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Κλισέ πραγματικότητες για τα Sci-Fi movies

Κλισέ πραγματικότητες για τα Sci-Fi movies


[dropcap size=dropcap]Β[/dropcap]λέπουμε με χαρά πως επανέρχονται τα Sci-Fi σε καλές (και ενίοτε ακριβές) παραγωγές στο Hollywood, πέρα από την geek θεματολογία. Παρόλα αυτά, υπάρχουν μερικά κλισέ που δύσκολα τα αποφεύγουν, αφού έχουν χτιστεί με “κόπο και μεράκι” χρόνια τώρα και… πουλάει.

Για να δούμε μερικά από αυτά…

Χρησιμοποιούμε μόνο το 10% του εγκεφάλου μας

Το πιο πρόσφατο…

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Firehouse Baptism  

A Soul, Geologically

The longer we stay here the harder
it is for me to see you.

Your outline, skin
that marks you off
melts in this light

and from behind your face
the unknown areas appear:

hills yellow-pelted, dried earth
bubbles, or thrust up
steeply as knees

the sky a flat blue desert,

these spaces you fill
with their own emptiness.

Your shape wavers, glares
like heath above the toad,

then you merge and extend:
you have gone,
in front of me there is a stone ridge.

Which of these forms
have you taken:

hill, tree clawed
to the rock, fallen rocks worn
and rounded by the wind

You are the wind,
you contain me

I walk in the white silences
of your mind, remembering

the way it is millions of years before
on the wide floor of the sea

while my eyes lift like continents
to the sun and erode slowly

This is a personal favourite.
by Margaret Atwood
from Margaret Atwood Selected Poems
Simon and Shuster, 1976

nopants-trancedance said:

Do you still glove anymore? And are you going to any events soon? I remember you were one of the first blogs I started following, and one of the people who made me take gloving seriously haha

I own gloves, and casually give lightshows when requested. But I dont bring them to any events.

Going to Porter in San Diego

Hospitality on the 10th in LA.

Maybe Feed Me on the 5th, maybe nocturnal instead, IDK yet…

probably some deep shows at random bars in LA as they come. etc.

Thanks dude :D means a lot. Gloving has changed a lot from when I used to be really into it, I still like to watch old videos sometimes to nostalgia over the ‘good old days’

but that’s just me being an old fart about it. there are some fucking talented people out there right now.

What Rowyn and Sparks jams to is a split

"You can tell a lot about a person by what kind of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come on. Tag 10 people you would also like to learn more about through their taste in music."
Lindsey Stirling-“shatter me”
Lindsey Stirling-“Trancedence”
Capital Kings-“Be There”
Toby Mack-“Forgiveness”
Phillip Phillips-“gone gone gone”
Capital Kings-“All the way”
Imagine Dragons-“Radioactive”
Imagine Dragons-“it’s time”
Ft. Kid ink-Steve Aoki-“Delirious”
DJ snake and lil john “turn down for what”

xarriel-valmere rolandnaerth alyjandratwin raelaryn azuriann zalaearis revalorsungazer kairossunseeker kendoranel sairalis

So this guy #rolandthecat is still at home with me, he’s eating and drinking well and he takes a phosphorus inhibitor once a day. He’s been quiet and resting most of the time, but he purrs and even did a little bit of his trance dance on this blanket I made him of wool scraps (I made a video of this once, it’s earlier in my feed and very amusing!) chronic kidney disease isn’t curable, he’ll have it forever, however long that might be for him. I’ve really been in a state of shock this week, but trying to be positive, there are so many variables though. Sorry if my pics have been a bummer lately, it’s a #seniorcat reality. #bestfriend #oldman #tuxedocat #pinknosesociety #adorable #trancedance #cat #ckd #cute