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Um, hi. Sorry, if I'm bothering you, but maybe you know any shoujo manga, where one of the characters dies?

You can try looking at my tragedy series recs here (not all of them include main character death specifically, but you may be interested.) Obvious SPOILER ALERT, but here are some shoujo series where a main character dies:

Zettai Kareshi, Koizora, Orange (Takano Ichigo), Yonjuukyuu, Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari, Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan, Forever Honey, Hana to Akuma, Rec - Kimi ga Naita Hi, See You Again, Datte Kimi ga Warau kara



                 Therefore hence, be gone:
But if thou, jealous, dost return to pry
In what I further shall intend to do,
By heaven, I will tear thee joint by joint
And strew this hungry churchyard with thy limbs:
The time and my intents are savage-wild,
More fierce and more inexorable far
Than empty tigers or the roaring sea. 

Break My Soul - Nathan x Reader x Eduardo (Suspense/Tragedy) Part 2 [FINAL]

{Shout out to yubutt for giving me this idea for a super angsty fanfic! This fanfiction has been broken into two parts and this is part two. If you’d like to read the first one, here it is:}

TW: Abuse, Blood, Death, and Swearing.


[Name] = Your Name Here ♥︎

[E/C] = Eye Color ♡


{Yes, this is a very strange and violent fanfiction. If you do not want to read it, I suggest you stop now… Thank you. ^ - ^ P.S. - Nathan is sorta the main character in his fanfiction not you. It’s basically everything from his point of view. Enjoy.}


[Starting Off from Part 1]

Carefully he walked, making sure not to make a sound as he got to the room the two were in. He could hear them, moaning and groaning. It just made him all giddy that he was going to finally going to reveal their affair in the most embarrassing way. Not able to wait any longer, Nathan clutched the door handle and swung open the door with great force, so loud it made the couple in bed jump.

It was [Name] and Eduardo in bed. Together. Nathan stared at the two as they tried to get off of one another, Eduardo even fell out of the bed. “Dude what the fuck?!”

"Nathan?!" [Name] hastily covered up her chest with the blanket, a deep red blush on her cheeks. "Get out!"

Nate turned deadly in a flash and without thinking hewalked over and grabbed [Name]’s wrist roughly, “I’ve finally caught you two.” His face was dead serious, it was so serious it made [Name] scared. Her [E/C] eyes were full of fear as he talked. “You have been putting me through hell for too long, [Name].” His grip tightened as the two were face to face. “I’ve suffered so much because of YOU! You skank! I loved you and you treated me like complete SHIT!” His grip was so hard, [Name] begged him to stop with tears in her eyes. He wasn’t in his right mind anymore as he cracked her wrist with the force of his hand, making her scream. Before he could continue, in his underwear now, Eduardo pinned him to the wall.

"Don’t you EVER touch her-"

His sentence was interrupted by Nathan’s bottle of alcohol meeting his head. It was a hard, brutal blow and enough hit to break the bottle. It sent alcohol pouring down his head mixed with blood. Startled, Ed’s senses were numb as he stumbled back and felt sharp pieces of glass cut his feet. Before he could react, Nathan’s fist met his face. There was a considerable crack heard which was probably the sound of Eduardo’s nose breaking but the pain from his head was too much for him to even think about his nose.

Ed’s vision started to waver as he fought back with a kick to Nate’s abdomen. Unable to keep himself up any longer, he fell back with a loud thump making [Name] gasp, “E-Eduardo?! Shit! HELP!!” She started to scream and yell, hoping the guys would come back and stop the fight. She didn’t want to move from the bed, in fear that Nathan would hurt her worse.

While Eduardo was down, a hazy minded Nathan pounced and pounded on him relentlessly. In his mind, he was letting out all his anger and frustration he had caused him. All the pain and drinking… The crying and depression was because of this asshole, but here was [Name] too… He thought as he stopped for a moment and started to look back as his wife in bed but was suddenly pulled back by Morgan and Russell, nearly throwing him against the wall.

"Check him to make sure he’s alright! God Nate… What the hell were you thinking?!"


"Miss [Name] is hurt too!"

Nate just watched, coming back from his black out as he sat against the wall dazed. Morgan helped Christopher carry a practically blood covered Eduardo out of the room while Thomas gave his shirt to [Name] so she could cover herself and walk to the infirmary.

Soon, he was left alone with Russell who just stared down at him with a mix of emotions. “Nate… What has gotten into you?”


Eduardo was badly swollen and bruised. His face was black and blue especially his eyes and his lip was busted. Not to mention he had to have a few stitches in his head because of Nate’s beer bottle. He could still talk and walk, but it was hard for him to see. (Since he still kept his eye patch on.)

A couple days later, a very disappointed Morgan had Ed, Nate, and [Name] meet in his quarters. He had Nathan and Eduardo sat beside each other in front of him while [Name] stood quietly in the back.

"So let me get this straight… [Name] cheated on ya behind yer back Nate?"


"With Ed?"


"… Well… I don’t know what’s worse. That you almost beat the man to death or the fact that you got cheated on behind your back."


"Quiet I’m talking." Captain cut Eduardo’s sentence off with a stern expression. Ed was taken back, he actually felt a bit scared for the first time in his life.

"I mean I love women… But I would never stoop so low as to cheat on your husband, [Name]. I’ve heard that you’ve been neglecting Nathan too. So I’ve decided…"

Everyone in the room held their breaths as Captain came out with a verdict, “[Name] leaves the ship and one of you has to go with her.”

[Name] let out an audible gasp, she looked as if she may cry. “What?…”

"Don’t worry I’ll go with you [Name]." Eduardo turned around and gave her a genuine smile while Nathan turned around at the same time, "What if I want to go with her?"

"I would never go with you, Nathan.” [Name] was ruthless as she gave him a harsh glare, all her anger and hatred being forced into that one stare. Nate didn’t say anything, he simply put on a poker face and turned back around. Why did she hate him so much?

Morgan then spoke as he stood up, “Good! Glad you guys have decided. You leave tomorrow. Start packing.”


"[Name]… Can I talk to you?"

"What do you want?"

Nathan carefully started off their conversation while sitting on the other side of the bed from where [Name] was packing. He was slightly nervous for where the conversation might head but was prepared. “We haven’t had a talk in a while… So um… Why?”

"Why what?"

"Why did you cheat on me?"

[Name] rolled her eyes, “Isn’t it obvious? You were holding me back and abusing me. Plus Eduardo is everything you should of been. I wasn’t happy.”

"First off… I never even hurt you until a couple of days ago… You’re the one who abused me. Emotionally and physically. Secondly, I wasn’t holding you back, I let you go out and drink, spend my money as you like. It’s because of you. You’re the one who drank like crazy and spent all my money. So I restricted you from doing certain things. And thirdly… Was all that love, friendship, and care I gave you nothing? I let you vent to me like you did Ed. You could of just ended our relationship instead of cheating on me."

His wife went silent, shocked at the rant her husband had just went on. She then continued on, “I loved you at first, Nathan. You were sweet and kind… But you turned harsh when I started drinking and having fun.”

The room got awkwardly quiet at [Name]’s remark, but slowly, Nate was feeling rage starting to build up inside. “Trust me [Name]… You were drinking and spending all my money. I had to stop you.. I was just afraid you would die…”

"Well I don’t need your help. I can handle myself on my own… With Eduardo." She retorted.

"You know… I finally figured out what you are… Immature." Nathan stood to his feet as he came around the bed to lecture his wife. "Your like a little kid… You like to raise a hissy fit when you don’t get what you want."

"What?! I-"

"Shut up, [Name]. I’m talking." Nathan took control over the situation, which he should of done a long time ago. "I stopped you from drinking and acting like a slut and spending all my money! I did it because I love you! So much! And you used to love me too I know it!"

In the middle of the argument, [Name]’s hand met the side of Nathan’s face. She didn’t mean to do it, she had just gotten so fed up with what Nathan was saying that she wanted him to stop it. “I never loved you! Okay?! I hate you! I hate you so damn much! Our marriage is over!! Everything between me and you is DONE!” Panting, [Name] calmed down and saw Nathan staring at her in disbelief, holding a hand to his face. “Shit… Fuck Nathan… Im so sorry… I didn’t mean to I’m-!!!”

Suddenly [Name] couldn’t breathe. Nathan had suddenly became very violent, his hands around her neck. He was strangling the life out of her and was in a black out again from rage as he thought.

'She had never loved me? Never? And she hate me? Why? I loved her with all my heart and she never acknowledged it? Why? IS IT ALL BECAUSE OF EDUARDO!?? WHY WAS I NEVER FUCKING GOOD ENOUGH?!'

[Name]’s face was now pale as a ghost and her lips were blue as she scratched and clawed his muscular arms, begging him to stop but she couldn’t talk. Slowly her vision faded to black as she lost consciousness, her body stopped fighting as she went limp in Nate’s hands.

About that time, he came back to reality. His heart stopped once he had realized what he had done. Quickly he let go of her and slid down to the floor with her in his arms. He started to panic, thinking he had killed the woman he still loved. Thankfully, her heart was still beating and she was starting breathe again.

He wasn’t going to let [Name] go with Eduardo, for her own safety and because he loved her. [Name] belonged with him forever and although she had forgotten how much they were in love, he was going to help her remember. Nathan was going to do everything to make sure [Name] wasn’t going to leave. Everything.


Nathan looked at the clock on the wall in the kitchen, it was 1 o’clock a.m. He only had a couple of hours before the crew was going to wake up. So that means he had to get the deed done fast.

Glancing back down, he sighed heavily at the unconscious body on the floor. Chloroform worked like a charm, the person surely wouldn’t be up for a long time. He was going to live much longer anyway. “… You should of kept your hands to yourself.”

Nathan made sure the dining and kitchen room doors were locked before he took out his sickle and held it high above his head. His adrenaline rushed through his veins while his heart started pounding, this was so exciting and new to him. Letting out a giggle, he spoke softly, “Who’s going to get fed to the sharks now?”


9 o’clock a.m.

The crew slowly started entering the dining room for breakfast, some of them still half asleep and woozy. “Wow…” Russell let out an audible gasp, completely waking up at the sight of the fresh hot food sitting on the table. Everyone immediately started to dig in, there was ham and sausage with bacon and eggs with toast. It was all so delicious after months of bland food.

Thomas was the only crew mate who was suspicious of what was going on. He then noticed there was a strong smell of bleach coming from the kitchen. “Nathan?” Thomas carefully opened the kitchen door to see the cook in totally different clothes. He looked unusually happy as he turned around while cleaning one of his large kitchen knives. There was a creepy aura about him, but he looked oddly calm.

"Ah Thomas! How are you?"

"Nate? Uh… It reeks of bleach in here…" It was so strong that Thomas’s eyes were watering, not being able to keep his eyes open any longer he closed them and used to his shirt to cover his mouth.

Nathan’s voice was cheery which was contrary to how he had been acting the last few months. “Ah! I woke up early and caught some fish this morning! Made a mess everywhere. Plus I found some rat droppings on my floors and figured I should clean it too. Disgusting rodents.”

"Have you seen Eduardo? Or Miss [Name]?"

"Well now that you ask…" Nathan grinned. "When I got up early to fish I heard Eduardo and [Name] fighting. The next thing I knew, I was getting pulled into the argument and Ed left in the life boat while [Name] stayed here and forgave me! Saying that me and her were meant to be…"

Thomas’s jaw dropped to the floor, [Name] had apologized? And now Eduardo was gone… “Wow…” He said aloud, not being able to contain how surprised he was. “That’s great! Congrats Nathan… Where is Miss [Name] now?”

"She’s sleeping. I decided to let her sleep in since she had a rough morning…"

Thomas smiled and gave the chef a thumbs up before turning around and heading back into the dining room for breakfast.

Russell’s voice caught the cooks attention, “Hey Nate?”

Poking his head out of the kitchen, he saw that Russell was chewing on a piece of ham, “This ham is really chewy…”

"It’s a special type of ham. I got it a little while ago at our last port."

"Oh okay! Sorry just wondering…"

The crew went back to socializing and eating as normal while Nathan retreated back into the kitchen. Smiling, he talked to himself as he looked out the window, “I guess Eduardo’s meat is pretty tasty… Now it’s time for my special meal.”


12:00 p.m.

Slowly, [Name] opened her eyes. The first thing that caught her attention was the obvious throbbing in her neck which made her groan in discomfort. What happened last night? The poor girl couldn’t remember a thing, it was all a blur. She then realized she was in the bed, sitting up [Name] when to inspect her neck but it was bandaged up.

The girl got quiet as she heard some audible foot steps, soon Christopher slowly opened the door and greeted her with a smile. “Ah! [Name] I’m glad your awake!”

"Doc? What… Happened last night?"

Christopher’s expression changed dramatically as it went from happy to concerned, “Well… Eduardo tried to strangle you last night. Nathan and I came in here and found you on the floor… Ed’s gone [Name].”

"What?! He…" [Name]’s heart stopped when she heard that he had left. "Why…" Tears came to her eyes, she had loved Eduardo so much… Why would he ever try to kill her? They had planned to leave together and start their own pirate ship… Then it occurred to her… Something was wrong. Something was most definitely wrong.

"Where’s Nathan now?"

"Uh… He’s in the kitchen?"

"I want to see him."


"Nathan?" [Name] carefully crept into the dining room, only to see that it was empty. Her eyes scanned the room and noticed that there was a bowl of fresh oatmeal sitting out with strawberries mixed in and a tall glass of milk. Had Nathan remembered her favorite meal?

"[Name]? Your finally up." Nathan smoothly walked out of the kitchen, smiling lightly. It was that same, sweet smile he gave her all the time. "I’m… Sorry about Eduardo…"

"It’s fine he was an asshole anyways…" She said out of anger. Ed really wasn’t an asshole to her, but today he had went too far, broke her heart, and left her. But still… Something didn’t feel right about the whole situation.

"I-I made your favorite dish…" [Name] could see the faint blush grow on Nathan’s cheeks as he offered her the meal. She couldn’t help but feel a bit happy inside knowing this man still loved her after everything she did to him. Maybe he wasn’t such a bad guy after all… She could stop cheating and drinking and be more of a good wife to him like he was a good husband to her.

[Name] let out a faint giggle as she came over and snuggled into his chest. This surprised Nathan to say the least, he lovingly excepted her affection and wrapped his arms around her back. It was like a dream… He wish he could stop time and savor this moment.

"Thank you. I’m… I’m sorry. For what I did… I was such a horrible person and I treated you so badly. You never deserved that… I’m really… Immature."

"It’s okay…"

"I just want to repair our relationship back again… So will you please except me back?"

Nathan pulled back before kissing her forehead softly, “I thought you’d never ask.” With a sigh, relief took over [Name]’s body as she lunged forward and kissed him. She had done it without thinking and needless to say Nathan was very, very happy.

[Name] was bashful as she pulled away and took a seat at the table, starting to eat her favorite meal. “Mm… It’s so good… It does have a bit of a funny taste to it though…” There was a sorta salty/sweetness to the meal, but [Name] didn’t mind. She was happy. Probably the happiest she had been in a long time.

After eating a few bites, she started to notice the burning sensation in her stomach and esophagus. She had tried drinking some milk but it didn’t help as the sensation got more and more painful. “Nathan did you accidentally put some special spice into this? It’s really burning my throat…” Actually, it was getting to the point where it was severely hurting. Soon she tasted a metallic substance coming up her throat, it was blood.

Nathan just stared at her in silence as she fell out of her chair onto the floor and was gasping in pain. He watched as she suffered, she had started to choke on her blood and at her last moments she watched as her husband walked over and bent down in front of her.

A evil smile plastered on his face as he spoke, “Antifreeze is a interesting poison huh?”


2 Months Later

The midnight air was cool and the moon was the brightest it had been in months. The Sirius crew was talking happily amongst themselves at the monthly feast. The men were also celebrating because of a new navigator, a beautiful woman named Bianca. It was the first woman on board since [Name] had left abruptly, but so far Bianca had been a pretty good mate.

"Cheers to the new navigator!" The men all shouted as they clanked their beer glasses together. And like that, the party started on a good note.


2 o’clock a.m.

By now, most of the crew was heavy intoxicated. The only people who were still awake were Nathan and Bianca along with Christopher.

"Hey Nate… Isn’t today the day that [Name] left two months ago?"

Nathan nearly choked on his beer, but recovered quickly. “Yeah…” He had lightened up on his drinking problem, but he never drank to much. He was more careful than ever.

"Who’s [Name]?" The female asked intrigued as she set her mug of beer down on the table.

"Uh… It’s a long story…"

"Ive got time to listen to long stories so… Go on."

It took over an hour for Nate to explain what had happened. Nearing the end of his story, he pulled a peculiar necklace which was hanging around his neck but it had been hidden in his shirt. Bianca’s eyes grew wide. “Is that… A blood vile?”

"Yeah… It’s [Name]’s blood." He smiled down at the tiny vile, remembering the girl he loved. "That’s her wedding ring too." On the chain that was holding the vile, there was [Name]’s diamond wedding ring. It reminded Nathan of the past… He remembered putting it on her finger. As he looked back up, he noticed the way Bianca was looking at him. It was a mix of interest and mystery.

"You’re a weird one, Nathan…" She took a sip of beer before continuing on, "Do you know where [Name] is now? Or that old navigator?"

"No idea."

I’m surprised that more people on Tumblr haven’t heard about this.

Elijah March, a 3-year-old boy from Toronto, wandered out of his family’s apartment in the middle of last night, wearing just a t-shirt, diaper, and boots. He was found by volunteer searchers around 6 hours after he had gone missing, but it was too late; he died in the hospital.

People are reaching out and offering condolences to the family on social media with the hashtags #PrayForElijah and #RIPElijah.

May this sweet little boy rest in piece, and may everyone hug their children a little tighter tonight.