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I’m sure y’all remember Leelah. Well do you remember “Leelah’s law”? In case you don’t, there’s a petition (this petition to be exact ) To ban conversion therapy only has DAYS and it needs 30,000 signatures!!! Come on guys, this needs to get mixed back up and tossed out there into tumblr!!

do not tell trans boys they aren’t male if they wear makeup

do not tell trans boys they aren’t male if they wear makeup

do not tell trans boys they aren’t male if they wear makeup

Gender identity to determine where transgender inmates are placed in Ontario prisons

Transgender inmates in Ontario will now be dealt with based on their own gender identity, not their physical sexual traits, a policy Ontario’s corrections minister is calling the most progressive of its kind in North America.

Previously, inmates were put in institutions based on a person’s “primary sexual characteristics.” Now, they will be housed according to their self-identified gender and referred to by their chosen name rather than their legal name and their preferred pronoun.

“This is the most progressive policy on the treatment of trans inmates in North America,” Correctional Services Minister Yasir Naqvi said Monday. “No other jurisdiction in Canada has such policy. In fact one of the things that I’ll be doing is sending a copy of our policy to all other my colleagues across the country.”

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Dear Cis People:

If I accidentally misgender myself(as rare as that is) Don’t laugh at me and make fun of it, for fuck’s sake I spent 14 years being called a she. Also, if I correct you, don’t tell me I’m being an ass about it, just cause I say my name, or the correct pronoun over you, just say, “Oh yeah, sorry ____” not, “Goddamnit, I’m trying. Get off my damn case.” I know this will take time for people to adjust, but if I correct an error, I’m NOT being an ass. You misgendering me actually really hurts.

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TW for transphobia


Transgender man has private audience with Pope Francis

A transgender man from Spain had a private audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Saturday.

"Hoy, a newspaper in the Extremadura region of Spain, reported that Diego Neria Lejárraga and his fiancée had a private audience with the pontiff that took place at his official residence.

Neria told Francis in a letter that some of his fellow parishioners at the church he attends in the Spanish city of Plasencia rejected him after he underwent sex-reassignment surgery. He said a priest even called him “the devil’s daughter.”

Francis called Neria on Christmas Eve after receiving his letter.

The private audience took place a month later.

“After hearing him on many occasions, I felt that he would listen to me,” Neria told Hoy in an interview the newspaper published on Sunday.

The meeting took place against the backdrop of what many LGBT Catholics have described as the Vatican’s more moderate tone on marriage rights for same-sex couples and other issues since Francis became pope nearly two years ago.

Francis — the former archbishop of Buenos Aires — in July 2013 told reporters who asked him about the reported homosexuality of a man he appointed to oversee the Vatican bank that gay men and lesbians should not be judged or marginalized. An Italian Jesuit magazine a few months later published an interview with the Argentine-born pontiff during which he said the church has grown “obsessed” with gay marriage, abortion and contraception.

Francis last November demoted an American cardinal who is an outspoken critic of marriage rights for same-sex couples and abortion.

“For the pope to meet with a transgender man about to be married, and for that meeting to result in this man feeling more hopeful about his place in the Church, shows a concern for those at the very margins of our church,” Duddy-Burke told the Blade. “I hope the pope listened carefully to this man’s experience, and will speak about what he heard.”

Human Rights Campaign Director of Latino and Catholic Initiatives Lisbeth Meléndez Rivera described the meeting to the Blade as an “extraordinary event.” “This is the kind of pastoral care and inclusion of the margins we know the church is capable of,”  

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ONE WORD - HISTORIC. And heartwarming. We are NOWHERE NEAR out of the woods but this is a huge step in the right direction.

History in the making folks. The State of the Union address was great, but the potential implications here are enormous. 

Dear Cis People:

when i fucking call you out on your transphobia you listen. dont act like you want to be an ally than turn around and completely ignore everything im saying. when i tell you that what you said was hurtful you fucking listen and not say shit like ‘trans people arent the only important ones you are taking this too seriously’. This is why people dont try to teach you why what you did was hurtful. This is why people yell at you when you say something gross.

anonymous asked:

i'm more comfortable identifying as male than as genderfluid because i feel like a man all the time, but sometimes i want to wear skirts and makeup and i know people will say im not a "real" trans boy if i do that. do you think i'm genderfluid, or should i keep my identity and do what i want with my body?

You can be a boy and wear all the dresses you want! Liking things that are stereotypically feminine doesn’t mean you aren’t masculine in other ways, including your identity. People who say otherwise are a bit too trapped in the binary, but things aren’t that cut and dry. You are completely real.

-the Selkie

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[FANCAM/REQUEST/TRANS] 20130813 Mokdong Fansign - Hey Leo~~~Kawaii~Leo

[It seems that embedding of the video is not available so just click on the link, it should bring you the fancam]

N: Among the members, who do you think is the cutest ?
N: Me?
N: Everyone, within VIXX, Taekwoon is the cutest.
N: What can we do with such a cute kid like him.
N: Hey, kawaii (means cute in Japanese).
N: Leo, kawaii.
N: Hey, kawaii, is it tasty, the water?
N: Within VIXX, Leo is in charge of cuteness, right?
Fans: Yes!
N: Hahaha, why are you lying?
Hongbin: Why is Ravi cute?
Hongbin: Is Ravi cute? 
Fans: Yes!
Hongbin: Cute? When is he cute?
Fans: Right now! 
Hongbin: Right now? Ah, when he is turning his head like this? 
Hongbin: Ravi isn’t cute, the cute one is our Leo-hyungie.
Hongbin: Hey, Leo (it’s informal that’s why Leo reacts that way since Hongbin is younger)
Hongbin: Cute, cute 
N: Today, we have seen much of Leo’s cute side.
Fan: I like it.
N: I like it too.
Fan: Do you like that or oppa?
N: I also like myself.
N: Everyone, today, you have seen VIXX —
N: Hey there, kawaii.
N: (in Japanese) Oh, are you alright?

Translator: randarachel @starlightsgift

Dear Cis People:

You like to trot out the whole “only 1% of the population is trans” statistic to tell us that we can’t rant and vent. So allow me to turn it around. If 1% of the population is trans then that means 99% of the population is cis. Which means that statistically? If we’re ranting, its very very unlikely (like, 1% likely) to be about you. So get your heads out of your asses, stop taking everything personally and let the 1% vent about the assholes in the other 99%.

[TRANS] The Star Magazine February Issue (scan by Miki910722)


Through the program <Conduct Zero> back in 2006, we were able to know of Donghyun. He appeared in various CFs and MVs, leaving a strong impression on everyone. On 2013, he participated in the music <1000th Man> and this year, he will be working on the musical in Japan which starting on February called <The Bachelor’s Vegetable Store>.

Birthday: February 12, 1989
Describe yourself in 6 characters: Full of humane feelings
Charming point: A nearly matured purity 
Individual talent/skill: Impersonating Christina
Describe yourself as a plant: Sunflower
What makes a good boyfriend: A guy who thinks about the girl’s feelings
Female singer you’d like to have a duet with: Hyorin
Something you’re into these days: Busy schedule
Ideal type: A person who’s has good voice and is good with words
Your treasure: Fridge
If you were not a BOYFRIEND member: Mystery scientist
Related search keyword you want with your name: BOYFRIEND
In 10 years, what would be your nickname: Just ‘Donghyun’ 
BESTFRIEND is: I only want to show good things to this person
BOYFRIEND is: Family
Something that you would like to definitely come true in 2015: I wish a song that I personally composed shine
What kind of singer you want to be: A singer who can make and sing his own song


Dorm, practice room, home, he who can’t return well to these places, Hyunseong. Though he hates annoying things, on the stage, he’s BOYFRIEND’s main vocalist who is dedicated more than anyone else. He’s a practice maniac who want to be like Naul, a singer who’s songs gets appreciated by the many despite the many years that has past.

Birthday: June 9, 1993
Describe yourself in 6 characters: Living earnestly
Charming point: Diligence
Individual talent/skill: Hyunsook, Jung Junha impersonation
Describe yourself as a plant: Japanese red pine. Protecting the dorm simpy
What makes a good boyfriend: A guy who’s warm to his girl
When do you feel happy in your daily life: When I can do nothing in the future even though I’m currently not doing anything already
Female singer you’d like to have a duet with: 15&’s Baek Yerin. She’s got a lot of potential
Something you’re into these days: Singing practice
Ideal type: A girl who would like to know about various feelings
Your treasure: Stitch doll
A new field you want to challenge: Jazz or Vocals
If you were not a BOYFRIEND member: Drummer
Related search keyword you want with your name: An idol who is good in singing
In 10 years, what would be your nickname: Vocalist
BESTFRIEND is: The meaning as to how I can live
BOYFRIEND is: My life
Something that you would like to definitely come true in 2015: I hope that it will be a year where there will be a lot of smiles (good things)
What kind of singer you want to be: A singer who’s good in singing


While doing performances where he sang beside with his noona who majored in playing the piano, Jeongmin’s dreams of becoming a singer has been awakened. He is the happiest when he is composing a song in the studio. If you give him a week of vacation, he would like to take his parents to places where he performed at. He’s a filial dutiful idol.

Birthday: January 2, 1994
Describe yourself in 6 characters: A clump of charm
Charming point: Persistent spirit who doesn’t give up till the end
Individual talent/skill: Composing, if there is a composing survival program, I would definitely like to join 
Describe yourself as a plant: Rose
What makes a good boyfriend: When an accident occur when we’re together, instead of caring about the car, a guy who will ask his girl “Are you okay?” (A guy who cares more about his girlfriend than the car)
When do you feel happy in your daily life: When drinking beer after finishing our schedules
Female singer you’d like to have a duet with: Ariana Grande
Something you’re into these days: Composing music
Ideal type: A girl who has deep thoughts and is filial 
Your treasure: All of the sheet music I’ve used ever since I was a trainee
A new field you want to challenge: Stage production
If you were not a BOYFRIEND member: I’d be studying music at Berklee College of Music, two of my friends actually study there
Related search keyword you want with your name: Royalty … (something I can’t read)
In 10 years, what would be your nickname: (I can’t read it properly ;~~;)
BESTFRIEND is: The ones who allow me to stay conscious
Something that you would like to definitely come true in 2015: I hope that this year, I’d be able to showcase all the songs I’ve composed throughout the years
What kind of singer you want to be: (I can’t read it properly ;~~;)


Among all the members, he’s the one who’s Kwangmin’s hyung. When he was 2 years old, in order to get free gifts, his mum sent in a photo of him unconsciously which made him become a model of children’s clothes. While doing so, it became his first steps into the entertainment industry. Ever since he was a child, he appeared in almost 300 CFs. And in 2010, this veteran has appeared in the movie “The Warrior’s Way” as the young Jang Donggun .

Birthday: April 24, 1995
Describe yourself in 6 characters: The best in being lazy
Charming point: Positive mind
Individual talent/skill: Speaking in Northern Dialect
Describe yourself as a plant: Garden weed 
What makes a good boyfriend: A guy who doesn’t make a girl feel lonely
When do you feel happy in your daily life: I’m happy when I wake up in the morning
Female singer you’d like to have a duet with: IU
Something you’re into these days: Preparing for our next album
Ideal type: A girl with pretty eyes
Your treasure: Diary
A new field you want to challenge: Studying history
If you were not a BOYFRIEND member: A normal college student
Related search keyword you want with your name: good person
In 10 years, what would be your nickname: The Best
BESTFRIEND is: Friend who gives me strength 
BOYFRIEND is: The first start of my life
Something that you would like to definitely come true in 2015: To win first place in a music show. 
What kind of singer you want to be: A singer who can be a role model for someone


Maknae Minwoo who’s got a cute appearance and manliness. This child actor who has played supporting roles in dramas did not lose his courage in front of the camera, his nobleness is charming. He’s into fitness lately, and with his intention of becoming reborn as to have a ‘good body’, he is working out a lot. 

Birthday: July 31, 1995
Describe yourself in 6 characters: Maknae with a twist
Charming point: A reversal charm different to my appearance
Individual talent/skill: Girl group dance
Describe yourself as a plant: Dandelion, Just like how it changes every season, it’s like how I change my image
What makes a good boyfriend: A guy who knows about taking care of the girl’s feelings
When do you feel happy in your daily life: When I eat midnight snacks without any worries
Female singer you’d like to have a duet with: IU, I’ve been a fan since debut
Something you’re into these days: Fitness
Ideal type: A girl who’s cute, lively and someone who has a lot of aegyo
Your treasure: Perfume
A new field you want to challenge: Chinese
If you were not a BOYFRIEND member: Child actor
Related search keyword you want with your name: good body, abs, muscles
In 10 years, what would be your nickname: A singer for a long period of time
BESTFRIEND is: Someone who I can be comfortable with, as long as we’re together even when we’re not doing anything
BOYFRIEND is: Daily life
Something that you would like to definitely come true in 2015: To win first place in a music show, concert
What kind of singer you want to be: A singer who can be recognised by a lot of people

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot, hyeonjia | source: Miki910722
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