Disney makes iconic films; Pixar doesn't

Something I’ve noticed with Disney films compared to Pixar is that whether or not you prefer Disney; they make the more ICONIC films.

In cinema there are iconic movies that shape pop culture. Citizen Kane, The Godfather, Casablanca, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T, Die Hard, and so on. There are scenes and lines in these movies that are constantly referenced to and everyone knows about them. These are what define movie pop culture.

I would argue Pixar has never made a truly iconic film. The closest Pixar has gotten to an iconic film is the first Toy Story. However the most famous scene in Pixar is from Toy Story 3.

But this ISN’T a truly iconic scene. This is a memorable scene that people talk about. When people reference the Toy Story 3 scene it’s about the actual scene in the movie. They don’t parody the scene they just talk about it.

On the other hand Disney is FULL of iconic films & scenes that have shaped pop culture into what it is today.

These have been parodied and referenced millions of times. These are some of the most iconic scenes in cinema EVER. Even 2013’s Frozen has become an iconic film. No Pixar film in the last decade has had a bigger impact on pop culture than Frozen. 

Whether you prefer Pixar’s films or Disney’s; it doesn’t matter. Disney makes the iconic films.