Luhan: Hello everyone, I'm Luhan! I've waited a long time for the Beijing concert! I have a bit of an infection so I'm a little swollen today, I'm sorry everyone. I will work hard to show everyone a good performance.
The thought that another young trans girl has to sit through an influential movie telling her she is evil and wrong breaks my heart.

I know that pain. I’ve lived that pain. I still live that pain. We need this to stop.

I don’t really give a shit anymore if a bunch fartsniffing smug white dudes call me a SJ censorship Nazi or whatever the fuck bullshit they conjure up to defend their oppressive shit, I’m tired of trans girls being hurt like this. I’m tired of seeing people like me always being the butt of the joke, save the occasional glorious OITNB. I’m just so sick of it. It’s always the fucking same joke every time.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 30 Rock, or Ace Ventura, or the Hannibal series, or 40 Year Old Virgin, or Community, or Futurama, or the Boxtrolls. It needs to stop. We aren’t some fucking object designed for your disgust and mockery. Cis people, I am officially begging you, please stop this. It does more harm than you can ever realize.

We’re people, not punchlines.

140921 real__pcy: Funky Chen!! My friend Jongdae!! Happy birthday!! From here on out no matter what happens, let’s pull through it together, I love you!!♥ #IOnlyLiveToday #BecauseIt’sYourBirthday #YouWon’tBeMadRight #ByChance #ButIGuessYou’reALittleTooHandsome #Respect #Anyway #MyBelovedNoona #WhoAlsoHasTheSameBirthday #HappyBirthday

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Yixing's speech during Ending Ment
  • Yixing's speech during Ending Ment
  • Zhang Yixing


Yixing: I came to Beijing with a lot of feelings, Beijing is like one of those that witnessed EXO-M’s growth, also thanks to our friends and the fans who have accompanied us along this journey. I’ve said this once in an award ceremony, but if you guys are going to divide love into many choices, the fans’ type of love is selfless. I don’t honestly know how to repay the kindness you guys offer to us so I’m just going to try and try again, work hard. I hope you don’t forget to take care of yourselves, to protect yourselves.


JB asked Jackson if he preferred Roommate’s house or the dorms and he said the dorms.

Jackson wore beanie with a tag today and when the meeting was started Mark was sitting beside Jackson and keep playing Jackson’s beanie tag.

When Mark said have guys went to jypn? Jackson also said for people who didn’t attend may go out now.

Whn jr ask got7 next album which concept the fans prefer? some of the fans said cute n Jackson said for ppl who choose cute may go out now.

Youngjae seemed to be feeling sick, so a fan asked him if he was sick. He replied that he was ok.

Jackson was aaked in QnA who was the member most beloved to him. He asked all the members to close their eyes when he picks. Only the fans can see who he chose and jackson picked bambam. The members never knew his choice and BB was like: ”It’s Mark. It’s Mark. Everyone, please dont tell us”

Once again, Youngjae and Yugyeom were the MCs for the secret meeting.

Jackson introduced himself as GOT7’s idiot (babo). “Hello I’m GOT7’s idiot, Jackson.”

The secret meeting consisted of intro with greetings, Q&A, game/event, goodbyes, and high-touch event.

He grabbed a few leaves and played pee-a-boo. I thought it was cute. As I reached closer to the boys, Jackson goes, oh bonjour! When Jackson does that, it never fails to surprise me. He remembers me. ㅜㅜ So I answer back. He asked me how I was in French so I replied. Jackson is really the cutest. I really love him and his little attentions. He had already set the mood for me. Jackson was wearing all black. He had a beanie on with the tag still on the beanie. I thought it was interesting. He looked tired though. His eyeliner was a little smudged and you could tell that he didn’t get much sleep. But that was only how he looked. Throughout the entire fan meet he was full of energy, goofy, and extremely funny. The usual Jackson Wang that we know.

Talking to jr…. jackson asked me where I was from I said chicago. He was like “peniels from chicago! I was like… I know haha then I…

Asked jackson if hes ever been. He said yes and he liked it. Then I asked him he seemed to be going with crazy with schedule. He said yeah.

Youngjae and yugyeom tried their best but jb and jr. Kept making fun of them. Mark being his quiet self just sitting and laughing in the mic.

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140921 real__pcy: Hello, everyone!! This is EXO’s voice, Chanyeol!! Due to the fact that I mentioned at the Beijing concert that my condition isn’t doing too well, I think fans may be worrying over me 😢 it was just a light cold, but I slept quite a bit and dressed warmly so now my condition has improved a lot! I will rest well today as to be in peak condition and show you all a great performance next time, so please don’t worry too much; and our EXO-L, please don’t dress too lightly or kick the blankets away in your sleep. Beware of the cold!! 😍

just want to take a moment to give a shout out to ALL of the student of color activists out there trying to make it through the academic industrial complex and making sense of their desires, lives, and bodies in halls covered with portraits of wealthy white cis people. 

there are no words for the sadism of bringing (queer/trans) students of color to your school for viewbook diversity (read: educating white students), but not actually investing in the resources and infrastructure that support their identities. there is a crisis of mental health for so many (queer/trans) students of color at the supposed ‘best’ colleges and universities. this is not an accident, it’s systematic violence. it is about silencing us into submission. it is about recruiting us — through intimidation, fear, and self-hatred — not just for college, but for the colonial project itself.

tonight a person at our show approached us after and told us that we “offended her as a white woman” for the simple act of naming racism (as if her feelings of exclusion are somehow more important than the genocidal project of white supremacy). last week a white woman accused us of a hate crime for having a frank conversation about colonialism (as if the act of individual shock is equivalent to centuries of structural violence). all of the student activists of color we speak to on our tour have so many stories about being demonized, ostracized, and attacked for bringing up racial, economic, and gender justice on their campuses. how are (queer/trans) students of color supposed to learn (let alone survive) in this unbearable whiteness of being? what many of our white privileged peers call “the best years of their lives,” can be some of the most traumatizing and invalidating in our lives. 

so we just want to take a moment to send a deep and profound admiration, solidarity, and respect for all of the (queer/trans) people of color student activists out there who are SURVIVING this institutionalized assault on every fabric of their being. we know how these institutions can teach us to hate ourselves and our peoples more than anything else. from the bottom of our hearts: thank you for all you do to take care of yourselves and one another. thank you for continuing to fight in the places that often seem the most hopeless. we are yours in the struggle. xx



(MEIPAI) 140921 Tao: Tomorrow is the last leg of the EXO tour~ thank you for your continued support for us. I will make myself become better and more perfect. I love you all. ♥ T A O