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honestly i dont think trixie and pearl arent friends or anything, they might not be the closest since they live and work in different cities, but i think thats just how trixie acts towards friends and ppl in general. Adore has said that she is a shady queen lol. Also i listened to podcasts of her, from how she described it, thats kinda like how the chicago queens (kimchi, trannika, shea) interact with each other.

It could be. Plus Pearl is a Chicago queen so she probably gets it. I don’t know because the way how she talks about Katya and how she talks about Pearl is SO different!

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Who do you want on season 8? I want at least Kim Chi, Biblegirl, and mayhem miller

kim chi for sure, trannika maybe (she doesn’t perform so idk how well that would go) and biblegirl for sure… mayhem as well, she’s fierce.

We got so drunk on this one, trying to crack KFC’s Secret Recipe for Fried Chicken Fingers with Chicago’s ultimate comedy queen, Trannika Rex.

From seasoning, to breading, to the way it’s fried everyone seems to have strong feelings when it comes to fried chicken.

In the realm of legend is Colonel Sander’s secret blend of 11 herbs and spices, which Kentucky Fried Chicken claims is still the same recipe they use to this day.

The Colonel’s recipe is one of the most guarded secrets right up with with what’s in Coca Cola or. Needs joke!

But thanks to culinary sleuths on the Internet we may very well have figured it out.

Today we’re making fabulous fried chicken with some tasty twists on classic dipping sauces.

Joining us is the SHE-larious Trannika Rex, a drag queen whose name is 65 million years in the making. T-Rex is one of Chicago’s drag ringleaders- who encourages queens as they perform in her shows by throwing some loving shade their way.

As a kid growing up in Florida, Trannika loved eating chicken fingers and that’s still pretty much what she eats to this day.

Trannika Rex – photo: Fausto Fernós.