Hello, We Are FiftyThree.

It’s been over a year since we launched Paper by FiftyThree. In that time, our team grew from five to twenty, encompassing some of the most multifaceted individuals we know. Our passions range from jewelry making to playing the banjo. We come from around the world.

Tara, our newest team member, has over 30 nicknames, and Georg, our CEO, spent part of his childhood helping his family run a castle. We’re painters, filmmakers, explorers, inventors, food lovers, mini golfers, marathoners and Ultimate players (Aseem is apparently very good). We even have a licensed Doctor of Metaphysics (You can call him Dr. verdugo.) and Becky brings on natural disasters whenever she travels. Ian M once rode a bicycle for 20 minutes straight while blindfolded; Amy learned to bike twelve months ago.

We worked with award-winning photographer Lee Towndrow to create portraits of each team member featuring Lee’s signature paper sculptures, and we think they turned out beautifully. We hope you like them, too.

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