SoCal Eichler Homes

Eichler Homes, Inc., was established in 1949, and in 1959 the company expanded to Southern California by developing tracts in Orange.  Construction of the Fairhaven tract began in 1960, the Fairmeadow tract in 1962, and the Fairhills tract in 1963. The first Southern California city to sprout the distinctive post-and-beam homes, Orange is the site of 350 of the 600 Southern California Eichlers. - Via


For renovations of residences by Eichler Homes, the real-estate developer known for subdivisions in postwar California, the go-to architecture firm is appropriately called Modern House. So far, the firm has redone eight of these post-and-beam tract houses built for efficiency with, generally, a one-level 1,500-square-foot plan. Photography by Assassi Productions.


Lewis Baltz, Three Photographs from the Series “Park City”, (1980)

 While Lewis Baltz is perhaps best known for his New Industrial Parks near Irvine, California series, Park City might be a better candidate as the magnum opus of the artist’s early work. Not merely representative of the stylistic and conceptual framework of the photographic movement he helped to define, Park City is the single most exhaustive and far-reaching visual criticism of 1970s-era American real estate development: the series is thus the New Topographics document par excellence. The series’ 102 plates (Baltz defines the Series as “a sequential work of 102 elements”) first take the viewer through overall site views that set up a jarring contrast between the mountains (already carved up for the ski area) and the freshly built condominiums and houses that soon will take over the landscape.


Faces of Meth

Each of these innocuous looking homes has been declared unfit for habitation.  They are on State of Oregon’s list of known, former drug labs. None of them appears to have a single sinister board in their frame, which is all the more frightening.  Maybe these are the before photos.

Oregon publishes a register of these houses on the internet.  It even encourages citizens to receive email update to the list is added to. The promotion is kind of odd.  It’s kind of like the opposite of a National Register listing.  It is a register of shame.

Landmarking a building can be a catalyst for development and community action.  Maybe the list of drug labs could be used the same way.  With the right marketing and incentives could a negative listing become a positive for communities?


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1962 Fairmeadow Tract | Architects: Anshen & Allen | 1733 N Shaffer St Orange, CA 92865

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$1,400 :: 2308 E 4TH Street, Royal Oak MI, 48067

$1,400 :: 2308 E 4TH Street, Royal Oak MI, 48067

3 beds, 2 full baths
Home size: 1,300 sq ft
Lot Size: 4,356 sq ft
Added: 01/28/15, Last Updated: 02/27/15
Property Type: Residential, Residential Rental
MLS Number: 215008110
Community: Royal Oak
Status: Active

Fantastic location for easy access to I-75 and 696. HOME TO BE CLEANED FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. Hardwood Floors throughout 1st floor. Unique Stone Counters Tops in…

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A bullet train will make us forget about those lost Central Valley farms

To the editor: Farmers in the Central Valley find themselves in the path of progress. Their agricultural land is being paved over to make way for tract homes, a trend that Gov. Jerry Brown hopes the bullet train will discourage. (“Critics fear bullet train will bring urban sprawl to Central…