MCALC the first Gender Neutral Menstruation Calculator.

Mcalc started off as an idea to create a menstruation calculator app that could be used by anyone regardless of their gender, this way our app keeps the trans* and genderqueer community in mind so they can enjoy the features without being constantly misgendered (as with other apps).

Our new app is still in BETA so we appreciate any feedback you can give us at info.sexmind@gmail.com, we try to solve as many bugs as possible in as little time as we can so please, let us know if anything is not working properly.

What is Mcalc?

Mcalc is a new menstruation calculator app, it tracks your period and keeps you updated on your current status and any upcoming important events of your menstrual cycle

How does it work?

Simple! just provide the app with some basic information about you and your cycle, Mcalc will calculate the rest, taking your personal context into consideration. Afterwards you can set alarms and even log relevant events.

What features does it have?

-Neutrality Guaranteed: We understand that sex and gender identity are not the same, because of this, we designed our app so it can be used by almost everyone. Mcalc is 100% gender neutral and it won’t assume anything from you while using it.

-Notifications: Mcalc will keep you updated on the important dates of your menstrual cycle, it’s built in alarm system will allow you to set notifications you care about.

-Adaptation: We all have different needs, and Mcalc can suit them accordingly, it will only display the information relevant to your purposes and won’t nag you with irrelevant data. Using Mcalc on “sex mode” will help you reduce your risks of getting pregnant when having sex for fun, while setting it on “baby mode” will help you increase your chances of getting pregnant when planning one.

-Tracking: Mcalc lets you keep a log of your activity for later reference, it’s as simple as tapping a date in our calendar and tick the events that happened that day to save them for further reference.

-Information: Discover new things about menstrual cycles by using Mcalc’s informative pages.

You can learn more about mcalc by visiting our website:

http://sexmind.com/mcalc-en/index.html Or you can go to the app store and download it here:



*************************VERY IMPORTANT EDIT******************************

Due to the ammount of feedback and notes we have had we want to make a few announcements:

Features that we will include in the next version or upcoming updates:

-BUG FIXES: We will try to support more android versions as well as fixing the current bugs on the supported ones ( such as being unable to set a weight over 150lbs and other minor bugs we found on supported versions )

-Tablet version:
We will adapt our app so that it can also be used on android tablets

-“Neutral mode/All info mode”: We will add a new mode that is completely neutral to your purposes with the app, that way you can view all the information without Mcalc asking if you are looking to get pregnant or if you are just having sex for fun ( This way we become more inclusive with the Asexual community and every person who just wants to keep a track on their period)


we will make all further announcements through our main tumblr, so please follow back if you are interested.



SheZow - a genderbending superhero!

SheZow is an Australian-Canadian kids show about a twelve-year-old boy named Guy, a regular kid who likes skateboarding, video games, and doing dangerous stunts. But one day he finds a magical ring that, when activated, gives him amazing superpowers - and transforms him into a girl (EDIT: It’s more accurate to say that he adopts “girls’” clothing, not actually transform into a girl, my mistake for implying that there was an actual gender transformation). Her superpowers include super speed, super strength, supersonic scream, and a utility belt of awesome AND girly gadgets. Plus, the way he transforms into SheZow is by saying “You go, girl!”

One thing I love about the show is that although both Guy’s sister and his best friend know his identity and help him, Guy is afraid to reveal to his dad that he’s SheZow. However, the fear doesn’t come from the idea that his dad would hate Guy being a girl superhero, but because his dad is a cop who thinks that SheZow is a trouble-making vigilante who takes away from his job. The show essentially takes away any element that would shame Guy for displaying girlyness, making the gender swap both the forefront of the show and a complete non-issue for the characters.

Conservative groups like Focus on the Family take issue with SheZow, saying that it’s teaching “gender confusion” to kids and “promoting transgenderism. What they’re really saying is that they take issue with the idea that femininity actually being empowering. They’re saying that kids can never stretch the boundaries of gender and that power HAS to be equated with masculinity. Sure, boys should be empowered - but God forbid that they grow up associating power with femininity! (EDIT: I should have mentioned that groups like Focus on the Family’s comments are transphobic in of themselves and the “What they’re really saying” line is not the most accurate way to put it; it’s more like, “They’re ALSO saying that…” I didn’t mean to imply that transphobic comments weren’t enough to get upset over and I’m sorry if hurt anyone for that implication.)

In terms of the supposed links the show makes to transgenderism, the show is definitely not intended to allegorically about transgender kids, but would there be something wrong with the idea of a boy finding that being a girl or adopting feminine attributes can give strength and clarity? A sense of purpose? How could that be bad! Any show that not only displays femininity as something powerful but also doesn’t shame people for expressing femininity is something a lot of kids of any gender could benefit from!

Here’s a link to the intro, which gives some exposition and explanation, and also sets the tone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW3FBjKt7Co

SheZow will soon be coming to the US on The Hub channel, so if you can, check it out! Any show that pushes gender boundaries should get some support!

Trans women are part of #YesAllWomen, and SHOULD BE. Not just included, they are PART OF IT, AND SHOULD BE.

Trans women ARE women.

Recognize them, because they too are your kin. They too are who you will search out at night for to feel safe, to make them feel safe.

There is safety in numbers, and we need to stick together.

When you’re a trans woman you are made to walk this very fine line, where if you act feminine you are accused of being a parody and if you act masculine, it is seen as a sign of your true male identity. And if you act sweet and demure, you’re accused of reinforcing patriarchal ideas of female passivity, but if you stand up for your own rights and make your voice heard, then you are dismissed as wielding male privilege and entitlement. We trans women are made to teeter on this tightrope, not because we are transsexuals, but because we are women. This is the same double bind that forces teenage girls to negotiate their way between virgin and whore, that forces female politicians and business women to be agressive without being seen as a bitch, and to be feminine enough not to emasculate their alpha male colleagues, without being so girly as to undermine their own authority.
—  Julia Serano, Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive, p 28-9

This example is mostly in ‘female-empowerment’ circles, but it comes up everywhere. Binary Trans people are expected to live up to ridiculous extremes for their gender in order to be accepted as credible. And if we don’t, then we get the lovely comment of “If you wanted to do X so much, why didn’t you just stay as your birth gender”. THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS. And most people aren’t even conscious of it. But if you have ever thought that of course that transwoman didn’t pass, she won’t even shave her legs! Or that transman shouldn’t be wearing such feminine clothes YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. YOU ARE SUPPORTING AND FORCING GENDER STEREOTYPES ON US. AND WE WANT YOU TO STOP.

My boyfriend wrote a lovely rant to go with this post.

why you don't see a lot of "nice" SJ bloggers:
  1. people take advantage of your niceness to exploit you as a “source” of information - bombarding you with questions/requests with no respect for your boundaries/limitations
  2. give you backhanded compliments on your niceness at the expense of less nice “unreasonable” feminists/activists/others in your group
  3. use your nice statements as arguments against less nice activists/ people in your group or to excuse/justify oppressive behavior
  4. take your niceness as an invitation to enter your space even if they have a bigoted mindset because they find your space comfortable/safe (making it less safe for you)
  5. use your niceness as the basis for creating a false “middle ground” on issues of oppression and/or painting oppressive behaviors as mere mistakes or as a “gray area”
  6. the things we are upset about or denounce are usually upheld and praised and we are working to counteract those messages and create spaces where those things are unacceptable/not upheld as ideal
  7. lastly, niceness in the oppressed is usually defined by the privileged as being docile/acquiescent- basically being complicit in or enabling oppression and activists are by definition not these things. see [x]
We count as people, I swear.

Update here!

In Kansas, they are voting to decide if we count as people enough to have all of our basic rights respected. There is a bill out, you can read it here, that is so disturbing as to be vomit inducing.

It is saying, literally, if you claim ANY kind of religious beliefs, you can fire someone for being gay. You can retract their loans.

Kick them out of school.

Kick them out of their homes. Including foster care.

It’s saying that not only do you not have any legal recourse, but if you try to bring them to court you have to pay for their legal fees and the court’s fees. It says that despite the massive discrimination against LGBT people, they don’t deserve legal protections because someone’s religious views are more important then people’s lives.

It’s incredibly vague, too. It says for sexual identity or for gender presentation which could mean someone who’s just a masculine woman would receive the same treatment for daring to be a tomboy or for Metrosexuals and effeminate men.

This is simply disgusting.

There is a petition here to have this overturned. Please sign it. This needs to stop.

26% were sexually assaulted at shelters

34% of trans women who had attempted to access shelters were denied entry outright. Of the respondents who did manage to access a shelter, 25% were evicted after it became known that they were trans. 55% were harassed by shelter staff or residents, and 29% of trans women were physically assaulted. 26% were sexually assaulted at shelters. Overall, 47% were treated so poorly that they chose to leave the shelter.

If you wear jeans, you’re not a woman: Transphobia at women’s shelters » Zinnia Jones