Giant Sundance - a rare, one-of-a-kind promotional item owned by drusilla!  She is thought to be fiberglass covered with flocking.  The top photo is before she was cleaned up, the other pictures are after.

Learn more about her astounding discovery on the MLP Arena!

Excerpt from drusilla:

I was digging through some boxes when my boyfriend mentions “oh yeah, this is the house with the big horse thing in the yard”.

I didn’t really pay attention, i thought it was just one of those lawn decoration that you see around, you know those plastic brown “real horse” garden ornaments.

He then looked in there backyard and said “hey there is that horse thing” I stopped digging through the box and looked up and immediately froze and did not move. I got giant goose bumps on my skin, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and my mouth was hanging wide open.

I then smacked him on the arm and yelled “That is not a “horse thing” that is a giant sundance”.

He was all like “well how was i to know”. I nearly killed him i really did LOL again i told him “how can you not know that is a sundance when the pony is standing on our bureau at home?”