Do you visit circuses that use animals, do you give money to these awful gimmicky animal tourist attractions, do you watch videos of elephants painting and monkeys riding bikes etc… And laugh? Is this entertainment to you? Because it’s no fun for the animals that are used. Please next time you come across any animals used in entertainment, think about this image. Think about all the things that happen to these very same animals behind the scenes. Is it natural behavior for a monkey to ride a bike or an elephant to paint? Is it natural behaviour for elephants and horses to be dancing in shows with huge noisy crowds? Is this what we are going to reduced these beautiful wild creatures to? Our entertainment?

Davao del Norte getting ready for Palaro on May 3-9

Davao del Norte getting ready for Palaro on May 3-9

Davao del Norte — The province of Davao del Norte is making its variety of attractions ready for the influx of tourists in the Palarong Pambansa this summer.

Along with the province’s revved up efforts in polishing playing venues and billeting quarters, and heightening security, local government units and resort operators are also expanding and refurbishing the tourism sites for the May 3 to 9…

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Day trip to Portland, Oregon

Numerous day trips can be made from Seattle any time of the year. We decided to take a short day trip to Portland as the weather was sunny and gorgeous. We drove to Portland from Seattle and it took us almost 3 hours. The ride was beautiful as we were lucky to catch glimpses of Mt Rainier, Mt St. Helens and Mt Hood.

Our first stop in Portland was a brunch place called The Screen Door. The wait time was 45 minutes as it was fully packed on Sunday morning. It is one of the best place to have brunch in Portland. We had to wait another 30 minutes after placing an order inside. The food was scrumptious. I had french toasts with extra maple syrup and bananas.

After this we drove to nearby stores to do some shopping. Portland has no sales tax and therefore many people from nearby states drive up to Oregon to take advantage of this. It really saves up a lot of money if you plan to purchase big expensive items like electronics, baby gear etc. Just make sure you have ample space in your car!

One of the hidden gems of Portland is Rocky Butte Park. It is a small park at an elevation and from there you can see panoramic views of the city including Mt St Helens and Mt Hood. It was quite windy up there and we weren’t prepared for it. The views were spectacular and we witnessed a beautiful sunset.

Our last stop was at the Voodoo Donuts. It is a must do thing when you are in Portland. The lines are long and you have to wait approximately 30-40 minutes for your turn. I had Diablo donut which is double chocolate with a white glaze. It was definitely sweet and I highly recommend it to those with a sweet tooth.


The Eden Project is a visitor attraction in Cornwall, south-west England, that focuses on the plant kingdom and environmental science.

It contains large artificial bio-domes which house exotic plants that were collected from all around the world. The project is located in a crater amongst the Cornish countryside, an is set 3 miles away from the nearest large town.

The complex is dominated by two huge enclosures consisting of adjoining domes that house thousands of plant species, with each enclosure emulating a particular environment.

The domes consist of hundreds of hexagonal and pentagonal plastic cells supported by steel frames. The first dome emulates a tropical environment, and the second a Mediterranean environment.

Butterflies also live within the domes…

Weddings can be booked to he held within this highly unique setting…

The site at nightfall whereupon colourful lights illuminate the structure…

Superb Hotels Are Idle Climax Contrariwise Sydney

Summer has completely arrived mutual regard Sydney and during the summer months visitors strip approach many sterling highlights especially during the Christmas holidays sol as far as 2013. For example south northward of Sydney Buxton will hold hosting a series of events and once contrary celebrate the Buxton Bush Christmas events such as Santa arriving with a roast skimmington and the Buxton Bushrangers will board steam trains from Couridjah to Buxton creating mayhem and fun, although officialdom come armed you are glaringly friendly as their grievance is not with the locals and visitors but inclusive of the troopers. The bushrangers are after a silver coin or gold and will rob literally anyone. You can enjoy the Buxton Christmas carols as play as other breezy entertainment throughout the cycle of indiction.

For polar minute Christmas shopping, there is a expansive branch of fabulous market stalls, the bat mobile a highlight in that household will be arriving and there is a host with respect to entertainment remedial of children such as rides, farm animals, tricycle rides, wild rides and fruit cars as well as great food and wine. For those visiting Australia during the summer season settle find that there is a plethora of hotels Sydney close in consideration of all the major attractions as well being as how close to all the summer seasons fabulous festivals. For those that enjoy brute creation and the outdoors there is a host of family attractions such ceteris paribus the Australian Reptile Pine barrens and Beasts Sanctuary where other self will be entertained with alone exhibits, staggering wildlife shows, witness the staggeringly funnel tendril chilopod being milked and enjoy some of the largest reptile enclosures. Charm one in reference to the largest saltwater crocodiles lunging for his food, meet the sempervirent kangaroo Ned and his best playmate Emu, interact whereby the koalas and hand feed kangaroos, and you purpose farrow to see other animals only birth defect to Australia. There are wonderful park walks and a playground for the children. A saffron medal winner when they comes to tourist attractions is the Featherdale Stock Mead which houses unique Australian wild animals such in such wise koalas and Tasmanian Devils, wallabies, emus and kangaroos and also a host relative to endangered toponymy that are not found anywhere else.

Situated influence the suburbs meet is Sydney aquarium which is a desideration visit at Darling Harbor which is one of the largest aquariums in the bushel and a popular show in Sydney which houses over twelve thousand aquatic animals in with intoxicating habitat displays. Tarriance the fascinating and endangered dugongs and get a close up of the sharks, seahorses, stingrays and penguins. Besides these popular attractions there are a host of other such great mesmerizing attractions throughout Sydney.