This is my little (but tall as fuck) sister, Amber. Her name used to be jon, but she realized that deep inside she is a girl and she is one of the most beautiful girls I know. Yes, it had taken me a while to get used to the fact that instead of having a little brother to get into fights with I now have a little sister to teach me how to do my make up so well.

I just wish my dad would see her the way I do. Every time he calls me he brings up amber and how he’s soooo uncomfortable with it and starts making fun of his son and what he’s going through. And it’s like, I’m trying so fucking hard to support the both of them but it’s really hard because I can’t even call him on Christmas. He asked what Amber got for Christmas and 2 of the things were a purse and some make up. And he immediately goes

"no I’m good, I can’t ever imagine getting my SON a purse"

He feels like his son has died. But it’s just like..your son may have died but a daughter is being reborn.

I think of amber as a beautiful, spunky hilarious girl. My dad thinks of her as a rebellious cross dresser.

I love my dad but goddamn, it’s getting to be too much.


This lawmaker wants to make it illegal for transgender people to use the bathroom 

Rep. Frank Artiles. is a Miami Republican in the Florida legislature who thinks that using a restroom is a choice — especially if you’re transgender. That’s why he feels no compunction about his introduction of the Single-Sex Public Facilities Act, a law which would make it a crime for transgender people to use single-sex public bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity in restaurants, workplaces and schools. “Violators” face a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail.

Utterly absurd logic he’s using to hide his transphobia

This is HUGE! It happened in TEXAS! And the world should know about it! #Transguy Mel Gonzales won Homecoming King of Austin High (which is just outside of Houston.) Absorb Mel’s words posted a few days before the election… (And thank you Trina Pham for the photo!)

"Homecoming court 2014. In case I don’t get a chance to speak… I never wanted to make it as a popularity contest. Rather, I wanted to prove that an openly transgender male could make court. I don’t want to be just your homecoming king — I want to be your female-to-male homecoming king. It may not be a big deal to you, but this is for my LGBT community, for my Gay-Straight Alliance, and for my underdogs who don’t get enough representation. You are capable, so always keep at it. ‪#‎ftm‬ ‪#‎trans‬ ‪#‎homecoming‬ king”

November 20th is Transgender day of Remembrance (TDOR). I have changed my profile picture to memorialize and honor all of the beautiful transgender people who we have lost. May their memories be for a blessing

There are stars whose light reaches the earth only after they themselves have disintegrated and are no more. And there are people whose scintillating memory lights the world after they have passed from it. These lights – which shine in the darkest night – are those which illumine for us the path. (Hannah Senesh)

"…gender is not sane. It’s not sane to call a rainbow black and white." — Kate Bornstein

Stages Of Transgender Grief.

Denial: “I’m alright, I can live being a boy.” “I want to be a girl but they say I’m a boy so I guess thats okey.”

Anger: (Also known as puberty) “body stop the horrible things you are doing!” “I’ll cut you if yo don’t stop! I’ll starve you if don’t stop!” 

Bargaining: ”As long as I can have long hair, I’ll be okay. If I can be a little feminine I’ll be alright.” “I don’t need all that transition stuff. I really want it but it’ll be easier to just keep hiding it.” “No one will believe me anyway.” “I should have said something as a kid but now it’s too late.”

Depression: "I can’t even have nice hair…" "I can’t be me at all…" "I’m so tired of this…" "if I have to shave one more time, i might just use the razor differently" "I’ll never pass anyway…"  

Acceptance: "Alright! I’m going to just do it! I’m going to transition!" "I’ve decided to fight for me!" "Help me please!"

Revelation: ”Everyone I want you to know who I am, who I really am.” “please don’t hate me!”

Do you know that feeling when your mom finds out you are ftm, and she doesnt freak out, but suddenly starts calling you ‘son’ and gives you a new boy name like you are just born, and helps you to order a binder and you go together buying new clothes for you and she supports you all by her heart?

Nor do I, bro.


 Hello everyone, recently I discovered my partner ( the one on the left) identifies as  ftm. Naturally I wanted to help aid him in his transition. I soon came up with the idea to create a transition box filled with mens essentials ( mens clothes ect.) and other ftm essentials (binders, packers). Both he and I are unemployed so money has been very tight making these items even harder to get.  I know recently he has been facing a lot of anxiety/ dysphoria and this is very emotionally stressful for him, you’d be helping to make him feel a bit more comfortable with himself as he transitions. Our anniversary is coming up and I really want to be able to provide him with some essentials so that he may feel more comfortable as he moves forward.We are asking for a small donation or whatever you guys can donate to this fund, we appreciate every cent that you guys give. Thank you. 

You can donate here:

If you’d like as a little donation thank you, you can message me and I will draw you something. UwU thank you.


I am here

I fucking hate this website so much. You all talk about equality for everyone, no matter race, gender, sexuality body type etc.

But somehow it became okay for

  • Lesbians/gays (anyone identifying as homosexual) to call bisexual and pansexual individuals homophobic and whiny, trying to claim a label to our “boring white cis lives” 
  • Women to erase and laugh at the pain and mental illness for men, because they are not victims in society
  • For poc to tell anyone else that their label and lives are unsignificant and useless because they don’t know what real pain and discrimination feel like 
  • for women to promote body types of all sorts, “everyone is so cute”, but when it comes to a man who is over weight he will be laughed at and called ugly 
  • For people who consider themselves homosexual that  preach respect and power to the LGTB community to bash down on trans* individuals because “I AM NOT ATTRACTED TO THEM”

Honestly… this hate needs to stop. You can’t use the fact that you are a minority to abuse and discriminate towards others because you consider your own miority more abused by society than their minority. If you use your minority label to hate and erase and discriminate towards others you are trash. No exceptions