Arpakasso/Alpacasso education of the day!

There’s 2 Black Monotone Arpakasso plushes. 

"Monotone" Arpakasso - Pink Stitching in the face

"Kuro and Pink" Black Monotone Arpakasso - Black stitching in the face.

It’s hard to tell in the picture but there is black stitching in the face of the “Kuro and Pink” Black Monotone Arpakasso.

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It would seem that the second of three secret Lockseeds featured in the Showa Rider set has been revealed, and this one is based around the Shocker Leader (Written here as 首領 / Shuryō, written in English as The Leader of Shocker) , the ultimate villain of the original Kamen Rider series. I’m admittedly debating the validity of this image solely for how out there it is, but we have seen a Shocker Combatman release before so anything could happen! 

This leaves one more yet to be revealed, and there’s constant debate of who it could be. The popular guesses within the Showa era are Stronger’s powered up form and the heroine known as Tackle.