Finally, a doll that accurately represents women of color

When Angelica Sweeting’s daughter Sophia said she wanted “‘yellow hair’ and white skin like her dolls had so that she could be pretty,” Sweeting sought a doll that looked a lot more like her daughter. When she only found dolls that were essentially a “spray-painted” version of a doll with white features, Sweeting decided to make her own. She set the Kickstarter goal at $25,000 — but was blown away by what happened next.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Alert Sensor Light

Taito presents a sensor light which blares out the ‘Alert’ sound effect from the Metal Gear Solid games whenever anyone attempts to stealthily skulk past the light. The sensor embedded in the pedestal detects movement within a 40° arc of the contraption which then triggers a light and the distinctive MGS sound effect. The sensor light measures 18cm (7.08") in height and will ship in retail packaging.

[Preorder (Aug Release)]


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Please buy some toys

Alright, this is probably going to get pretty long, but here’s a list of action figures and manga I’ve got for sale. If you need a visual on any of the toys, I’ll snap a pic, or link you to a picture of the toy, if I’m at work. If a price isn’t specifically noted, it’s gonna be a “what do you want to pay for this thing?” situation.

This list is not complete. I’ve still got to go through a box of figures I’d completely missed when pulling out sellables for the park and swap a couple of months back, also, my longboxes. Actually, comic books will most likely end up as a separate post entirely.

A good deal of these figures are from blindboxes, because that’s the only gambling risk I’m willing to take.

Please message me off anon when inquiring about the things here, thank you.

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