“On the good days, I feel like I get it, like it all makes sense. I can stay in the moment, I don’t have to control everything in the future, and I believe everything is gonna work out fine. On the bad days I just want to grab the phone and start dialing numbers. I want to pull my hair and run through the streets screaming”

Traffic (2000)
Steven Soderbergh

a truck full of pigs crashed on the highway that my dad uses to drive to work and he’s stuck in traffic

I took the opportunity to make fun of him and add to the Game of Puns: 

"looks like the pigs arent just behind the wheel anymore"

"the truck driver is such a hog"

"you’re no longer in the land before swine" 

and my personal favorite:

"you can literally bring home the bacon, just snatch it off the side of the road"

I like to think that my father is currently sitting in his car going “damnit pao” 

(if you want spanish puns ask for ‘em because those also happened haha)