toujourspur asked:

I can tell that you guys put a lot of work into this blog (although I'm sure it feels less like work and more like play), and I just want to say that it is so appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thanks so much! It definitely feels like play. Although trying to keep up with all the press when they’re touring feels a little like work, ngl. Mama is tired. But we wouldn’t keep doing it if it wasn’t fun. :))

You’re welcome! And thanks for the lovely message. xo

toujourspur asked:

How has In The Flesh been such a well-kept secret? I started watching a few nights ago because of a picspam you reblogged that peaked my interest (and ended up consuming it all in one night), but before then I had never seen nor heard of it. It's already carved out a place in my heart and I have you to thank!

Oh gosh! I’m so glad I turned you on to it! I actually got interested in it the same way, and ended up watching the whole of it in one night (till 6am, to be exact). It’s really amazing that it doesn’t have a larger following, especially on Tumblr! It’s too bad because it is a remarkable show. Again, I’m so glad my casual blogging got you into it! (: Hopefully more people will have the opportunity to discover it now!

toujourspur-deactivated20111009 asked:

Today I realized that it isn't necessary to have your blog bookmarked because it is already one of my most-visited sites and so is always bookmarked automatically. This is all I really wanted to say, and also that I hope the college experience is going well, but if not I'm sending a care package with some Decoy Detonators, just in case. <333

Tanya, my DEAREST. How I’ve missed you.  Your kind words make me BLUSH (I’m not even made of pure glory like you are; imagine how inferior I feel!) and the good wishes are vastly appreciated– decoy detonators would not go awry, since there’s this one class that always feels like it should end about twenty minutes before it actually does, but as tomorrow is the last official day of class before finals… well, you know the owls tend to stray sometimes.

And I appreciate the offer of Decoy Detonators instead of, oh, say, Puking Pastilles.<3