John Green and the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

I want to start this post by saying I’m completely biased when it comes to the above mentioned conflict, as I am currently writing this from Israel, the country in which I was born and raised. That being said, it gives me authority to talk about it, something John Green lacks.

What upset me most about the Crash Course video (that, if you’ve somehow missed, is right here) is that if it were a pinch more to the Palestinian’s favour, it would have been a stand and not facts. Only, of course, everyone who knows the situation well enough knows, these are not facts. The video makes it seem like it’s the whole truth, when at parts it’s not even true- not to mention all of it.

For example, did you notice how they failed to mention 1973? That year in which the most difficult war occured, where we lost literally thousands of men, and also a lot of the land gained in 1967? Ha, how easy was that to forget. Also: Hamas is popular because of social project in Gaza? So I take it you’ve not seen how they launch their missiles from schools, so that if someone dares to shoot back, they’ll have nice photos of the dead, innocent children they so like to hide behind.

I was really excited, though, around the end. “In the past ten years, Hamas has frequently launched rocket attacks into Israel, Israel has responded…” and you know, I thought, here we have it, finally how things really happened, “with extended and extremely violent invasions to Palestinian territory and have seen thousands of Palestinians killed” ah nope nevermind.

I may have gotten more sensetive over the years when it comes to this conflict, I think it’s because I’ve seen my best friends, my own sister, and possibly in the upcoming 2015, also myself, in military uniform. Also, it might be the fact that I can now say I personally knew people who died because of it. But, irregardless, let me leave you with this: My history teacher in High School used to tell us, it annoys her when people say, “How is it that Israel have won all their wars, and always lost less men? They must be the bad guys in this”. What these people don’t understand, unfortunately, is that if Israel lost a war, there would probably not be Israel anymore. 

Mr. Green, I really appreciate you and your work, but if you’re going to attempt to recap the world’s history, you’re gonna have to do better than that.

"anytime you visit a Latin American country you’ll see people walking around with rifles and handguns" - my Spanish teacher really accentuating the culture of ALL Latin American people to easily influenced teenagers in a classroom. "Education breeds success!!!!"

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I need to just take a second to say that I appreciate the fact that you're a Nana K fan, like everyone I've ever met who likes the series HATES her, and while I do like Nana O a bit more, I feel like all the hate Nana K gets is so unnecessary

I appreciate you sending this, because Hachi is my second favorite character ever after Kagome, and they’re two of the most hated characters in anime :/

HONESTLY THOUGH. I cannot BELIEVE the amount of hate Hachi gets. I was watching NANA on youtube once and one of the top comments was like “Nana K is the Bella Swan of anime” and I was just like Jesus Christ. People like to call her a lot of things, and yeah, Hachi is incredibly flawed (all the characters are, especially Nana O but of course no one hates on her for it because she’s the “cooler” Nana) and she does a lot of stupid things, but people completely ignore why she does what she does. They don’t have to like her but hating her is just really dumb? She’s so interesting, and she owns up to her mistakes and grows beautifully as a character, but all anyone cares about is that she sleeps with a couple of guys and that she breaks Nobu’s heart.

Some highlights from this Oricon article:

A rare absence of antis~ What’s behind the support for Kamiki Ryunosuke

Kamiki Ryunosuke has been getting more and more attention each year ever since he started as a child actor. He’s someone with the charms of an idol but also real talent, which puts him in a unique position.

Although known for his notable portrayal of dark and antagonistic characters, Kamiki excels in any role, including being an otaku in ’Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo’. He can even alter personalities in the same role, as he has credibly shown in last year’s drama ‘Henshin’, in which an innocent and truly kind young man turns vicious after a brain surgery. Furthermore, in the drama ‘Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari’, his character swaps bodies with an old man played by Yoshida Kotaro.

He recently starred in much discussed movies like ‘Rurouni Kenshin’ and ‘Kamisama no Iutoori’ getting people to recognize that he has become a great actor at 21.

It’s not rare that child actors come of age with an image change. But in Kamiki’s case, one reason behind his popularity is still having that pure image and angelic face. He’s popular both on TV and the internet, and it’s hard to find negative comments or hate towards him. 

In a recent drama ‘Gakkou no Kaidan’, he plays a mysterious genius speech writer. He makes viewers love him even when being S (sadistic) in his role.

FYI: I took the liberty of restructuring the paragraphs while summarizing what the writer is trying to say. I actually had reservations in posting this because the article doesn’t really say anything new, only applauding Kamiki’s likability (I remember articles from years ago which suggest that even the trolls at the infamous 2ch seem to like him). So sorry if this is a few days late. Much thanks to my friend Mana for helping with the translation. :)


Ralph Vaughan Williams - Toward the Unknown Region, Song for Chorus and Orchestra on a Poem by Walt Whitman

Performed by The London Symphony Orchestra & Chorus with Bryden Thomson conducting

Darest Thou Now, O Soul, by Walt Whitman:


DAREST thou now, O Soul,
Walk out with me toward the Unknown Region, 
Where neither ground is for the feet, nor any path to follow?   


No map, there, nor guide, 
Nor voice sounding, nor touch of human hand,                          5
Nor face with blooming flesh, nor lips, nor eyes, are in that land.   


I know it not, O Soul; 
Nor dost thou—all is a blank before us; 
All waits, undream’d of, in that region—that inaccessible land.   


Till, when the ties loosen,                                    10
All but the ties eternal, Time and Space, 
Nor darkness, gravitation, sense, nor any bounds, bound us.   


Then we burst forth—we float, 
In Time and Space, O Soul—prepared for them; 
Equal, equipt at last—(O joy! O fruit of all!) them to fulfil, O Soul.  15


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Inukag ~

♥ Send a ship and I’ll give you who: 

huff huff huff okay here i go

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses

both of them do, but kagome tends to be the more affectionate of the two so therefore you catch her doing it considerably more than her companion

these two aren’t really ones for being overly romantic in general and especially in public however, so even seeing kagome do it out in the open is a rather rare thing. they usually just settle for hand holding (maybe a hug or two), but inuyasha has moments when he gets embarrassed easily (and having all the villagers stare at them definitely isn’t helping the warmth beginning to spread onto his tanned cheeks) so he huffs and tugs on kagome’s arm as he tries to flee the scene with her in tow

inuyasha prefers being alone with her at night more than anything, specifically while she’s asleep next to him because then no one is around to see him lean over and gently kiss her forehead as he brushes some of her black, wavy hair from her face

  • Gets jealous the most

again … both equally do … it just so happens to be that the two of them handle it considerably different than the other

it’s canon that kagome, though obviously mad and would be completely against it if she had a choice, tries her best to put her feelings aside and let inuyasha see kikyo. she really only verbally voices her displeasure when she believes inuyasha to be lying to her about what went on with “the other woman” while she waited behind patiently for him, so i believe her reaction would be the same if another rival were to ever show up

same goes for inuyasha! we’ve seen throughout the series that he’s a mighty jealous fellow (i.e. every time we see koga pretty much) except, in his case, he’s a lot more upfront about it most of the time. minus the few occasional moments that he gets snoody with kagome about “encouraging the damn wolf,” inuyasha normal directs his jealousy and negative feelings at the person posing as a threat to his relationship with kagome and i believe that would also remain the same

  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

kagome picks inuyasha up

it might just be me, but personally i don’t really see kagome being all that big on alcohol so i don’t believe that, if she were to ever have some, she’d let herself get so unbelievably wasted (at least not often)

inuyasha however, totally drinks and you can’t tell me he doesn’t, lmao. it makes a lot more sense that he were to be the one that needed to phone his girlfriend because “hey, i’m totes drunk for real yo come pick me up dammit”

  • Takes care of on sick days

there sure are a lot of questions that i can say both to. but this one i’m saying it mostly due to obligation (???) … logic (???) … common sense (???) … i really don’t know tbh. my point is this: isn’t kind of cruel to not take care of someone, when you are perfectly capable of doing so??


obviously kagome has a lot of knowledge that she learned from kaede about medicinal plants so it only makes sense that she take care of inuyasha when he’s ill, though he totally puts up a strong front all “i’m not sick” and “just go out with sango like you planned … really, kagome - DAMMIT I SAID I WASN’T SICK” (kagome has none of that shit though and pushes him back down onto the tatami mat in their hut with a huff and tells him to shut up angrily as she dabs his head with a wet cloth)

now inuyasha might not be as smart as kagome goes in the area of what plant does what exactly, but you know he’s definitely not stupid. after living so long on his own, he had to learn ways to take care of himself and tend to himself when injured or sick. it was a trial and error thing for him, but he learned from it and found some remedies that way. so now that kagome’s unwell he can finally put all his hard work to use on someone other than himself. he might be gruff and irritated sounding, but believe me when i say he’s gentle as he sets her down onto her pillow and feeds her with a worried look in his eyes

  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

kagome, but inuyasha let’s her and doesn’t put up much of a fight

but watch out kagome because this idiot is gonna tackle you into the water

  • Gives unprompted massages

i don’t really see either of them doing it, but i suppose if i had to choose, i’d choose kagome because massages are another way to take care of someone and kagome likes taking care of people ???

also it kinda makes me imagine the whole “take it off” scene that inukag has because inuyasha will never not be stubborn

  • Drives/rides shotgun

in a modern!au setting, the one to be driving would definitely be kagome, because inuyasha is reckless and would probably crash the car and destroy it one way or another, leaving his girlfriend to be very upset, to say the least

that leaves inuyasha to ride shotgun, which i’m sure he prefers anyway because he can lean back and relax in his seat with his feet up on the dashboard

  • Brings the other lunch at work

KAGOME TOTALLY BRINGS INUYASHA LUNCH WHILE HE’S AT WORK like this girl plans this shit out so carefully, making sure everything is cooked to perfection and enjoying herself as she slaves over their stove at home. unfortunately, by the time she gets to his workplace … inuyasha already has a cup of instant noodles in front of him and is scarfing them down like he hasn’t eaten for 50 years

  • Has the better parental relationship

are we talking about with their parents?? or with their kids and they are the parents??

if we are referring to the latter: i feel inuyasha would actually

i’m a firm believer that at first inuyasha isn’t too keen on having kids for multiple reasons: 1) he just feels like he’s not ready to be a dad, 2) his kids won’t be a half-demon but they also certainly won’t be full human or full demon, 3) what if they hate him for that???, 4) what if they have to deal with even half the shit he did as a kid???, and so many more. i’m also a firm believer that when his kids do come though, he is probably one of the best fathers around. sure, he’s still the temperamental lad he’s always been so he snaps at them pretty quick, but he’s protective and he’s gentle and he loves them (and they love him) 

  • Tries to start role-playing in bed

KAGOME, lol. and when she does all she gets from inuyasha as a response is “what the fuck are you doing?”

  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer

it’s kags yet again. i know i said i don’t see her being all about alcohol and whatnot, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t drink occasionally … and that also doesn’t mean she’s never been drunk

  • Still cries watching Titanic

kagome, not only because it’s something that totally fits her but because inuyasha isn’t really one to shed tears?? like he’s a rather depressed guy, but he’s not really a crier and i doubt he’d cry over a movie because “it’s not real, kagome, relax” and she sobs “but they loved each other!!!” back

  • Firmly believes in couples costumes

i think  kagome would like the idea of couple costumes, but would never really pressure inuyasha into dressing up with her unless it was super important

  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

inuyasha, because i would like to think he can be romantic at times and honestly kagome puts up with so much of his shit and she deserves something more expensive than their $40 limit so, kagome, shut up and take the damn necklace jfc

  • Makes the other eat breakfast

kagome ~ she’s the cook of the two after all!!

  • Remembers anniversaries

both of them, but inuyasha doesn’t make too big a deal until he’s ready to present whatever gift he got for the occasion so to kagome it seems like he forgets all. the. time.and she gets super hurt and comes close to blowing up at him. luckily, he chooses that moment to give her her gift so all is good (and kagome feels a bit bad that she doubted him)

  • Brings up having kids

kagome does because inuyasha, like i said, probably isn’t too big on having kids because there are a lot of things he’s frightened of, but kagome does and so she sits him down and talks to him about it. she’s careful and approaches the subject with care though, because she’s become aware that whenever she hints at it inuyasha tends to avoid allowing the conversation to turn down that road

in conclusion i love these idiots don’t look at me