“You are the light that never goes out.”


Fly Crippin’ - Nipsey Hussle

I’ll be doing “the potter generation challenge”. (x)

1. The Golden Trio: Harry, Ron, or Hermione?
2. The Silver Trio: Luna, Neville, or Ginny?
3. Dumbledore or Snape?
4-5. Any two ships (Favorite ship, least favorite ship, favorite canon ship, favorite non-canon ship, favorite crack ship, a ship that confuses you, etc…)
6. Horcruxes or hallows?
7. Favorite Weasley?
8. Hedwig or Dobby?
9. Favorite magical item (Time turner, deluminator, Marauder’s map, etc…)
10. The character they butchered the most in the movies
11. Best movie adaption
12. Worst movie adaption
13. A character that wasn’t in the movies that was in the books
14. Bellatrix or Narcissa?
15. Favorite Dumbledore quote16. Favorite Order of the Phoenix member?
17. Favorite Triwizard task?
18. Triwizard Champions: Fleur, Cedric, or Viktor?
19. Favorite Death Eater?
20. Places: The Burrow, Shell Cottage, or 12 Grimmauld Place?
21. A song you associate with Harry Potter
22. Favorite Weasley twin moment/quote?
23. Sirius or Remus?
24. Picspam of your favorite screencaps
25. Favorite magical creature (hippogriffs, thestrals, dragons, etc…)
26. Lily, Molly, or Narcissa?
27. Favorite Horcrux
28. Favorite Hallow
29. Favorite cast member
30. Favorite JK Rowling quote