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You're my eremin queen, so I've come to you for guidance. Do you have any fic recs?

m-mE??? ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄♢⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ oh my god I’m honored dfisfladkodsf;adhf

okay well I rarely bookmark fics so I tried to find as many as possible that I remember enjoying ;w; it’s been a little while since I read them tho so I can’t give a detailed opinion on them other than “they gave me feels”… here you go foxicology!!

Short Fics:

Reincarnation AU by towine

Orchard Boy by verygently

Eren/Armin coffee shop AU by unuclear

Favorite Authors:

✿ by phollie ✿

Shrinking Violets (explicit)
honestly (explicit)
bony knees

✿ by Raevell ✿

We Can Dance (fluff)
Doing What They’re Doing (explicit)
Campfires and Tents (explicit)
I’ll Hate Myself Later (explicit)
A Different Kind of Torture (explicit) 

✿ by seasideimprovisation ✿

The Fake Boyfriend Experience (chaptered, finished)
We Were Kings (chaptered, finished)
Days Are Gone (explicit)

✿ by towine ✿

the wild youth
assorted chocolates

Other Good Fics:

Exchange Student!Eren and Host Family Son!Armin by homicidalwhispers

The Liquid Engineer by ClockworkCourier (chaptered, finished)

Dead Hearts by thehistorygeek (chaptered, ongoing)

Rather Cliche by RetroRabit (chaptered, ongoing)

feels so scary getting old by d3anstiel (chaptered, ongoing)

Show Me by dramatic-aoba

The Compass by thetox 

Good Night by asmallwave

Naked As We Came by Hellion (explicit)

you can probably find a few more by digging through my fanfic tag, hope I helped!! ^-^

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa

Merry Christmas, Caihai! *u* It’s been so fun getting to know you these past few months, screaming about Jearmin headcanons and food, IT HAS BEEN SO GREAT. This isn’t much, but I hope this little fic makes you happy~~ Here’s to a new year!


Jean curses as he cuts his finger on the tape dispenser and Armin shushes him hurriedly. “Jean, please, for the love of God, be quiet! You’ll wake Marco up!”

"Come on, Armin," Jean groans, sucking on his thumb, wincing. "He’s old enough to know that Santa’s not real anyways."

"He’s four, Jean.”

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Name: Tereza
Birthday: 22nd January
Favorite color: blue, green, dark yellow
Lucky number: 1, 22
Height:  172cm (i guess)
Talents: eating. eating all the time. eating especially when i’m not hungry. eating when i’m bored. having 2 breakfasts. eating like it’s the last time what i eat.
i’m so talented haha :D
but okey..i’m good at playing and looking after children, baking, DIY activities. 

Last dream you remember: ohh, my poor memory! ..but it was dream about me and i had no teeth and i was just sitting in waiting room and crying. (it was because i was 4 times in dentist this month..that’s why i have scary dreams like this!!)

Can you juggle: nono i can’t

Art/sports/both: Probably sports. If I can count watching it in TV then definitely sports! 

Do you like writing: I don’t know. I don’t write often. And i’m not good in transformation thoughts to words.

Do you like dancing: I dooooon’t because I can’t it. But I do it :D.

Do you like singing: Lalalalaaaa I do.

Fantasies: Too many to write all of them. Too many to choose some of them.

Dream vacation: Oh myyyy… Somewhere abroad with some poeple who i like. Just having many many little trips around the place where we would stay. Portugal? Buenos Aires? Cape town? North of Europe? Iceland? Or my lovely Vienna? Or somewhere in the UK again?

Dream wedding: Oh, i don’t think about wedding so i don’t have any dream wedding. 

Dream pet: dog. but i have the best one now.

Dream job: I will be airhostess. (I believe in fairy tales haha:D)

Favorite song: Sooo many. But for example: Good Charlotte - Harlow’s song :))

Last song you heard on the radio: weeeell…last time what i listened radio was like 2 months ago..and i don’t remember it 

Least favorite song: i don’t know.

Least favourite album and artist: i’m not fan of rap music so maybe some artist who make rap music?

Guys/girls/both: Guys

Humorous/serious:  Weell…probably humorous. But on the other hand i sometimes really need someone who is serious and just have talk without joking about everything with someone.

Taller/shorter: I really don’t care about it.

Biggest turn-off: Ignorance

Biggest turn-on: Cute smile 

So here comes the fun part, I will tag the following people:
veganonabike24 put-on-your-warpaintt nynaisnotdead wefail-welose-towin weirdmes smile-and-do-it kelly-minus-belly
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it should just be us

Jearmin Week Day 6 - Jealousy

Summary: Where Armin, Marco and Bertholdt are nerds that have LOTR marathons and snuggle up next to each other on the sofa, and Jean gets upset. Based off of this AU with lemedy and towine!

Rating: T
Word Count: 611


Jean has never considered himself a jealous man, but seeing Armin cuddled up next to Bertholdt and Marco on the sofa makes him want to change his mind. The trio gasps in perfect unison as a hoard of Orcs appear on screen, and Jean frowns, pulling out his phone. If he’s going to suffer, he’s not going to suffer alone.

"Remember when our boyfriends were in love with us?" Reiner slurs over his fourth beer and Jean just nods, sipping listlessly at his own can as the movie marathon continues in the living room.

"Armin said Aragorn’s hot," he whines, laying his head down on the table, cool against his burning cheeks, and curls his fingers around a cold bottle. "I don’t look anything like Viggo Mortensen.”

"Bertholdt likes Legolas. I’ll never be as pretty as Orlando Bloom."

"At least you’re blond," Jean sulks, rolling another beer toward his companion. "Come on, drink up."


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