Traveling Book Project Roll Call

Hello all!

If you have started following me because you are seriously interested in a U.S. traveling book project I want you to reblog this! Reblog even if you aren’t following me but are really interested!

By seriously interested we mean you are willing to read, annotate AND MAIL the books that are picked.

Yes, you read that right, I said books! brittsreadery and youthbookreview and I have decided we like the idea of doing more then one book! Don’t worry, if sent through “media mail” books aren’t too bad postage wise :) We want to make sure everyone who is really interested is tagged in the official info post that will be coming tonight or tomorrow morning!

Official info post for the US Traveling Book Project

Hello all! Alright! This is it! The US Traveling Book Blog Info Post!

Are you excited? Because brittsreadery, youthbookreview and I are SO EXCITED! We’re sure you are, too, but make sure you read all of this post before sending us an ask, okay? So, like readaroundtherosie’s original traveling book project, we will be sending books around to participants, reading/annotating them and then sending them on to the next person. The differences is that we will be doing this with more than one book. Instead, everyone involved will have a book that travels! We hope the excitement of getting your own book back annotated at the end will make people a little more accountable. 

For example we have four booklrs, A/B/C and D. A will send her book to B and B will send hers to C and so on. Once every has read their first book and annotated it, then B will send book A to person C who has sent book B on, etc. Eventually book A will come back to person A all fun and annotated! Then person A will take pictures and post them, so everyone will be able to see the final product! While we’ll all get to read and annotate more than one book this way, it’s going to be a little pricey, unfortunately. Media mail starts at $2.35, so it shouldn’t be too bad, but we want you to be aware of this, we’d hate for someone to have to drop out or something.

So far, we have over 75 notes on my TBP roll call post! This is fantastic! And…a little intimidating. We’ve decided that we’re going to have to do a lot of smaller circles, possibly grouped by geography so the mailing cost/time between books isn’t too bad. Groups will be capped at a max of 10 participants each. If you’re worried about personal security, don’t be! Only a few people will have your name and address. The three of us, and the one person who will be sending you books. 

Once we know who is participating, we’ll have a google doc where people put up 1-3 books they are willing to send out to have adventures. We suggest you pick something you don’t mind the (very slight!) possibility of not returning to you. Also, nothing over 300 pages or hardback (these will weigh more and thus cost more to mail). You’ll be picking more than one book because the other people in your group will vote to determine which books they want to read. Once everything is decided, and we give the go ahead, you’ll send out your books (unannotated) to the address we have given you!

If you have read all of this long (sorry ><) post and agree to spending the money to ship more than one book please send us an ask with your tumblr user name, real name, e-mail, shipping address and Hogwarts house (to know you read the whole thing, lol)!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Mention them in your ask!

I’ve never been the type to buy single issues of comics. When I was younger, graphic novels and trade paperbacks weren’t anything close to as big a thing as they are now, and also my parents wouldn’t buy me comics. By the time I had money of my own, Mixx was releasing Sailor Moon and Mars and Rayeearth and that was how I consumed comics. It’s what I’m used to. I could get those from the book store instead of the comic store that smelled like rotting meat with an owner who would glare daggers into me every time I went in.
But I know now, as a professional comics person, that single issues often determine the fate of a comic. Selling those single issues is gonna influence whether that tpb arrives at all. And if I like something, I should support it, so it can keep happening. But I couldn’t bring myself to buy single issues. I’d try, but they’d always get ruined and/or lost.
I got a tablet the other day. It makes sense for being on the road all the time. And I got Comixology on it. And now I have subscriptions to a bunch of comics, and I can read them as they come out, and talk to other people about them without being left behind. This is so cool! Wow! I love this!
So now I can look forward to new series coming out without adding a year onto the time I’ll have to wait to get to read it. So I’m reading Bitch Planet and Jem and Lumberjanes and Help Us Great Warrior and a bunch of other comics. And they all live in a space the size of one book I can keep in my purse. This is amazing. I love this.
There’s no real point to this post except to say I am even further engrossed in comics and this is cool.