Confession: As someone who has gone through depression, Tranquility and the Rite of Tranquility affects me extremely. It’s to the point where I would almost consider it a trigger but I would never compare it to a real trigger given how insulting it is to people with real triggers. I break down in tears when I see a Tranquil related post.

idea for a da4 companion tho

quiet and hiding their face behind a heavy hood, they’re always the first to respond and follow your orders, never questioning. like cole, they seem eager to help, eager to please. they never question your motivations or your goals, simply follow, occasionally monotone suggestions to help your course. always at your back, dual blades flashing out like vipers from the shadows to strike down their prey.

then one day after a vicious fight, you see their hood thrown back, and on their forehead is a sunburst brand.

for their companion quest a cure for their tranquility could be found and they would remain a rogue/dual blade assassin with tempest-like magical abilities, or you could condemn them to a life of tranquility forever…

I chose to illustrate the plight of the tranquil mage for my Silence card. It was my first time trying to draw a person’s face with underlighting and I wasn’t entirely confident I could get it right, so to keep things simple I kept her face youthful. Her hair and clothing are inspired by the defaults in Origins, and I chose to keep it monochromatic to give it a silent film sort of feel.

*The Slumber ribbon, card outline, suit symbol and card numbers were designed by @reellifejaneway2 and yuhimebarbara.