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#and they're mostly disney songs #from like tarzan and the jungle book << WAIT JUST A MINUTE YOU ALSO ASSOCIATE TARZAN MUSIC W/STAR WARS?!!!!?? like i have been sitting here for DAYS thinking WHY THE HECK DO I THINK OF SW WHEN I LISTEN TO THE TARZAN SOUNDTRACK and then i finally realized it's because tarzan came out like a month after tpm and my mom played the tarzan soundtrack in the car incessantly for months while i was obsessed with sw so the two are linked in my head



Through Heaven’s Eyes (The Prince of Egypt which isn’t really actually disney) - This sounds so so so much like Qui-Gon trying to hammer the truth through Obi-Wan’s stubborn, perfectionistic self-defacing skull- “You’re too humble for your own good. Give yourself a break. Listen to who the Force tells you you are.” It also reminds me of Ruth Baulding’s fic “On Distant Shores” which is basically Qui Gon, Obi Wan and Satine stuck on an island with a bunch of Nautoleans. Satine and Obi Wan fall in love while fighting off this massive crab invasion and shelling for space-oysters or whatever. There’re a lot of bonfires in this fic and it’s sung around a bonfire in TPOE movie so I get a little misty eyed. GOSH IT’S SO GOOD EVERYONE READ IT 

And Forbidden Friendship from HTTYD reminds me of the same fic 

and the same thing with The Bare Necessities- it sounds so much like Qui Gon trying to harden the soles of little Obi Wan’s civilized feet and trying to teach him to trust the land and the bountiful fruit the Force provides in every single way. It’s so wonderful that Qui Gon is just so bursting with joy in the Force that he tries to cram 50+ years of experience with the Living force into Obi Wan’s head in the first two years and Obi Wan’s just like Mowgli in the song- “You eat ants?” 

Circle of Life is just so classically Jedi Temple philosophy i can’t even 

And of COURSE like phil-the-stone ‘s trash family au which I LOVE, there are Deliver Us and When You Believe from TPOE that just describe the war mentality of the Republic and later on the Rebel forces in such a perfect way, oh my goodness 

And Goodbye Brother (also TPOE) that just… Obi Wan and Anakin OH MY 

And He’s A Tramp (Lady and The Tramp) - There is nothing more Han Solo that I have ever heard 

And the clones…. just… A Girl Worth Fighting For (Mulan) 

And little Anakin with Strangers Like Me (Tarzan) - He meets Qui Gon, this larger-than-life, almost glowing being that doesn’t seem at all real, and he’s promised a new life and a new hope, and he comes on this shiny big ship and he meets Obi Wan, all dimples and a frown that he doesn’t quite understand yet… And then, after Obi Wan gets de-mastered (to put it kindly), Anakin’s all bright eyed and excited and wanting to learn everything at once and probably copying everY SINGLE THING Obi Wan does 

And then there’s Reflection from Mulan, which if it doesn’t show what Obi Wan’s thinking on that long hyperspace run to Bandomeer while his whole future is crumbling around him I don’t know what does. Just picture little Obi Wan, winking tears out of his eyes, looking at the dirty, scrubby glass of the bottom of the transport deck and seeing himself rocketing further and further from everything he dreamed he’d be….. UGH  

And this is Dreamworks, but Stoick’s Ship from HTTYD2 sounds so much like something that would play at a Jedi funeral, and just imagine Obi Wan in a private moment of grief as that cold beam of light stretches up into the night sky, sealing Qui-Gon- not Qui-Gon, just a body now- off forever- and the swell of music at 0:54 is just so heart wrenching I CAN’T DEAL OH 

There’s a lot more too, like It Takes Two from Into the Woods… Star Wars and Disney were instrumental parts of my childhood