So happy you guys got us to 50% 55% funded so quickly! 

Concept Art

As a thank you, below are some of the first drawings Jesse did of the Knights of the Slice. 

It was the fine tuning by We Love Fine's Arty Perez and David Lawson that really finessed the concepts to where they needed to be.

Then, Justice Joseph gave life to the 3D model. He’s the best! 

A big thanks to Guy & Stacy Brand and Marissa McMillon for believing in the project and agreeing to provide manufacturing and support. 

Also, Matt Doughty continues to prove he’s the nicest man in toys. Go check out all the cool things he makes. He has our sincere appreciation! 

Female Knights? 

A couple people asked about a female version of the Knights of the Slice. This campaign will not have a female sculpt. Reason being: There are already terrific female action figures from our pals at IAMELEMENTAL 

We knew we couldn’t design something cooler than IAMELEMENTAL, so they are the de-facto female counterparts to our Toy Pizza Trio. Maybe we’ll have an official collaboration sometime soon ;) 


We will be hosting a livestream on our YouTube channel this Friday, Jan 30th, starting around 7:00 PM EST. We can talk toys and answer any questions you may have about the campaign or our hygiene techniques. 

Once again, a profound thank you from all of us here at Toy Pizza. 

Nicky, Jesse, and Cade! 

If you haven’t already, check out our campaign here


I didn’t actually get much done today, but I did have fun wandering around Target and Toys R Us while waiting on Rich at the dentist’s. I snagged one of those Fairy Tale High dolls for four bucks, purely to steal the clothing, shoes, and body. They had some others, too, but I passed. The one thing I couldn’t pass on was Haunted Clawdeen. After seeing her skintone in person, I was sold so hard. It’s gorgeous!

In addition to some other bits and bobs, I found the world’s tiniest Boo and nearly died of cute. The new, even tinier Mini Lalaloopsy figures are pretty cute, too. I also snagged a couple of Barbie fashion packs (that are on sale at Target for $2 something). These were the only two that caught my eye, though.

Once I got home I put everything away and worked on reorganizing my desk. My studio is cluttered, but I’ve been doing better about keeping things put away. Most of the boxes have been taken out, but I still have a few leftover.

The last photo is of the next three vintage girls I’m working on restoring. Two clone girls and a Skipper. Since rerooting was so easy with the tool I made, I’m going to give them all some nice, bright hair :3. The clone heads need bodies, but I already have some laying around that may work.