(TRANS) Elle Men Interview - Chanyeol

You looked especially skilled during the photoshoot earlier, do you practice often?
Chanyeol: In comparison to practicing in front of a mirror, experience is always more important. Due to frequent[ly going for] photoshoots, I am very familiar with the angles or poses that go better with different types of clothes and the like. I can also understand any directions or instructions that the photographer may give.

Which do you think is your best angle?
Chanyeol: I feel it’s my right side. (laughs)

Feedback can always be either positive or negative, but many people bear an indisputably positive opinion of you. Why do you think this is so?
Chanyeol: When you put it like that, I feel a little embarrassed (starts to look slightly bashful). Whenever we participate in talent shows or other events, I tend to exhibit very natural reactions, some of which are really bright, or doting towards other people, so I guess it may be why people think of me as such.

In that case, have you come across criticism from others?
Chanyeol: Yes, I have … for example, on some variety shows, when I make a joke, some viewers tend to think, “aren’t you being too much!”, and I’ve seen feedback like that online. I don’t think much of it since I tend to joke like that around friends, and they receive it likewise. But ever since, I tend to be a little more careful.

Besides the online users who don’t personally know you, have you experienced the people around you criticising you?
Chanyeol: Those around me? Not really. (laughs)

Your personality is one that is more straightforward, and very caring to others, and you seem like the type to be very enthusiastic and positive. Do you stay good-tempered even in the face of something displeasing to you?
Chanyeol: My typical personality results in my taking the initiative to enthusiastically participate in anything, and if I don’t give it my all, I will feel very moody. I have a very lively personality, and won’t really grow upset at tiny issues.

Under what circumstances will you grow intolerant and throw tantrums?
Chanyeol: I cannot tolerate impoliteness and immorality. In the presence of these, I grow very angry. but I wouldn’t throw a tantrum; instead I would quietly approach the person involved and point out his mistake. From my memory I feel like I’ve really never thrown a tantrum at all. 

This is rather uncharacteristic of a Sagittarius, is it really tough to be so tolerant?
Chanyeol: Am I being tolerant? Hahaha, I think I’ve grown used to it. (aegyo)

We saw that you kept secretly writing song lyrics. What sort of music do you enjoy listening to on a typical basis? What’s your composing process like?
Chanyeol: When it comes to composing, I really have so much I’d like to say. I enjoy composing music for others to listen to, and often use the computer or guitar and piano to compose at home. once I’m done with my recording, I give it to my bandmates for their listening. I particularly enjoy [composing like] this.

What’s your composing style like lately?
Chanyeol: I like listening to all genres of music, so my composing varies likewise. But mostly jazz-pop, about 70% [of my composing] is jazz-pop.

At present, you certainly would have made some headway into variety shows and acting. Beyond that, do you have any other plans?
Chanyeol: Everything I enjoy doing, I am already currently doing, such as participating in variety shows, and preparing for a movie … … I think my biggest wish right now is to compose, and have my song recorded and released as a part of EXO’s album.

Would you be willing to undergo other new challenges?
Chanyeol: I always welcome new things, if it’s there for me to try then I would like to give it a shot.

In that case, are you only interested in new and different things?
Chanyeol: My attitude towards things goes along the lines of  “if I start it I have to finish it”, otherwise I will feel very unsettled. As a child, if I began learning a new instrument, I would have to master it to a point where others would praise me for playing it well. That’s my personality, to do things all the way to the end.

To be honest, on the surface, such perseverance doesn’t show [when looking at you].
Chanyeol: Yeah? I’ve often heard others say that as well.

Have you ever experienced a situation in which, despite your genuine focus in doing something, others don’t see it and disagree?
Chanyeol: Many people often feel this way, when they first meet me and have yet to know me well. Because I’m always laughing, and am especially lively, people tend to think “ah, he’s a playful child who likes to joke around”. But after they know me better, they’ll understand that I’m someone who thinks a lot, and has a lot of depth. I believe [everyone] can feel it, when they’ve gotten familiar with me.

Does your happy personality have to do with your surrounding environment while growing up? Could you share a bit about your growing process as a child?
Chanyeol: I’ve always received a lot of my parents’ love from young, and I’ve always watched them and felt their love since. As such I’ve grown to be very optimistic and enthused myself. 

So the feeling you give others really is very bright (like sunshine), and isn’t forced!
Chanyeol: That’s right, of course it’s not forced! (coquettish)

[You] need to thank your parents.
Chanyeol: Yes, I’m always very grateful and thankful to them.

What’s a life philosophy you like?
Chanyeol: Enjoy yourself!

What’s the biggest frustration for you right now?
Chanyeol: (thinks for a very long time) Nothing really! I don’t often have frustrations.

Perhaps you will after you’ve grown up a bit? (laughs)
Chanyeol: Hahaha, indeed, my young age is to blame right now.

Please list three of your best features. Your especially long legs?
Chanyeol: Long legs are third, hahaha! First place is probably my smile, and second is probably my passion … third … … I think I could give you ten strong points, haha.

Lastly, please say something for the first anniversary of ELLE MEN Hongkong!
Chanyeol: A huge congratulations to ELLE MEN for the welcoming of your first anniversary! May readers keep loving ELLE MEN, and keep loving EXO! I’m very honored to be able to be a part of ELLE MEN’s first anniversary, and I hope everyone enjoys the many faces of EXO, and we will continue to show everyone even better sides of ourselves. Fighting!

trans: fy-exo | source: elle men september 2014 issue
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Transgender People Share Photos Of Themselves For #WhatTransLooksLike

Even though queer people are gaining more and more visibility in mainstream media and society, that doesn’t mean that the images we’re presented with are always accurate or fully representative of who we really are and how we live our lives.

Thanks to the Twitter hashtag #WhatTransLooksLike, we’re sending a little love to our trans friends who proudly shared their photos with us when we put out a call earlier this week.

Please submit to us your photos and Huff Post’s Tumblr will share them.

Five Rad LGBT Artifacts You Can Find at the Smithsonian

Five Rad LGBT Artifacts You Can Find at the Smithsonian

Feature image via Smithsonian.com

Earlier this month, the National Museum of American History accepted into its collection a group of items related to LGBT history. The additions, which included scripts and other papers from “Will & Grace,” diplomatic passports belonging to an openly gay U.S. ambassador and his husband, and the original trans pride flag from 1999, broadened the museum’s existing…

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WTNV Headcanon Time

That’s right kids, we’re gonna talk about my headcanon that ties in with the new episode, The September Monologues.

We now know it’s canon that Cecil has a sister. My headcanon is that she’s a transwomen.

I say this because in episode 33, Cassette, young Cecil mentions having a brother on his tapes, but right after that current Cecil says, “I don’t remember having a brother.”

So I believe that Cecil’s sister came out as trans after Cecil had made the tapes. Aka Cecil doesn’t have a brother and never did.

I just had a talk with my parents about being trans. I had already talked to them about this upon first coming out, but honestly they hadn’t accepted it. For nearly a year they have constantly misgendered me and haven’t been acceptive at all. My mom agreed to going to gender therapy with me, and my dad cried a little…and apologized. He finally told me that it was something that he’d been thinking about. When he said the words, “I have a son now, and that’s great” I started crying.

I am in this place, I’m here and valid as a being, and they finally understand that. And I’m so glad they listened. I feel like I can move forward now.

Here are some words you should go ahead and never write again

Here are some words to stop using for bisexuals

  • bi-sexual is not a word, bisexual is. “bi-sexual” implies that bisexuality is less valid than homosexuality or heterosexuality
  • "transgendered" is not a word, "transgender" is. You don’t have to conjugate transgender into an adjective, it’s already an adjective. Also, you can’t even type "transgendered" in Google chrome without it telling you it’s not a word.
  • transgenders is not a word, transgender is. You can’t use an adjective as a noun, so you’re also being grammatically offensive as well.
  • male-bodied and female-bodied have no business even existing
  • When talking about transgender people, don’t say “biological man/woman”. A trans woman is a woman. A trans man is a man. It’s really just that simple. No one is a “biological man” because man is a gender i.e. it’s in your mind.
[NEWS] Stuck on the charming gents and lady of reality tv - B1A4 Gongchan, Apink Bomi, BTS Jimin

#Gongchan, with an appearance like a sculpture and even has witty humor!


From a young boy, who looks like he should have smelled of green apples, to a full-fledged man, it’s B1A4’s maknae Gongchan. With long eyes, a nose that is soft yet sharp at the same time, and a mouth that whenever he laughs seems cool, he makes whoever looks him, fresh. His good looks, that make you want to grab a 4B pencil and start drawing him, can portray part of him, how that’s not all. It’s impossible to describe his charm solely off of his looks. In ‘B1A4’s Wonderful Days’ where the members set off on a tour of Korea’s southern coast, he presents his witty humor, producing good-natured laughing. It is not set-up exaggerated gags, but his natural humor and also a little bit of effort, that cause the happy laughs. At Tongyong, where the honey bread is famous, he gave the members different examples and told them to match them. Also at Geoje’s Windy Hill he displayed his wit by creating a six-line poem. In particular when they were given the mission to create their own poem, he used his sense to solve it by writing a six-line poem and the word he used (who knew he would say severe troubles!)  prove the point that Gongchan has what it takes to spread into various forms of the entertainment business.

Source: Tenasia

trans cr: afterJJyoung @ AVIATEB1A4
Take out with full credit to the sources and translator

Can you see me? Can you define me? What word are you trying to label me? Why? Were you able to see beyond? Are you wrong? A fox once told a little prince, what is essential is invisible to the eye. #ImNotaJoke 

I’m Not A Joke was begun in Venezuela on January 23, 2013 by writer, illustrator, and activist Daniel Arzola, It became the first Venezuelan viral campaign that through art raised awareness of the prejudice and violent acts performed against the LGBTI community around the world.