i just realized that when you guys see me reblogging shitty pretentious food posts you cant here me snarking at tang about how bullshit it is like without me saying “mrwreh, lookit these rustic ass waffles on this unfinished ass table in this dimly lit bullshit cabin” and her kinda half snickering and going back to whatever it is shes doing its only half the story

In the rain

Tears rolling down my cheek
I gazed at the window
I see the raging rain
Washing down everything
But not my tears
Exhilarating my fears
I spoke no words
Came out of my mouth
Tried to walk away
My legs heavy
Vision distorted
Knees bended in prayers
Please almighty power
Bring him back to me

Истамбул је твоја последња станица, доказао си верност без граница.. Вечерас није важан резултат. Вечерас се угасио један живот. Вечерас је неко изгубио друга, брата, сина. Вечерас се неко неће вратити кући..

МАРКО ИВКОВИЋ (1989-2014)