israeli continuous attempts to empty Jerusalem from any Arab extent is taking another level . The old city residents as the rest of people of who live in Jerusalem are attacked financially to leave it not to mention the isolation of the city from the rest of Palestinian cities and Palestinians .

Tourists usually are taken by israel guides to israeli shops and side of the city leaving the Arab side empty .

Its so hard when I see people touring around “getting to know israel” around the Arab city.

You can clearly sense that the city rejects those attempts of changing its history.

So just please if you’re heading to Palestine , use a Palestinian guide and go to Palestinians shops were the prices are much less ( in some cases I saw the same item being sold with 100 dollars more in israeli shops).

Support the popular resistance of people who refused to leave their homes(even some were offered millions of shekels to sell it ) by heading to the Arab side of cities .

and while you’re here in Palestine don’t forget to “really get to know israel” and see the Apartheid wall and israeli checkpoints. 

hopelessfoolishness said:

Thanks for the follow, your blog is amazing. I was wondering, I'll be in New York soon, and do you have any suggestions for where I should go? Like any great places off the beaten track and things like that

Thank you! I have plenty of suggestions of great places to go in New York. Here’s a few…

  • Go shopping in Soho / Nolita. While there, take a break from the crowds and pop into Saturday Surf on Crosby St. It’s a surf/clothing shop that also sells great coffee and has a really cool, private backyard. Get lunch or dinner at Cafe Habana on Prince St.
  • Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. This is the most touristy thing to do in New York that is actually worth it. I try to do it myself at least once a year. Take the subway to City Hall and then walk across to the Brooklyn side. Then go to Grimaldi’s or Juliana’s for coal oven pizza. This will be damn near the best pizza you ever eat and definitely better than what you’ll find in Manhattan. There’s also a good ice cream place in Brooklyn Bridge Park down the block if you want dessert.
  • Picnic in Central Park. Pick up supplies at the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle and walk to the Sheep Meadow. You’ll feel like a New Yorker in the movies and the people watching is great. Keep an eye out for the guy with the electric blender, he makes a damn good frozen mojito.
  • Spend a whole afternoon and evening in Williamsburg. I lived here for three years and created a Foursquare list of my favorite 122 places! The highlights are Smorgasburg, Pies-N-Thighs, The Commodore, Wythe Hotel, Dumont Burger, Union Pool, and Nitehawk Cinema to name a few. Basically just alternate eating and drinking until you get tired. If you like fried chicken, Pies-N-Thighs and Commodore is your ticket. If you want to experience the “hip” Brooklyn bar scene, Commodore or Union Pool.
  • Take a relaxing stroll (and lots of photos) on the streets of Park Slope. The Slope is where I currently live and its probably the most aesthetically pleasing neighborhood in NYC. These are the beautiful treelined blocks of brownstone buildings you’ve seen in the movies. There’s not a ton to do here from a tourism perspective but it’s a photographic goldmine. This is also where NYC’s second most famous park, Prospect Park, is located. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is on the other side of the park and is also worth a visit. 

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions. :)