Meet Ken Sugimori the man who first made you fall in love with Pokemon. He literally drew the first 151 Pokemon by himself. He is also responsible for all of the original artwork in Pokemon Video Games as well as Pokemon Cards and Movies. Due to his work and being a personal friend of Satoshi Tajiri the Pokemon anime charachter Tracy Sketchit was created as a tribute to him. Not much is known about Sugimori, it was even hard to find a picture for this post.There were only 3 pictures of him on Google. I feel that Sugimori is under-appreciated for the work he has done. His early designs and artwork were largely responsible for drawing kids like me into the world of Pokemon. I’m going to try and post some of his illustrations on here.

Fun Fact: I was watching Pokemon with my little brother and sister. I was commenting on it as I do when I watch TV. A few episodes later, my sister starts to pick up on what I’ve been commenting on.

So I got to hear a 7 year old say, “Oh my god, Tracy. No one cares. Stop talking.”

Good times.