how cute was BarkBox’s Mardi Gras themed package? (not as cute as the pup enjoying it, obviously)

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Trip to Storage- Office Swag of an Animator

01- Prototypes for never released Green Lantern the Animated Series action figures. I bought these off EBay from a guy in China who probably shouldn’t have been selling them. Note Atrocitus’s scale is off. He should tower over Kilowog.

02- Unopened War Paint Sokka, Prince Zuko, & Arctic Stealth Zuko. I am especially happy that these costume variants actually appeared in the series.

03- Unopened Blue Spirit Zuko, War of the Light Hero Clix (which I always liked because they reminded me of GLTAS designs) & Firebending Soldier

04- GLTAS maquettes of Atrocitus and Saint Walker, wrapped up like prosciutto from an Italian Deli

05- Loose figures, including Iron Giant and plush Ghia'ta and Zox from GLTAS, beautifully crafted by Elfgrove. I rescued them from this cramped cardboard coffin and took them to my office at Disney.

Sad thought: Avatar, Green Lantern and Iron Giant were all considered merchandising failures because their toys did not sell well, or in GL’s case, were never made.

Fortunately Avatar’s powerful fan base, plus great DVD and video game sales (not to mention consistently high ratings) not only allowed the show to survive but return triumphantly with Legend of Korra.


Hey!  I’m BACK!  And messing around with PSP illumination settings - so here’s night and regular versions, whichever you prefer.

Despite my diehard Apritello-ness, I also really just love the care that these two have for one another.  They’re friends, best friends, and even while the writers (and some fans) seem to have lost this in the throes of the infamous Love Triangle of Doom debate, I remember s1 and s2 Donnie/April bud time.  So here’s April, taking care of her favorite nerd while he burns the midnight oil.  I’m pretty sure that pizza is growing mold and possibly sentience.

Consider this my love letter to the friendship that lives in my heart.

In a nutshell our Gender Advertising Remixer app lets you re-combine video from ads directed at boys with audio from ads directed at girls (and vice versa) to create hilarious and insightful fair use mash-ups. It allows you to drag and drop clips from a library of 20 absurdly gendered toy commercials into 400 possible remix combinations. There are currently three different versions of the app up and running! 

Why remix toy commercials?

Young people in the United States are subjected to an average of 25,000 TV commercials every year. Embedded in those advertisements are a very regressive and stereotypical set of social values about gender roles for boys and girls. So how can kids push back against a multibillion dollar corporate marketing machine? The goal of this project is to help empower youth of all genders to better understand, deconstruct and creatively take control of the highly gendered messages emanating from their television sets.

More about the project:

Over the past 5 years I’ve been recording TV commercials and using them in educational remixing workshops. I’ve found that fair-use remix video can be a fantastic way to combine critical media literacy, technical skills and creative play to help youth understand, deconstruct and remix mass media messages about gender roles. 

Resident Hong Kong Fwoosher xmeteorz was kind enough to share his pics of his newly acquired Dante from Devil May Cry and it looks to be totally worth the seven year wait!

xmeteorz’s review: “stupid coat, other than that, awesome”

NECA: Devil May Cry Dante Quick Pics Resident Hong Kong Fwoosher xmeteorz was kind enough to share his pics of his newly acquired Dante from Devil May Cry and it looks to be totally worth the seven year wait!