with GICs.

In the past, clinics were places of genuine discrimination based upon gender presentation, and stereotypes and unreasonable gatekeeping were rife. It is largely improved today, but some GICs still participate in a toned-down version of these practices.


I’m writing a blog post called “Trans healthcare: We need to talk about the grey areas”, because we need to talk about the grey areas of trans healthcare.

These are the introductory paragraphs.

Femininity and Being Enough

I’m having fun experimenting with my my more feminine side. I have nothing to prove. But sometimes I still feel like I do.

After top surgery, I thought that I would just automatically feel more comfort with my femininity and not feel like I have to be masculine. Sometimes I try to be more masculine (and fail completely) because I think that I need to be in society.

Well, fuck that.

It’s subtle. I wear a different outfit, mostly different shirts, when I feel like I need to act masculine enough, trans enough. I’ve been criticized before for not being masculine enough to be trans. Being trans is not contingent upon the amount of masculinity or femininity we express. Being trans is defined by identifying as such. And this is okay. This is great.

Our gender identities are important and our gender expressions are equally as important and not always based upon our identities stereotypically.

I love dressing myself up. I take pride in my cuteness. I have very effeminate mannerisms. I like these things about myself. But somehow it is unspoken (and sometimes spoken) that I have to be a certain way to have a trans identity. I identify with many words and none of my identities cancel the others out.

I am enough.

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While we're on the topic of transness I kindof wanted to drop by and ask my own question, if you don't mind. I'm someone who has as of late been identifying as non-binary due to feeling more comfortable with it than my previous/assigned identity. However, oftentimes I've found myself avoiding y'know, trans spaces and discussions because I feel like I'm not trans 'enough' to qualify, if you know what I mean. Is this a valid thing, or am I going through some sort of internalized transphobia thing?

Yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head when you say ‘internalised transphobia’, though this is probably also mixed in with self-doubt and with cissexism and internalised transphobia within the community itself. The thing is, there’s no such thing as ‘not trans enough’, and I get the feeling that objectively, you understand this.

I mean, I’m going to assume that you would never go up to someone in a trans space and go ‘sorry you have to leave, you’re not trans enough to be here’, so why do that to yourself? If you’re trans, you belong in trans spaces and you belong in trans discussions. It’s understandable (and sensible) if you’re new to being trans that you might want to sit back a little and learn from more experienced trans people/educate yourself more before participating fully in discussions, but you still belong in them and your voice should still be heard.

It’s natural to have self-doubt and to want to ease into things, but don’t tell yourself that you’re ‘not trans enough’ because there’s really no such thing.

SOURCE: Trans Hollywood

Jared Leto has been winning multiple awards for playing the transgender character of Rayon in the film “Dallas Buyers Club.” The transgender community has then watched him throw them under the bus.

1. LETO"It was the role of a lifetime," he said. "It was an incredible thing to represent this group of people who largely are ignored." 

Ignored. Leto ignored criticism from the trans community and allies who don’t want him representing this group of people in the way he has been."wouldn’t it have been better if the starring role had gone to an actual trans person" - LA Times.  Despite complaints and Leto having one of the most powerful publicists in Hollywood, Leto claimed in December that he had never heard criticisms that trans roles should go to trans actors. When asked what research he did for the role he said “a lot” but he did not formally engage, pay, or study under any trans people.

Transgender roles should go to transgender actors and if that is not possible (for whatever reason) productions should hire transgender consultants to “get it right” instead of perpetuating negative stereotypes. 

Jared ignores this: 

2. LETO"you wouldn’t want to stick a transgender person with only transgender roles, so it goes both ways." 

Transgender people DO NOT GET cisgender roles. It does not go both ways due to systemic oppression. Cisgender people take transgender roles then do what Leto is doing instead of the advocating and “possibility modeling” of Laverne Cox in “Orange is the New Black.” She represents trans people beyond the screen role in the media in positive ways never experienced before. This creates “teachable moments” as Katie Couric put it after her problematic questioning.  When a cis person takes a trans role, trans stories are exploitation, not representation. 

Meanwhile, Trans Hollywood’s experience is that trans people are often told they do not have enough experience for key roles. It’s a systemic problem, cis people take trans roles, trans actors are left with nothing. 

3.  "I thought I’d look pretty good in a skirt." 

No Jared, the character of Rayon is fictional in this film “based on a true story.” She was ahistorically written in order to be the “most gay” and visually problematic for Matthew McConaughey’s character Ron Woodroof. You removed your eyebrows (?) and played her with intense makeup, hair, and clothing to make Ron uncomfortable and a very unlikely ally.


You weren’t there to look good, you were there to look bad. You are perpetuating the “man in a dress” stereotype of transgender women. 


What if the role had gone to these transgender women?  Would the theater laughed as hard at Ron ripping down Rayon’s photo while masturbating? How would the supermarket scene have played out if Ron was just seen walking around with a beautiful woman vs. a straight cis male playing….what…..

4.LETO: ”This wonderful creature who was unfortunately addicted to drugs and dying of AIDS and fighting for her life.” and “beautiful creature….”

While you’ve made it clear in interviews that Rayon was living life as a woman and wanted trans related medial care but you don’t talk about playing a woman or trans woman. You talk about playing a “creature.” USE THE WORDS “TRANSGENDER WOMAN.” Again, how do you feel you are representing “this group of people” if you never use the terminology? If you call one of us a creature. We don’t want you up there Jared if you are just going to be a bro about it. 

5. LETO: ”It’s wild, even putting on lipstick is a very shocking thing, [and] putting on heels is a very shocking thing, putting on tights is a shocking thing” “. One of the things I did was wax my entire body including my eyebrows,’ 'I'm just fortunate that it wasn't a period piece so I didn't have to do a full Brazilian [wax].  'Ladies, you know what I'm talking about though…and so do some of you men, I think.'

All superficial gendering. People are not giving the award to rockstar Jared Leto who talks about how weird it is to do things femme cis women and femme trans women do every day. They gave it to what seemed like a serious actor in a demanding role. Jared did not use the role as a learning moment to be forever changed by trans struggle. Instead he jokes about it like a cis man does, it’s trans misogyny. When asked about leaving the role behind….

6. LETO “I tucked those balls firmly away… I’m still coughing them out.”

Come on, is he our drunk uncle making fun of us? And on criticism for his Golden Globe’s speech…

7. LETO “obviously I didn’t prepare a speech.” 

But he did! He gave nearly the identical speech at the Hollywood Film Awards. 

Hollywood Film Awards Speech:

Golden Globes Speech:

This led to proper criticism over the transphobia and exploitation: 

Jared Leto and Michael Douglas’ Homophobic Acceptance Speeches

The Golden Globes gave Jared Leto an award for playing a trans woman because Hollywood is terrible. 

C’mon Hollywood

So is anything changing? YES!. Leto’s SAG AWARD Speech dispensed with the cheap jokes and had some class, dedicating the award to the groups he borrowed emotional equity from instead of being about himself, his waxing, and his return to film after six years, and the great parties: 

8. LETO: ” I’d like to share it with the Rayons of the world. To the people who have made a choice to live their lives … as they have chosen to dream it. I’m so proud that i’ve been able to glimpse the world through your eyes.” 

There is learning happening but it seems more as a response to backlash than actual learning or community. What is next? We do not identify as “Rayons.” Say the word “TRANSGENDER.” We appreciate the attempt at recognizing a marginalized group but Leto is avoiding our self identity, making up his own point of view on what we are and should be called. We are organizing so this learning curve never happens again. We need trans actors in trans roles for visibility, representation, and positive models instead of wanting to vomit listening to a cis man make fun of us. We don’t want to be writing Tumblr posts and articles defending ourself from a person who thinks they are representing us. While in this period of civil rights, we want to see ourselves truly represented and moving forward.

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would you perhaps know of a blog or website that had like a big masterpost or something with trans resources and definitions or something or does this blog count as one? im developing a character and i'd like for them to be accurate if that makes any sense because i don't know much about those who are transgender in general

Ren says:

This is probably a pretty good resource for that. Consider this post an open “hit me up” (my personal’s listed with my admin bio). Anyone else who’s open to answering questions can like this post (although, of course, anon, we reserve the right to not answer things we don’t want to answer).

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for a community that claims to care about trans people truscum have had no problem making me feel ashamed for wanting to explore my gender, making my bodily dysphoria worse, misgendering my body, and making me feel like i'm not trans enough

you absolutely are trans enough & whatever gender you decide to identify as is valid kick anyone who tries to tell you otherwise in the stomach