Back in 1998 The Face magazine (​RIP) commissioned the photographer and filmmaker Pierre Winther to do a cover story. The idea was simple: Go to Seville, Spain, and do a fashion shoot during the ​Easter parades of Holy Week, where the streets are filled with guys wearing conical masks that bear a striking similarity to those of the Klu Klux Klan. 

​This tradition has nothing to do with the KKK, of course—it’s been going on since the 16th century, a good 300 years before the KKK was founded. But it was a coincidental confluence of symbols that Winther wanted to play on. 

With the help of his stylist Greg Fay, he had the masks made in London and combined them with clothes from Prada, Gucci, and Valentino. The aim was to “combine a classical fashion story with instructive content that would not only provoke attention and curiosity but challenge our own convictions and prejudices.” 

Though the editors at The Face loved the pictures and apparently had them hanging in their offices, they found the story a little too challenging to publish. “It was touching on a subject they didn’t really know how to handle,” Pierre told me. “They were afraid the story would be misunderstood in America.” Because of this they’ve never seen the light of day until now.

-Grey Hutton

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The great discoveries of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have not only changed the world in which we operate, they have revolutionized our understanding of the world – or worlds – that exist, or may exist, just under our noses: the reality that lies hidden until we are brave enough to search for it.

This is why philosophy and theology are ultimately incapable of addressing by themselves the truly fundamental questions that perplex us about our existence. Until we open our eyes and let nature call the shots, we are bound to wallow in myopia.
—  Lawrence Krauss, theoretical physicist
Friendly reminder that ''Cultural Appropiation''

-Is the reason why we’re able to understand our neighbor countries and take part in each other’s political debates to make the best decisions possible. It is also the reason for us to be able to still learn and understand our differences, so we don’t misunderstand each other and get in wars because of these misunderstandments. – It also benefits us in the way that we can all Work together and trade food, new inventions etc. We wouldn’t be anywhere in this World, if it wasn’t because we were interested in each-others cultures. This is not racist or stealing, this is uniting the world as a people and not counting people up in groups – This is not high school this is our future.

Also for whoever likes to say you cannot use African American slang, because it is ‘cultural appropriation’ is obviously ignorant to the fact that all languages strains from either Germanic, Slavic, Baltic, Latin, Armenian, Greek etc. which means all languages has a starting place and we’ve kept borrowing different words into our language all through time up till now, when someone made it taboo to widen your vocabulary. (This can cause a serious damage to our world and eventually make everything stand still language and international wise) It would only be ignorant to think every single word in the American ‘’language’’ is actually English, because it is not – Actually, a big part of the language is borrowed. But the most interesting fact about this; is the fact that Americans where the one to invent the term ‘Cultural Appropriation’ and use it the widest, while the English they talk is actually a Germanic language which is ancient German… Well done.