The Bonnie.

1966 Triumph Bonneville 650 TR120R. Got this one also out of Michigan, north of Grand Rapids. The owner bought it off a friend back in the 70’s and loved it so much he bought a second identical bike.

He said he wanted a daily rider so he had it sent to E&V Engineering for an engine rebuild in 2009 and stored it after only riding it a few times last year. I heard many good things about E&V so I didn’t hesitate about the workmanship.

We charged the battery enough for it to start and he said, “Go on! Ride it!”. On the plates was a hand written note with a sharpie that said, “License Applied For. Trust Me! ”. He saw me stare at the plates and said, “There’re no cops around here.” 

I gave it a kick and off I went with a smile on my face, down a dirt road sans helmet. I am sure you have this feeling too but I can always remember the first ride on a new bike. It’s like a first kiss.  

This ride on the Bonnie was definitely hard to beat. She is now a California gal.